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True Dough

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Member since: Mon Jul 18, 2016, 12:36 AM
Number of posts: 14,011

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John W. Dean takes John Bolton out behind the woodshed


Yeah, let's not forget Bolton rested on his laurels for too long. He had a book to write and promote and all that.

How do you like my tattoo?

Giphy often cuts off the final second or two of a gif. The full version is better:


How does The Onion always know?

From 2017:

Top 10 items the FBI found in Trump's safe



10 A partly-chewed National Security doc
9 Map of Thigh Land
8 Trump tax returns
7 Ted Cruz's dad
6 A Finnish forest rake
5 Ketchup
4 Lindsey Graham's integrity
3 That Thing which nests on top of his head
2 Eric
1 Pee Tape

Brett Favre guesses that he suffered thousands of concussions during his NFL career

Brett Favre says based on everything he's learned since he's retired, he believes he suffered "thousands" of concussions in his NFL career.

The Hall of Famer explained his theory on The Bubba Army radio show this week ... after he was asked how many serious head injuries he had while playing QB in the NFL.

Favre said if he had gotten that question a few years ago -- he would've said just three. But, after digesting recent studies on concussions, the 52-year-old believes the number is now actually in the four-figure range.

"Concussions happen all the time," Favre said. "You get tackled and your head hits the turf, you see flashes of light or ringing in your ears but you're able to play -- that's a concussion. So, based on that, [I've suffered] thousands," he continued. "Had to be, because every time my head hit the turf, there was ringing or stars going, flash bulbs ... but I was still able to play."


Inside Trump's safe

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! This is what's most precious to him...


One of the skeletons in Herschel Walker's closet

It's going to haunt him now...


Does baseball need more of this?

The sports' popularity has been waning for decades. One thing they need to do is shorten the games, IMO. But what about this sort of thing to give games more life and flavor:


The NFL is wildly popular despite its reputation as the No Fun League for shutting down many TD celebrations. Should baseball encourage some flamboyancy or not?

Many of us have been there...

Go stretch fabric!!

Any DUers going to confess?

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