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Member since: 2001
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Could you people please take your rain back? We're flooding up here

About 15 years ago I worked for the Alberta Forest Service. We'd get thunderstorms in May with a bit of rain and by June we'd be in drought conditions with everybody on high alert for fire season.

We've had torrential rain for the past week. I've got water in my basement for the first time since I've owned the house - about 25 years. Another neighbour is flooded. The back alley has 6 inches of water in it.

I understand you guys are having a record heat wave. is going on?

Why is the firearms issue being treated as a zero sum game?

Hi. I'm TrogL and I'm an alcoholic. I attend AA meetings. I chair AA meetings. I am not a spokesperson for AA.

I have read and heard considerable criticism of AA. I do not want to discuss that here. Most of it consists of "AA does not have 100% success rate therefore it's useless". I know we don't have anywhere's near that kind of success. I've watched people come and go. Hell, it's right in "How it works" that's read at every meeting. I'm satisfied with whomever manages to get any sort of sobriety.

So why does gun control, psychological testing, school security etc. have to be a zero sum game? If one of them or a combination reduces gun violence why not attempt it?

I looked into a Ukrainian refugee child's eyes

I currently make my living handing out parking tickets in private lots. I came across a vehicle parked in handicapped. I was about to write a ticket when the owner came out. She had a little boy (3?) in a stroller. In near perfect English she explained that she had just arrived from Ukraine and her paperwork hadn't caught up with her and she'd just moved in.

She suddenly saw my dog in the back seat and was delighted. I asked if her son wanted to meet my dog so she got him out of the stroller and I coaxed Bear out of the back seat. The boy, looking tentative, eventually petted Bear on the nose then looked like he was going to cry and during this I got a look into his eyes.

I'm old. I've met plenty of veterans who've been through hell. They had the same eyes.

I just got a $1.50/hr raise

They were so worried that I was worried I wasn't doing a good job they looked at the numbers and decided to do something.

Pedestrian almost got struck and likely killed right next to me

At 1 AM, I'm Northbound on a one way street, just starting out from an intersection. Partway down the block there's a guy, likely drunk, decides to jaywalk right in front of me so I slow to a crawl to let him pass in front of me, right to left. He's wearing all black so he's damn near invisible.

Just as he's about to pass my bumper another car blasts past me on the left, missing him by millimeters. I'm still a bit shaken up.

How do I find a non-fad-based therapist?

Years ago, everybody had Tourettes even though they didn't tick.

Lately mindfulness is the hammer they hit every nail with.

Me: I'm having issues with obsessions.

Them: You need to learn how to breathe.

Me: I'm a trained singer and have done yoga since the 80's. I know how to breathe. Obsessions?

Them: You need to practice mindfulness. Mantras may help.

Me: I study Jung and have done Trancendental Meditation since the 70's. Try again.

Them: You're not cooperating.

I think Canada should declare war on Russia

Yes, I've read Leonard Wibberly's 'The Mouse that Roared". That's not what I'm talking about.

Canada has troops on the ground in Ukraine. Canada has a centuries long relationship with Ukraine. There are Ukranian restaurants where I live and many work colleagues have Ukranian ancestry.

Russia invading Ukraine puts Canadian troops in harms way.

Canada stands on the Great Circle close to Russia. Granted, Alaska is closer but were hostilities to break out between the US and Russia, missiles would be overflying Canada, violating our airspace. If we were in a state of war, this airspace would be closed, protecting the US.

Canada is a NATO country. Other NATO countries use Canada as a training ground. We''ve got lots of open ground to drop bombs and nobody cares. With Canada already holding international training, such as Red Flag (I've been in one - wow!!) there would be plausible deniability for having troops on the ground near Russia - just have a Northern Exercise.

With Canada at war, this gives the wedge for the rest of NATO to join the fray, with Canada as the jumping off point. Russia would find it more difficult to block infrastructure because it's right here, not on foreign territory such as Germany.

All we need is one shot fired in anger at Canadian troops and the balloon goes up.

Federal government invokes Emergencies Act for first time ever in response to protests

Source: CBC

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has invoked the Emergencies Act for the first in time in Canada's history to give the federal government extra powers to handle ongoing blockades and protests against pandemic restrictions.

"It is now clear that there are serious challenges to law enforcement's ability to effectively enforce the law," Trudeau told a news conference Monday afternoon.

Trudeau said the measures will be geographically targeted and "reasonable and proportionate to the threats they are meant to address."

Read more: https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.6350734

I was hoping he wouldn't do that.

I'm a horrible person

Was just listening to a jewelry commercial, something about "give her something that will take her breath away" and I was thinking it'd be less expensive to just give her Covid.

Don't bother alerting, I already did.

This is what convinced me man-made climate change is a thing

I was visiting Glacier National Park in Canada. Thry had a series of pictures showing the glaciers melting over a period of time. They melted faster during WW II because of all the smoke in the air. They progressed slower during the Great Depression.

The melting really picked up speed from the 60's onward.
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