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I concede to your point on the word "force," however taking this to the National level,

supported by Republicans who have an anti-environmental, pro-privatization, pro-big business agenda, this bill leaves out the protection of the NEPA. (This seems like a test to me) According to the Sierra Club:

"The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) provides a process for public input by affected citizens, and environmental review to evaluate and determine whether an action is in the public interest.
The Weeks Act protects National Forest lands against surface land destruction (i.e. strip mining) and protects the headwaters of rivers and watersheds in perpetuity.
Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) requires the Fish and Wildlife Service to consult with proposed projects on National Forest land to ensure ESA compliance
The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Act of 1978 specifically requires that the BWCA be protected from the environmental impacts associated with mineral development "to the maximum extent possible."

All of these important safeguards would be lost on any National Forest land included in this exchange."


I am strongly against the proposed sulfide or open pit mining operations there, as I simply don't think the mining companies can, or will, conduct them without seriously damaging the environment, or guaranteeing that they won't stick taxpayers with the bill for cleanup. I believe the last estimate that PolyMet made regarding jobs, was that they would be bringing in most of their workers from outside of Minnesota and only expected to hire 25% of their work force locally. Which came out to about 150 jobs, at most. And I don't trust that the small amount of per student revenue (est. $52 per pupil) generated by The School Trust Fund "managing intensively for revenue" wouldn't be misdirected by the Republicans, anyway.

The Feds should just pay cash for the land that would go to the School Trust Fund.

On a personal note, I've lived by an ocean, in the redwoods, on the Great Lakes; visited nearly every state in the U.S., including many magnificent, scenic areas, but there is something really special about Northern Minnesota. The characteristics that make it special (and rare), can easily be destroyed, which would be a loss to our whole country. Every time I revisit scenic places in other parts of the country, I'm dismayed to see them suffering the effects of over-population and over-development. I wish I could finance a sight-seeing trip for the folks that take Northern Minnesota for granted!

This is just a hint of what will be happening to all of our protected lands...

if Romney is elected.

Tea-bagger Cravaack is quite a piece of work. His "meet and greets" are held in small towns in his district and only announced the same day, to discourage attendance by non-supporters. He's an anti-union Rethug, who gets $92,000 a year in disability payments because his sleep apnea ended his Union job as a pilot with Northwest Airlines. He votes against bills for Veteran's benefits, while taking advantage of free health care through the VA.

He's also an Ohio native, who lived here while he worked for Northwest and now lives in New Hampshire, where his wife works for a pharmaceutical company. However, he criticized his predecessor, long-time Rep. Jim Oberstar, for moving his children to D.C., despite the fact that Oberstar's primary residence had always been in Northern Minnesota. Also, the part of the district he used to live in, is an exurb of the Twin Cities Metro area; the kind of bucolic place city folk move to when they feel threatened by "diversity." The town he lived in has little in common with the economic and environmental interests of the northern part of his district.

He doesn't take emails from non-constituents, but I'm sure he takes calls from the Koch Brothers.

Carpetbagger Chip Cravaack is giving away Northern Minnesota Wilderness to foreign mining interests.

I turned on C-Span today to discover that Tea-Party favorite Chip Cravaack has entered a bill into the U.S. House that will force our state to hand over wilderness to the mining and other corporate interests.

Shameless fraud that Cravaack is, he is using "Minnesota schoolchildren" as a cover. Cravaack does not accept emails from non-constituents (surprise!), so if this is an issue of concern to you, please call his office.

Final passage of the bill is being voted on now.

This New Hampshire resident, trying to give away our natural resources, needs to be kicked out of office this year!
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