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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: New Mexico
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Apr 25, 2015, 05:08 PM
Number of posts: 826

Journal Archives

My district flipped to Democratic last night!

Xochitl Torres-Small beat the vile repuke Yvette Harrel at the last minute upon counting outstanding absentee ballots.

So New Mexico now has a Democratic governor, a democratic legislature, 2 democratic US senators, and all 3 of our reps are Dems.

Iím doing a happy dance right now

Does anyone have any tips about learning a new language?

Iíve been studying German for 6 months now and itís just not clicking. I used the Rocket language app as well as reading the website, YourDailyGerman. Iíve also tried reading the German Harry Potter side by side with the English version.

I learned Spanish very well and quickly because I could practice daily with friends who spoke Spanish. No such opportunity arises with German.

Any tips or advice on how to get a language to ďclickĒ faster?

Just found out Kevin Nash, my favorite WCW/nWo wrestler

from childhood, is advocating for the Democrats in the midterms! Makes me happy (and nostalgic!)

Wyoming is one of the least religious states in the Union.

So what is their basis for being sooo conservative, in general? In most states, lack of religion correlates with voting Democratic and being of a more liberal mindset. Are they largely libertarian in outlook?

Kentucky DUers, is there any hope of McConnell ever getting defeated?

I would love for that to happen.

I noticed something today...

There are some posters who only post and get passionate about threads where a POC, especially someone Black, is being treated differently due to white privilege.
The question is... Why are they so eager to deny racism and white privilege? Why does that seem to be almost their sole reason for participating? It's infuriating.

Yesterday I cast my vote in NM for Bernie Sanders.

I'm so glad he ran and got a good amount of people to support him. Think about. A man that doesn't run from the word "Socialist" gave a former First Lady, Senator, and SOS a pretty good run for her money. I think the platform will reflect the more leftward tilt of the current Democratic Party.

That said, I'm now %100 a Hillary Clinton supporter against the wannabe fascist Donald Trump. We can't let a man who holds such bigoted, repugnant views into the WhiteHouse! If people doubt that Hillary is a true progressive, they should look at her website. Her positions are very much to the left, with the exception of foreign policy, which I would call centrist.

I'm with her, time to kick some Vulgar Yam ass!

Why are some people here seemingly happy that Trump "punked" Bernie?

It appears that a few people on this site are laughing along with Donald about the "joke" debate. I thought no "Trump-humping" was allowed? I don't like it when either side does the GOP's work for them.

ZombieWoof, Matcom, Rabrrrrr

Does anyone know what happened to those fellas?

Congrats Bernie!

On winning Oregon and almost getting Kentucky! 🎉 I'm glad he's staying in to let all states vote and spread his progressive message across all corners of the country.
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