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Member since: Sun Sep 10, 2006, 08:56 PM
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L.A. Times defends United Airlines and overbooking, gets solidly trounced in the comment section.


On The Faulty Logic Of Wanting Year-Round Daylight Saving Time

There are many who want to abolish daylight saving time, and I agree with that. If a business or activity is affected in some important way by the presence or absence of sunlight then let it adopt a variable schedule, but let's keep our clocks honest about what the time actually is.

But there are also people who want permanent daylight saving time, and that makes no sense at all. Our long-established customs of getting up, going to work or school, opening and closing businesses, eating lunch, eating dinner, going to bed at night, and generally living our daily lives according to the time displayed on our clocks would only automatically adapt over time to compensate for a permanent one-hour clock advance, eventually prompting these same naive people into asking for another one-hour advance of the clocks, until they finally realize that cutting 12 inches from one end of a blanket and sewing it onto the other end doesn't help it cover your feet.

What do you think about this?

Stephen Hawking presents a wealth of enticing movie plots!

Hollywood, get to work on these ideas!


(Seriously, they're all legitimate reasons to worry but nothing can be done about any of them, except to make entertaining movies with exciting special effects.)

Be on the lookout for H. L. Mencken! I've found evidence that he time-traveled here for inspiration.

It's obvious!


Why am I seeing so much shocking and outrageous news about Trump from Google News?

Is Google News funneling bad news about Trump to me based upon a profile they've built of me, or does a truly unbiased sampling of the news really look as shocking, outrageous, and grim as what I'm seeing?

I guess I could log off of my Google account and find out, but I'm afraid.

Did you ever notice that post excerpts that make the front page of DU lose their apostrophes?

If you post something like "you won't see apostrophes because they don't show up" and an excerpt makes the front page, the title won't be affected but the body will. It'll say "you wont see apostrophes because they dont show up."

What's up with that?

I wonder if any other presidential candidate in American history has ever used the word "pervert."


"Deadbeat Donald" - has a nice ring to it!

The Trump Files: Trump's Long History of Getting Sued By His Own Lawyers

"He's a deadbeat."

During his decades in the real estate world, Donald Trump famously shortchanged many small businesses on the money he owed them.

(snip several examples...)

But Trump also tried to underpay the very same lawyers who helped him save money, and some ended up suing their former client.


It wasn't just big amounts Trump tried to get out of paying, either. Bill Scherer, a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, had to sue Trump in 1994 to collect $5,000 in unpaid legal bills from a case Scherer won for the billionaire. The lawyer told Reuters last year he had offered Trump a low rate to "curry favor" with the mogul, but still had to sue. "He's a deadbeat," Scherer told South Florida's Sun-Sentinel newspaper. Trump told Reuters that he couldn't remember Scherer or the case at all.

American Contract Bridge League to introduce a new term for a card of the highest-ranking suit.

Just kidding.

Der Untergang


I hear in Germany they're posting funny German-subtitled Trump videos titled "Trump is informed that..."
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