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Thomas Hurt

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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 01:59 PM
Number of posts: 1,056

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People who want the privilege of sitting in the White House....

should not be allowed to stay there after they allowed agents in the employ of foreign nations to become part of their campaign and put them on the fn National Security Council.

UC Berkeleys Free Speech Week officially canceled, appeared to be set-up from the start

The alt-right playing martyr....


Oh the irony.....(actual Trumpian comment follows)


How did black people become rich and famous athletes in such a horrible racist country?

How did Floyd Mayweather JR just make 300miion for one fight in such a racist country?

It’s DISGUSTING these son of a bitch people would protest our AMAZING AND GREAT COUNTRY!"

Stunningly ignorant...

So, is Netanyahu's son really a self-loathing, alt-right supporter?


"JERUSALEM — Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, removed an anti-Semitic meme from his Facebook page on Sunday after an outcry from Israeli politicians and Jewish community leaders in the United States."

Have I been unaware of the breadth of the movement to remove Confederate monuments?

or did Trump screw over the alt-right when he could not shut his yap, and caused an accelerated effort to remove them?

If so, good work Donnie!

So...about President Power Mullet's salary...

Anyone heard whether Trump's salary has found its way into his pocket despite his promises and showboating?

Trump's AfghaniScam?

I smell a rat. So far, from what I have read or heard from the pundits, we have returned to Bush policy on Afghanistan. Goals not deadlines. Trump has provided us no idea what, if any new goals there are. Well, other than getting some cash from the Afghans in some "economic development" plan and throw India in the mix somewhere.

Being cynical and suspicious I have to wonder just what this means. Considering the waste and fraud of our unending wars so far.. why not? Considering the corruption in Afghanistan today...why not?

So my question is...which companies owned by the Trumps, his cabinet, or his cronies is going to be involved in this economic development and how much is Donnie going make for his cut?

Jerry Lewis, Mercurial Comedian and Filmmaker, Dies at 91



So what do you think the chances are the DOJ will investigate the Charlottesville PD..

and why they, from what I have been reading, stood down and refused to patrol the Synagogue, let armed and armored fascists show up to riot and murder?

A list of conservative terrorist acts....

Feel free to add more, I am certain I do not have them all.

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