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Tickle's Journal
Tickle's Journal
December 29, 2021

I could scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This year I had my blended family over for Christmas Eve. Everyone was vaccinated and booster. Minus the grandchildren. Most of us did not wear masks but I felt safe. I just got a damn call that one of them who has tested positive for COVID and while I'm glad he informed us, I'm so pissed!!! He was exposed COVID and he was testing himself for COVID prior to coming to my home. I think he should have told us he was exposed to a COVID person. Am I wrong?!!

Oddly this morning I woke up with a sore throat headache and sinus issues
December 17, 2021

There is no way we are losing the senate

There are five republicans not running and only one Democrat
We are not going to lose the senate

Retiring from public office, 2022

Name Party State Date announced
Richard Burr Republican Party Republican North Carolina July 20, 2016[1]
Pat Toomey Republican Party Republican Pennsylvania Oct. 5, 2020[2]
Rob Portman Republican Party Republican Ohio Jan. 25, 2021[3]
Richard Shelby Republican Party Republican Alabama Feb. 8, 2021[4]
Roy Blunt Republican Party Republican Missouri March 8, 2021[5]
Patrick Leahy Democratic Party Democratic Vermont November 15, 2021[6]

Congress may be a challenge but we could still keep it. I'm up for the challenge

Thirty representatives are not seeking re-election to their U.S. House seats (not including those who left office early):

Democratic Party 20 Democrats
Republican Party 12 Republicans

Incumbents retiring from public office
Democratic Party 12 Democrats
Republican Party 5 Republicans

Retiring from public office, 2022

Name Party State Date announced
Alan Lowenthal Democratic Party Democrat California December 16, 2021[7]
Devin Nunes Republican Party Republican California December 6, 2021[8]
Peter DeFazio Democratic Party Democrat Oregon December 1, 2021[9]
G.K. Butterfield Democratic Party Democrat North Carolina November 19, 2021[10]
Jackie Speier Democratic Party Democrat California November 16, 2021[11]
Adam Kinzinger Republican Party Republican Illinois October 29, 2021[12]
Michael Doyle Democratic Party Democratic Pennsylvania October 18, 2021[13]
David Price Democratic Party Democratic North Carolina October 18, 2021[14]
John Yarmuth Democratic Party Democratic Kentucky October 12, 2021[15]
Anthony Gonzalez Republican Party Republican Ohio September 16, 2021[16]
Ron Kind Democratic Party Democratic Wisconsin August 10, 2021[17]
Cheri Bustos Democratic Party Democratic Illinois April 30, 2021[18]
Kevin Brady Republican Party Republican Texas April 14, 2021[19]
Filemon Vela Democratic Party Democratic Texas March 22, 2021[20]
Tom Reed Republican Party Republican New York March 21, 2021[21]
Ann Kirkpatrick Democratic Party Democratic Arizona March 12, 2021[22]
Eddie Bernice Johnson Democratic Party Democratic Texas October 9, 2019[23]

December 12, 2021

No more mask for

me! I’m done! She yelled in the grocery store after she got her booster shot. Someone must have called the cops because they were coming in the store.

This happened yesterday I caught the tail end of it and another customer filled me in. 🤦?♀️ I wish I could talk to these people. I would explain that no one likes wearing a mask. Then again no one likes having a machine breath for them either. You decide. Fool….. Did you ever wonder if these people smoke cigarettes? Ok I’ll get a life tomorrow

December 11, 2021

what would you do

If your oldest friend called you and told you she no longer wanted to live and she was drinking? After listening to her for an hour and noticing from a distance that she was slurring her words. Would you call the police? I did and they went over the house and took her to the hospital. She was release today because she was fine and not suicidal she was just sad. I get the sad thing and I've said things before like she said but not to the extent she did. I new when I called on her that there was a chance of this happening but there was also a chance of her not waking up. I chose her getting pissed at me instead of explaining to her daughters why I did nothing and could have saved her.

What would you have done?

December 9, 2021

Guilty jussie smollett

on 5 counts. I didn’t expect this

December 7, 2021

Biden accepted Saule Omarova

withdrawal for banking regulator. I’m pissed 😠 I liked her. Your thoughts?

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