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Member since: Thu Apr 21, 2011, 04:58 PM
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California dreamin'

if you think Bernie does not have the level of ambition of Hillary. You just have to watch him in interviews to see how full he is of himself.

He has lost. And he would lose big time in the general once his lifestyle life choices were used against him. Don't be so na´ve to understand how his choses will be spun.

He is the poster child of the well-educated college student who just could not figure out what to do with his life so he dabbled around, knowing it was not his fault he could not get hired at his well-paying "dream" job, it was the system's fault. The only reason he stays in the race is to spend out all the money he has raised on himself and his staff and so he does not have any left to actually support the democratic party.

Amazing that he ended up being a politician, with good job security, huge paid staff and upper 5% salary. Can't beat that! The Clintons became wealthy after Bill left office. The public will pay a fortune for speeches and books. Check out how much presidents have earned after their service ended.

I want to know why Bernie has not released his other tax returns. There is something in there that will undermine the story he is telling. He hit Hillary for her speeches to Wall Street, which were disclosed in her tax return. What will Bernie's disclose? Donations to organizations that he could be criticized for. That's what they are speculating on Trump. Why aren't his supporters calling for his disclosure?
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