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President Elizabeth Warren

sounds very Presidential

2 petitions before WHITEHOUSE.GOV supporting Sea shepherds eed support.

Both would help bring the Potus to get involved. please support the cause.


By what degree was this made possible by spying , theft of intellectual property and other nefarious

methods of competition?
China is bringing their own minors to mines in Canada recently purchased, supposedly because they are so highly qualified on the safety practices. Although they were just kicked off a mining project in Zambia due to safety violations.
How is it that we sell such important assets to a country with such violations of democracy as we practice it?
It's a well spoken comment in Chinese media "we are in the first stage of war with the United States"

democracy requires a free press

Free of corporate media. we need to brake up media groups. they seem to be right wing propaganda machines for every Alec/ koch bros. scheme. Murdock must not be allowed to buy the L.A. Times or the trib for exactly this reason. It is too damaging to a democratic society .We are in the process of getting ours stolen.

Not in the Public interest to allow

We need to roll back and regulate the purchase of all forms of broadcast and print media by large corporations. This purchase and a lot of ownership is not healthy for a democratic society.
I learned 40 years ago that democracy requires an educated electorate. This requires a free press.
It's going to take initiative for the citizenry to clean up a number of our institutions if this country is to stop morphing into some thing we don't recognize or desire.
A FREE PRESS is a cornerstone of democracy. Period
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