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Member since: Thu Sep 13, 2012, 09:59 PM
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Vote-pedia.com - Online petitioning and political social media. We give you the tools needed to further causes and get your voice heard! Platform release: 4-6 months, but we've got a temporary platform in place - Come join the community!

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the real problem

No one here is talking about the real problem... which is the fed itself. the audit the fed bill passed with bi-partisan support in the house... it will never leave the senate.

Swing state

Its good to be registered in a swing state!

the video

i know there are tech savvy people all over the world, so im not saying they aren't capable of finding this lame video and legitimately got pissed by it. but what i am saying is i have never heard of it, i never would have heard about it, i wouldn't have popped up on YouTube, or been emailed to me..... nothing. so unless there are people in the business of starting riots, (may be the case....) i think this video has been mothballed for a few years just waiting till the time when they need to drop the curtain on the real show... which is what?
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