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Member since: Thu Feb 12, 2004, 05:59 PM
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Hecate update (with pics--dialup warning)

I've had my costume since Sunday & have been in & out of it several times. Last night, the lady who was helping me get out of it said "Hold on! There's something in here." She then showed me a long, bent pin. I was stunned. When I was young, my mom made all my clothes & somehow, no matter how careful she was, there was always a bent pin left behind for me to find (ouch). I'm tearing up just remembering it right now. I find it hard to believe the pin was there this whole time (right shoulder area) because we always have to make a lot of "fuss" to get it just right. But, there it was.

I was shocked to see how much they changed my costume. It is nothing like it was described to me. Instead, it's, well, look for yourself & tell me where they got the inspiration.... I think Hecate is happy with it.



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