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Oops, guess I have to think of something to write here, later.

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Colbert concludes tea partiers are ‘a bunch of pussies’ after consulting his lawyer

Source: Raw Story

“...Why has my application for tax-exempt status never been granted?” he asked his lawyer, Trevor Potter.

“Because we never filed it,” Potter replied, to Colbert’s surprise, since his 501 (c)(4) group was doing business and had handled at least hundreds of thousands of dollars, in Potter’s estimation.

“How is that possible, that I didn’t apply?” Colbert asked. “Am I breaking the law?”

Potter took that opportunity to remind the Colbert Report host that he was not legally obligated to apply for tax-exempt status in the first place.

“So wait a second,” Colbert said, stifling a laugh. “So you can form a 501 (c) (4) without asking to form one.” When Potter confirmed that, Colbert got a little giddier.

“So these tea party, anti-big government organizations didn’t have to ask big government for permission, but they did anyway?” Colbert asked as a follow-up.

“Right,” Potter answered....

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/05/21/colbert-concludes-tea-partiers-are-a-bunch-of-pussies-after-consulting-his-lawyer/

Be sure to check out the video lower down in the article too, it's great!

I hope Raw Story is still O.K. here, it's been a while since I've posted to LBN.

DU Post-Debate #2 Poll -- Who won tonight?

Enough with the other polls, tell us what you think here.

Who "won" the debate tonight?

Question: Why have Weekly U.S. EXPORTS of Crude Oil doubled since December 2008?

Question: Why have Weekly U.S. EXPORTS of Crude Oil doubled since December 2008? And who would it hurt more if the "news" media actually reported this? Could this be contributing to why gasoline priced have stayed so high over the last 3-1/2 years?

Also, could this be another bit of evidence that U.S. Oil Company CEOs, and/or Republican law makers in a position to do such a thing, are deliberately manipulating U.S. Crude Oil Exports to keep the price, per barrel, artificially high in order to hurt President Obama?

Or would the right-wing, Anti-Obama media immediately point to this as "evidence" that the Obama Administration is doing this to keep the price of crude oil and gasoline high in order to push it's "green agenda?" (something I would not want to see happen this close to the election)

I ask because I was just so sick of hearing Romney lie that he will make the U.S. "Energy Independent" if he were elected and was curious to see how much U.S. produced Crude Oil is still being EXPORTED from the U.S., a subject I investigated and watched for several years while GWB was in the White House. I was shocked to find that the amount of U.S. Crude Oil Exports has about DOUBLED since December 26, 2008!!!

Don't believe me? Look at the numbers yourself at the U.S. Energy Information Administration at this link:


I say this a Romney bold faced lie because, to actually make the U.S. "Energy Independent" I think the U.S. Government would have to Nationalized ALL production of Crude Oil in the United States (i.e., no more private or shareholder controlled U.S. Oil companies) in order to keep U.S. Crude Oil producers from selling U.S. produced Crude Oil on the world crude oil market to anyone outside the U.S.(a.k.a. exporting oil), something "Free Market" Republicans would NEVER go for and would never allow Romney to do.

Btw, if we are EXPORTING almost 3000x1000 barrels per day, like we did during the week ending June 29, 2012, that's about 3 million barrels, per day, that the U.S. is EXPORTING!!!! WTF!?! (the actual number was 2935 x 1000 = 2,935,000 barrels per day)

Anyway, several questions and hypothetical questions here, Discuss.
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