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The author was paid for his work YEARS ago.

The author never owned the copyright. He was paid to write it. He did not write the book and enter into a contract with the publisher. There was never an agreement of royalties.

The book was published as a joke book. Anyone who understands what the word Anarchist means, knows that this book is not about Anarchy. The recipes were never real.

I am sure that the current copyright owner would be more than happy to sell the rights to William Powell, if he offered enough money. I would think that the selling price would have many zeros. Instead of whining on Amazon, the author should raise a few million dollars and buy the rights back.

Idaho House panel introduces bill to nullify EPA

This seemed to slip under the radar. Can they legislate to pick and choose which federal agencies have agency over Idaho?

Here is a link to the bill - http://www.legislature.idaho.gov/legislation/2014/H0473.pdf

This was reported in the Idaho Statesman's blog back in February.

[House Bill 473, which was introduced by Republican Rep. Paul Shepherd of Riggins, comes in response to to the agency’s requirement that miners who dredge the bottoms of Idaho rivers and streams where endangered salmon, steelhead and bull trout spawn, must get a permit. A week ago, while I was away, between 60 and 70 miners filled the Capitol auditorium at a hearing organized by the chairmen of the House and Senate resources committees.....His bill says EPA doesn’t have authority to do anything because it is not in the U.S. Constitution and violates “the true meaning and intent as given by the founders and ratifiers,” and is declared to be “invalid in the state of Idaho.”

Read more here: http://blogs.idahostatesman.com/house-panel-introduces-bill-to-nullify-epa/#storylink=cpy]

Idaho Health Exchange

So I went to the website this morning before work
and the screen said
"Health Insurance Marketplace: Please wait
We have a lot of visitors on our site right now and we're working to make your experience here better. Please wait here until we send you to the login page. Thanks for your patience!"

After work I thought I would try again...same message

There are only about 1.6 Million people in this state.
I realize that Idaho is number 2 in people without health care
But still...
What kind of rinkydink website did my hard earned taxes buy?
I wonder how long it will be before I can even look at my health insurance options. Perhaps we should have just used the federal exchange...

Has anyone here been able to use the exchange?

de-constructing the election

these a comments from others posted elsewhere

"Haydon said that "a drover's dog could lead the Labor Party to victory, the way the country is". Labor under Hawke won the 1983 election handily,

The same can be said for Abbott,"a drover's dog could lead the Liberal Party to victory, the way Labor is" Abbott never won this election, Labor lost it. How sad these political times are when you can be a prime minister by default."

"Amazing how absolutely nobody mentions the 'M' word - Murdoch. Pink batts, leadership challenges, Julia's carbon tax 'lie' - that's all we ever heard about, ad nauseum.

The fact that the Gillard-Rudd government presided over the world's strongest economy (according to virtually every economic measure available) was barely ever mentioned in the media, unless it was to snigger. When the GFC struck, the ALP kept the economy strong by refusing to go along with the austerity measures that made an economic ruin of so many countries and sent unemployment into the stratosphere. But of course, the Murdoch media weren't interested in this, because it proved the fallacy of neoliberalism.

An Abbott government will reverse this disgracefully underrated success by applying its neoliberal machete to anything and everything it doesn't like - which is the poor, the unemployed, public assets, the public service, public education, the minimum wage, renewable energy and permanent job security. But of course, it will deliver on tax cuts for the rich and welfare for the middle classes."

Australians will be complaining about the coalition before we know it...

a retort with facts

I do not believe Chavez is perfect, but for many poor people in Venezuela, he at least listen to them.
If I had the opportunity to talk to him, I would definately ask him about these problems. I have the same issue with the US president. Nothing is black and white, but things can get incrementally better.

The previous governments of Venezuela benefited the wealthy over the poor
Some were very wealthy, and many were very poor.

Chavez was elected because of this

Crime could go up, if there is better reporting. I do not know if this is the case, but it is a possibility. Previously, the police could have protected the wealthy over the poor and the perception of a crime free society could be created.

Here is relately fair article about this from the Crisis Group
As was later evident, stability was to an extent a mirage. Excessively
dependent on oil revenue to maintain social spending,
the system was unable to cope with a prolonged decline in that
revenue; social indicators began to deteriorate markedly in the
1980s. In 1987, 37 per cent of the population lived in poverty,
according to official figures. By 1992 this was 66.5 per cent,
with 27 per cent in extreme poverty. Julia Buxton, The Failure
of Political Reform in Venezuela (Aldershot, 2001), p. 41.

A significant part of the problem was inherited from previous
administrations. In 1999, the incoming President
Chávez was faced with a country in which homicide rates
had tripled in less than two decades, and many institutions
were in the process of collapse, eroded by corruption and

In Venezuela, people are killed for a cell
phone, children die as a result of a stray bullet from one of
the millions of firearms in civilian hands, and youngsters
are victims of police brutality or the settling of accounts
between gangs in poor neighbourhoods.

The last excerpt could be written about this country. There are cities in this country that have similar crime rates and we are allegedly a rich country. I could retort each Venezuelan anecdote with a US one.

I remember 20+ years ago, visiting Mexico and seeing armed guards (Army) at the Pemex station. I thought, "I could not imagine that in the US." Unfortunately this is so common in the US it does not cause people to bat an eye. There are check-points through out the country, under the guise of border control. We live in a police state, and although it has not been the cause of crime rates dropping in the US, if one wanted to spin the statistics that way, a case could be made. Police states have lower crime rates, but I do not argue for that type of governance.

As far as arming the military, Venezuela's spending pales in comparison to that of the US. Venezuela is not attempting to have a military presence in every other country. I would understand if you felt this way and moved to Iceland or Costa Rica or even Germany. But you moved to a more militaristic country than Venezuela. Gone are the days when most US citizens felt safer around police officers.

As far as being friends with and supporting dictators and other corrupt governments, perhaps you should look at the US government also. Mubarak's regime is just one example. There are many who we support, sell weapons to and trade with, who are heinous regimes.

No country is perfect, but I do not think that the opposition in Venezuela would necessarily make the country better. Giving away the countries natural resources to foreign countries is never a good idea. I believe that if Hugo Chavez did not attempt to right this wrong, there would never be articles about this in our papers.

These doctors have to stand up & refuse

There is no one in the room,
they DO NOT have to do this

There is no one making them to do this

Every doctor who does this is complicate.

There were doctors who would do abortions when it was illegal. They did the right thing and disobeyed the law.

Was this done by Arbitration?

More and more when entering into agreements with companies we are agreeing to arbitration, which is basically unregulated courts paid for by one side.

Oddly the supreme court sees no problem with this

Wizard petitions to save city icon


"We have to have a public movement - but not one of fists in the air and violence,'' the Wizard told the crowd.


I want every news story to have the phrase "the Wizard told the crowd"

In order to get welfare you have to be broke and Drugs cost money

The chances of being able to afford drugs if you qualify for welfare are slim.

This is stupid

If you want to know who does drugs -- well, it is people with money.

This is about funneling government money to private companies -- those that make and process drug tests.
Also, making people afraid to apply for the help they need. Remember, in most states,only those with children can qualify, and really that is what welfare is now for, assistance to children.

The Inspector and Silence by Hakan Nesser

I really enjoyed it and just as I finished it, I realized that I had a copy of The Return, another book by him, sitting on my bookcase.

It fits perfectly with these last throws of winter (Perhaps I am being overly optimist about winter ending...)
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