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Trump Must Go

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Member since: Tue Dec 4, 2018, 11:42 PM
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The political rules I was taught many years ago

When I was a young man 45 years ago, I was a member of college young republicans. We were a very strong and active club which support Roger Stone when he ran for mid-west chairman. Stone taught us that in politics:
1- What may be is not important, what is important is what is perceived. Perception is all.
2- The action is not as important as what is spoken about the action.
3- Communicate thru emotion, not logic or reason.

As you may know, Stone first suggested Trump run for President and taught Trump everything he knows about politics.
Posted by Trump Must Go | Sun Dec 9, 2018, 10:14 PM (3 replies)

Why do we not require SC justices

to receive approval from 2/3 of the Senate in order to be confirmed? They are just as important as any treaty. This would force any nominee to be middle of the road and non-controversial
Posted by Trump Must Go | Sun Dec 9, 2018, 12:27 PM (26 replies)

Important question for economist

I believe we are entering a bear market in stocks. Like everything else, stocks are only worth what people are willing to pay for them. If we are headed into an economic recession within six months (as I believe we are) the price of stocks will go down. As expected, they have done so since the end of October, but now the question is how far down will they go. They are already down 10% from their peak, so this is already a "correction" and based on last week's chart I expect it to go down at least another 10%. This will officially make it a bear market, but how far down will the price drop be, since it will reflect how severe the expected recession will be. I expect it to be bad since President Trump is a clown and a fool who will do all the wrong things and only make the recession worse.

I wanted to get a second opinion, so I went to Youtube to see what the self-proclaimed market/economic experts had to say. They fell into two schools, both of which I do not think reflect reality since they are selling something. The first is "don't worry, be happy" (as on CNBC) who make their living promoting a rising market. The second was the more common "Gold Bugs" who proclaim the sky is falling, there is too much debt in the world so the market will crash and civilization will collapse, sell all that you own and buy Gold (or Silver) from them.

Since the self-proclaimed market/economic experts had no answers, I came to DU in the hope that its collective wisdom would shed some light on my questions:

1 - Why do they say if the economy crashes you should have Gold or Silver to protect your wealth in hard times? Five thousand years ago I can see why Gold was desirable: it was pretty, shiny, not heavy, did not rot or spoil, and soft to be used in jewelry, so the rulers at the time used it as money. This was its only intrinsic value. Now, if civilization collapses and paper money is not used, I would rather have a case or two of Tuna Fish rather than an ounce of gold. The tuna fish has a greater intrinsic value because I can eat it, and not have to run around looking for someone who will trade food for this piece of shiny metal. Only the recognition and authority of government makes anything useful as money; whether it be a can of tuna, a bar of gold, or a Bitcoin credit. Otherwise, it is a form of barter with no guarantees any exchange will be made.

2 - Why is public debt or deficit considered important and something to be avoided. Unlike a family, the government can not run out of money, after all, the government is the one who makes money. Making money is one of the things that makes a government - a government! Who is going to force a government into bankruptcy? The term "too big to fail" also applies to nations. Who will not sell things to the United States because it owes too much money? A big country is not like a family and does not have to handle its finances like a family.

I believe the economic theory of John Maynard Keynes was correct. He said the policy of cutting costs and using austerity programs isn’t the way for the government to end a recession. These only result in more layoffs and end up making things worse. He said governments should encourage spending, increase hiring, and use deficit financing to spur the economy (Stimulus). 
Posted by Trump Must Go | Sat Dec 8, 2018, 08:10 PM (5 replies)

America, what are you becoming?

We must defeat Donald Trump, but it must be more than just an ordinary defeat. We have to totally destroy him and what he represents. What he represents is an American version of fascism. It is still a baby, but it is starting to grow really frightening. 

In Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Carolina you see the rejection of the results of a democratic election. Now add that to: 

Threatening to lock up political opponents;

A concentration camp constructed in the desert for innocent children;

Babies ripped from the arms of their nursing mothers because of their ethnicity;

Children and their mothers being terrorized by a poisonous gas;

Torchlight marches based on racism, bigotry, and hate;

Calling the news media the enemy of the people;

Not punishing the murder of a journalist because it interferes with business;

A leader, who at rallies, glorifies himself while spreading hate and fear;

America, what are you becoming? This must be ended !!!

We may wonder what kind of people could sit by and let Trump do the things he does? We may self-righteously think and dismiss them as only "deplorables" who are racist, bigots, haters, and nazis. But sadly that is not correct. In many cases they are plain, ordinary, average people, just like we all interact with every day. They see changes in society they do not understand and are frightened. They wonder what kind of life they are leaving their children. They only know that given the cost of living, they have not had a real wage increase in years. Their wife cannot stay home and raise the kids, as their mom did, she has to work to make ends meet. Life is tough, there is no American Dream for them, and certainly not their children, especially with an army of migrants invading their country to take all the jobs. They think the government ignores them and acts like they don't exist. All they want is a return to economic prosperity and people to take pride in their country. Pride is important to them, which is why they do not like government handouts or being told what they have to do. They want a leader who will not be pushed around for he will make America great again. They are not bad people, but they do view things differently from most of us.

It is vital we win the 2020 election. We must not only win, but we must also decimate Trump and his party. It must be a rebuke so great that Trumpism never again rears its ugly head. Every vote we take away from Donald Trump brings us two votes closer to victory. We gain one vote and he loses one. Therefore, it makes sense to go after his voters, as long as we are true to our values. I would like to pose the following questions which may lead to ways to attract his voters and I invite you to use this thread to make your own proposals:

When was the last time we ran a candidate from a northern red state? When have we made the permanent replacement of striking workers an issue? Is it any wonder that real wages have not gone up since PATCO in 1981? What have we done to protect the small family farm from corporate industrial farms? What kind of program have we introduced to undercut the need for abortions?

Posted by Trump Must Go | Fri Dec 7, 2018, 05:45 AM (21 replies)
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