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NSA/Israel agreement for the latter to respect Americans' privacy "not legally binding" (LA Times)

More from the LA Times from Glenn Greenwald's breaking news about information sharing between NSA and the nation of Israel.


"The agreement requires Israel to consult an NSA liaison officer when it comes across data on Americans, and to adhere to U.S. rules for handling U.S. citizen information that are designed to protect privacy, a process known as "minimization." That would include, for example, blacking out the names of any Americans in intelligence reports derived from the intercepts. But it's unclear how that requirement is monitored or enforced because the agreement expressly states that it is not legally binding."


"The Guardian quoted from other NSA documents it did not publish in which U.S. officials expressed concern about the intelligence-sharing arrangement, citing their worry about trusting Israel."


Senator Pat Leahy: Bulk collection of metadata must stop

The respectable Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is sick of it.

He doesn't simply want the NSA to stop making the wrong "queries".

He wants the mere collection of metadata on all Americans to stop.

This is what the ACLU, Glenn Greenwald and other privacy advocates and legal scholars have been calling for:

New York Times (Sept. 10, 2013): Senator Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, welcomed the release of the documents, but said that they showed “systemic problems” and that the bulk collection of Americans’ phone records should be stopped.

The "it's-just-metadata" crowd takes another hit.


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