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Why is Reuters/Ipsos using an "adults" sample"

Many adults are not even eligible to vote. That's not even mentioning many adults are not even registered to vote, let alone likely to vote. We don't even know how many are likely to register to vote.

Then dumb people like Krystal Ball get all excited about it because she doesn't know anything about methodology.


Analyst: with Trump unopposed, conservatives might vote in open primaries for Gabbard

New Hampshire is one of these states:

Other data cited by Skelley suggests that she’d do better than otherwise expected in open Democratic primaries (like New Hampshire’s) where conservative-tilting indies can participate. Indeed, with Trump facing no real competition on the Republican side, you could see solid Republicans drifting over into the Democratic primaries to cast a vote for a candidate like Gabbard in states with no party registration (e.g., much of the South).


Gabbard, Sanders, lead among Trump voters in poll


What candidates who cry "coup" in Bolivia won't tell you

We are being told that a president that shouldn't have been president even before the latest electrons was victim of a "coup". Here are some facts that you won't hear from people defending Bernie Sanders' condemnation of a "coup" in Bolivia:

First, Morales, who took office in 2006, was only allowed under the constitution to serve two consecutive terms. He but he co-opted his country’s justice system to change the rules and run for a third term. That was his first major violation of constitutional rule.

Second, in 2016, he held a referendum to be able to run for a fourth consecutive term and stay in power indefinitely. Morales lost the referendum but ignored the results. That was his second major violation of the will of the people.

Third, having lost the referendum, Morales came up with the ridiculous claim that preventing him from running for a fourth term in 2019 would violate his human rights. He got the government-controlled justice system to validate his bizarre argument. That was his third major rupture of the rule of law .

Fourth, and most important, Morales rigged the Oct. 20 elections, according to his own government-invited foreign election observers and the private firm contracted by the Morales regime to audit the election results.


And why did Morales invite The OAS to observe the elections if the OAS is so intent on dethroning him as Sanders supporters claim?

Turkey Gathered Information in the U.S. Against Its Critics

Source: Wall Street Journal

WASHINGTON—Turkey’s government used a Washington law firm to gather information about its critics, including residents of the U.S., who it believed were allied with a political movement that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regards as a central enemy, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Read more: https://www.wsj.com/articles/turkey-gathered-information-in-the-u-s-against-its-critics-11573654247?mod=mhp

Yesterday Trump offered them a trade deal and easing of sanctions.

Georgia poll: Dems lead Trump (Biden by 8%, Sanders by 4, Warren and Buttigieg by 3%

It looks like Georgia is at play.
(Conducted October 30th to November 8th)

Sanders in first place among men, 4th place among women in New Hampshire

Despite the endorsement of Alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan Omar and others, the Bernie Sanders support is still significantly more male than female.
He is tied with Joe Biden among males (19%) in the latest Quinnipiac New Hampshire poll, but trails three candidates on the women vote with 11%.

See the breakdown of question number two:

White Nationalist Stormfront Radio changes name to "The Morning Aloha Report"


Jill.Stein: Bernie is being "erased", and Tulsi "smeared"

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