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Gender: Male
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 35,125

Journal Archives

I keep seeing crap about Wayfair trafficking kids in their cupboards...

This is more insane than Hillary's imaginary pizza basement.

What I do believe is a basement full of Russian trolls injuring themselves rolling on the floor laughing at how stupid we are.

What's next?
Posted by TreasonousBastard | Sat Jul 11, 2020, 02:02 PM (9 replies)

Ghana's dancing pallbearers!

I've always thought that funerals are far too dreary. I understand that death is a terrible thing and grief and sorrow is a given, but seems to me that a funeral should be more like a bon voyage party for the dear departed.

When I was a little kid, I ended up at too many sobbing funerals, including my father's, but when old man O'Connor next door died, the coffin was in the living room with empty beer cans piled up on it. His funeral was a hell of a party. Woke me up.

New Orleans was of two minds about the jazz funeral, but the thought of my coffin being carried by a bunch of musicians doing a two-step is somewhat comforting. After all, we've been coming up with all sorts of stories about the afterlife, so why not celebrate our passing? (Or maybe no one really believes that afterlife stuff?)

Anyway, these Africans have got it down.

Posted by TreasonousBastard | Fri Jul 10, 2020, 09:50 PM (0 replies)

Crafty crow...

Posted by TreasonousBastard | Fri Jul 10, 2020, 12:39 AM (5 replies)

More mask shit...


A Riverhead man who refused to wear a protective mask while riding a Suffolk County transit bus allegedly punched a woman after they got into a verbal altercation, according to Southampton Town police.

The altercation occurred at approximately 9:45 a.m. Thursday at the Peconic Avenue traffic circle.

Police identified the man as Ernest Ryshaun Clay, 43. He was arrested and charged with third-degree assault, police said.

The 46-year-old victim was treated at the scene for a laceration to the head by the Flanders Volunteer Ambulance.

Police said the victim was riding the bus when she asked Mr. Clay to put on a protective mask, as is required by an executive order from the governor. Police said they got into a verbal altercation and when both exited the bus, Mr. Clay punched her.

Mr. Clay was transported to Southampton Town police headquarters to be processed on the misdemeanor assault charge.

Nothing more at link.
Posted by TreasonousBastard | Thu Jul 9, 2020, 05:12 PM (0 replies)

When I should be working online, I have been wasting far too much time...

watching Craig Ferguson and Mad TV clips.
Posted by TreasonousBastard | Tue Jul 7, 2020, 03:13 AM (1 replies)

About a hundred years ago, Harding made a speech that included...

“America’s present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration.”
Posted by TreasonousBastard | Mon Jul 6, 2020, 10:46 AM (2 replies)

Would it be possible for President Biden to approve the investigation of...

these campaign trips and bill the campaign for expenses?

And bill Trump directly for federal money spent at his properties?
Posted by TreasonousBastard | Sun Jul 5, 2020, 04:46 PM (1 replies)

CNN's Dana Bash tries to nail FDAs Hahn, but he sidesteps...

opining on Trump's claims.



Posted by TreasonousBastard | Sun Jul 5, 2020, 12:49 PM (6 replies)

Worst fireworks injury around here so far...


PORT JEFFERSON STATION, NY –A 29-year-old man was seriously injured when a firework exploded in his face on the Fourth of July on Long Island, police said.

According to Suffolk police, Carlos Diaz was attending a family gathering in the backyard of a home on Robert Court in Port Jefferson when he attempted to light a mortar-style firework at about 10:05 p.m. The device exploded and struck Diaz in the face, severely injuring one of his eyes.

Diaz, of Port Jefferson Station, was taken to Stony Brook University Hospital with serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

Consumer fireworks are illegal in New York, but they were certainly abundant in Long Island skies Saturday night.

On average, 180 people go to the emergency room every day in the United States with fireworks-related injuries during the month around the Fourth of July holiday.
Posted by TreasonousBastard | Sun Jul 5, 2020, 09:48 AM (1 replies)

About Kanye running-- I mentioned this earlier, but he's one of 1,112 registered with the FEC...

If he's actually registered, that is.


As of June 29, 2020, 1,112 candidates have filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to run for president.[1] This page lists the names of every candidate who has registered with the FEC and their party affiliation.

A candidate for president must be a natural-born citizen of the United States, at least 35 years old, and a resident of the United States for at least 14 years.[2]

A candidate may declare his or her candidacy at any time, but once he or she receives contributions or make expenditures in excess of $5,000, the candidate must register with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) within 15 days.[2]

For a detailed overview of the notable potential and registered 2020 presidential candidates, withdrawn candidates, and historical trends, click here.

Then follows the full list of everyone registered so far.

Posted by TreasonousBastard | Sun Jul 5, 2020, 02:01 AM (12 replies)
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