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Member since: Thu Nov 19, 2020, 04:51 AM
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Do you think CNN/Chris Licht fired Don Lemon bc Trump made it a condition of doing the Town Hall?

Because I do.

"Well, it sure would be a lot easier for me to give you more access if a certain "world's dumbest anchor" was gone.....Everyone's saying he should go."

Does anyone know where to read the Atlantic article on CNN's Chris Licht for free?

I am not into signing up for "free trials" that somehow slip into being not-free and not-trial.


Attacking rainbow T-shirt displays while wearing "FJB" and worse MAGA merchandise...


Click to enlarge the picture, read bottom right. ("My homies and I would be stacking bodies by now."
Also notice the "F*** Biden" shirt center left.

And I'm sure we've all seen worse than this.

I see it now. Child labor laws revoked because they're chasing all the immigrants out of the US

And when there are no immigrants to work in the fields, the meat-packing plants, or the construction trades, that's what the GOP and their corporate donors will need the children for.

Fart Spray and Political Protests

I've been following the story of the crazy shit-for-brains gun-humper in Maryland who is standing at a school bus stop with his AR-15 to protest sensible gun laws in Maryland.

I often think about what I would do if I was near this situation, or if a MAGA started going crazy in Trader Joe's near me, or if I saw a group of Proud Boys protesting in front of a drag show...

I decided one thing I could do was get some fart spray.

Fart Spray is sold on Amazon, it's meant as a gag gift, comes in a tiny sprayer, and is powerfully smelly. Like standing in 100 proof dog shit.

I'm an unassuming looking older woman. I pretty much figure I would be nearly invisible walking past a group of these people, just minding my own business...

meanwhile surreptitiously spraying fart spray from my mini can.

Then observe from a distance. Hilarity ensues.

This guy in Maryland is even better. Because you know where he is going to be and when. I'd just get there early, treat the whole area with fart spray, and let him decide if he really wants to stand there when he arrives. Better yet, just bring some real dog shit and leave it there baking in the sun and attracting flies. Also an option.

Non-confrontational but still somewhat satisfying.

When Tucker says his firing was an unwritten term of Dominion settlement, this is why he's lying

Every contract has what is called a Merger Clause, meaning all of the parties' intentions are merged into this written document and any assertions of an oral agreement or oral terms on the side are inadmissible.

For obvious reasons. The parties need confidence that the written contact is the final and full expression of their agreement.

In contract law, an integration clause–also sometimes called a merger clause or an entire agreement clause–is a provision that states that the terms of a contract are the complete and final agreement between the parties. As such, any previous agreements­ that may conflict with the final terms covered by the integration clause–whether written or verbal–cannot be entered as evidence if there is a contract dispute. This is due to the parol evidence rule, which allows parties to admit evidence outside of the contract itself only if any terms in the final contract are ambiguous.

A party looking to include an integration clause in a contract should make sure that the clause uses language that is used and accepted by courts. One example of an integration clause given on LexisNexis is that: “The parties intend this statement of their agreement to constitute the complete, exclusive, and fully integrated statement of their agreement. As such, it is the sole expression of their agreement, and they are not bound by any other agreements of whatsoever kind or nature.”


This is just common boilerplate language on the last page of every single contract always.

If Dominion's lawyers were dumb enough to rely on an oral agreement that Tucker would be fired as a condition of the settlement - they would be doing so with 100% knowledge it would never ever be enforceable. They could not back out of the settlement if Tucker was not later fired.

This early heat wave in Oregon is burning the tender leaves right off my vine maples.

It has been a late spring. The leaves just came out about 7 days ago on the vine maples (always last to leaf out).
The leaves are tiny and tender and they just can't stand up to 90 degrees. They are crispy brown and dead. And we have been running irrigation twice a day.

Same for my hydrangeas that are exposed to the sun. Crispy brown leaves on the edges.

Also tiny, immature seeds are raining down like a blizzard from the large trees. I don't remember this happening before.

Now I hate this because I work very hard to make the yard look nice. But I suspect the repercussions on plant growth and seedlings for the rest of the year are going to be significant. Including for farms.

Have a minute to give your thoughts on some repro rights images?




The anti-choice movement has fixed an image in our minds that a fertilized egg looks like the Gerber baby from the moment of conception.

It doesn't.

Above is the reality.

I would be interested to hear how these images strike you.

I remember when trump had Juanita Broaddrick front and center at his debate with Hillary

now apparently trump is considering not even attending his own rape trial.



Regarding John Rose (R-TN) and his wife's pregnancy complications

The Intellectualist is a new follow for me on twitter - I really like their content. They posted this recently:


To be honest, I was like OMG. I must know more about this couple.

So I went to John Rose's website https://johnrose.com/meet-john/ and saw this:


Which of course begs the question - what procedure was necessary in this case to protect Chelsea's health or life following pregnancy complications? What procedure was necessary to help ensure that she could still try for more children in the future if she chooses to?

Was it a procedure the GOP has now made illegal?

Rules for thee but not for me?

What would they do if faced with a similar situation post-Dodds?

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