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Think. Again.

Think. Again.'s Journal
Think. Again.'s Journal
December 2, 2023

Justmy own opinion about posting on DU and the coming elections...

I have read plenty of derogatory threads and posts about elected republicans and I have proudly written quite a few myself. And I have also read derogatory posts on young voters, undecided voters, 'independent' or unaffiliated voters, and even people who have voted third party in the past.

But I always keep in mind that anything any of us say here is actually wid open to the public for all to read, member or not, and our posts even show up easily on google searches when the keywords match. No one has to be signed in, or even a member, to read what we write here and we know we have "lurkers" of all stripes.

It's important to me to remember that my words here can be a public snapshot of what I, as a Democratic party voter, am thinking and sharing with other self-identified Democrats, and in that sense can be seen as representing the Democratic party to those people out there who are seriously thinking about who to vote for or which party to support and engage with.

I try to keep my statements here true and factual, I try not to disparage anyone out in the world who may actually be a possible Democratic vote in the future, but I also make a point of questioning and addressing those who DON'T represent the ideals of the Democratic party as I see them in an effort to clarify what being a Democratic voter means to me.

Most importantly I try to always remember that the very public nature of DU is an excellent opportunity to reach beyond our own shared conversations and enthusiasm for Democratic party ideals, intentions, and positions, and to openly share that enthusiasm with the world outside our membership.

I believe we can strongly support the Democratic party's growth and success by presenting an honest, true, and attractive snapshot of the Democratic party voting bloc here on DU.

And I think we should keep it in mind that we could also easily turn some folks away from voting Democratic with just a few poorly considered words.

November 27, 2023

Curious about Hydrogen Advancements?...

This is pretty cool, it's a quick, weekly video post on the "Top Five Hydrogen Stories of the Week"


November 18, 2023

Does anyone know what the rightwing sites are saying...

...about all this?

Bigotted assholes must be completely confused since they base their thinking and opinions only on superficial things like cultural background, skin color, religion etc.

I'm curious whether they're on the side of the Jews (despite their anti-semitism) or the Palestinians (despite their hatred of anyone brown) since we know damn well they aren't considering anything deeper like Israel's government vs. hamas.

November 18, 2023

Oil, gas giants could pay climate damage and still profit: research

by Linnea Pedersen, Nov. 16 2023
Full Article: https://phys.org/news/2023-11-oil-gas-giants-pay-climate.html

The world's top 25 'carbon majors' caused climate damage at a cost of 20 trillion dollars from 1985-2018, but their financial gains were about 50 percent larger during those years.


If the top 25 oil and gas companies had been held accountable for their role in global warming in recent decades, they would still have made $10 trillion dollars in profit, according to the report published by think tank Climate Analytics.

The estimated damage caused by carbon emissions from the 25 companies cost $20 trillion from 1985 to 2018—but during that time they earned $30 trillion, the report said.


The COP28 talks will be held during what is widely expected to be the hottest year on record.

"Oil and gas companies are meanwhile unabashedly flaunting their profits, some even walking back on their climate commitments," said report co-author Marina Andrijevic.
November 18, 2023

Fossil Fuel hacking middleman gets nearly 7 years in prison. We still don't know who hired him.

Emily Sanders, Nov 17, 2023
Full Article: https://www.exxonknews.org/p/exxonknew-hacking-middleman-gets

The man who pleaded guilty to participating in a massive criminal hacking scheme targeting climate advocates who campaigned against ExxonMobil was sentenced to nearly 7 years in prison yesterday, while the question of who hired him remains unanswered.

During his sentencing hearing in federal court in Manhattan, Israeli private investigator Aviram Azari said through a translator that “there will come a day” when he would be able to tell his victims more. Federal prosecutors say Azari served as the scheme’s middleman, connecting his clients with hackers across the globe who were directed to infiltrate the emails and online accounts of thousands of victims and their close friends, family, and coworkers between 2014 and 2019. In 2019, he was arrested on his way to Disneyland and detained in New York.


Azari had pleaded guilty to counts of wire fraud, conspiracy to commit hacking, and aggravated identity theft last April. None of Azari’s clients, who prosecutors say paid Azari $4.8 million, have been named.


“I would’ve thought by now, given the facts and circumstances of this case, that the board [of ExxonMobil] would’ve called for a transparent and independent investigation to make sure that none of their employees or agents were involved in this crime,” Lee Wasserman, director of the Rockefeller Family Fund and a victim of the hacking, told reporters outside the courthouse. “But Exxon’s silence is deafening.”

November 13, 2023

I hope DUers will watch this with open minds...

We have had a lot of very harsh disagreements lately over differences of opinions on Israel/Palestine and I am cross-posting this video found originally here: https://democraticunderground.com/13222626 because I feel that the inarguable points presented (humor aside) might give us all a starting point for some unity in these difficult conversations.


November 9, 2023

The Threat of Bigger Oil

ExxonKnews, Nov 9, 2023, Emily Sanders
Full Article: https://www.exxonknews.org/p/the-threat-of-bigger-oil

Senators and advocates are asking the FTC to investigate Exxon and Chevron’s mega-mergers — and stop them if need be.


Last month, ExxonMobil and Chevron separately announced two of the biggest oil and gas deals of the century, securing their dominance over the U.S. fossil fuel sector. Exxon’s $60 billion acquisition of Pioneer Natural Resources and Chevron’s $53 billion acquisition of Hess are the latest signs that the companies are committed to expanding their fossil fuel businesses, even as climate scientists warn that the continued use of fossil fuels is unleashing irreversible damage on communities and the planet.

In separate letters, 23 U.S. Senators and 22 advocacy groups have urged the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the federal agency that protects the public from unfair business practices, to investigate whether the deals would violate antitrust law — and stop them if necessary. (Note: ExxonKnews is a project of The Center for Climate Integrity, which signed the advocates’ letter.)

The officials and advocates lay out a number of concerns:

Exxon and Chevron are doubling down on fossil fuels at the expense of the climate.

The mergers could expand oil companies’ lobbying power and undermine democracy.

The deals could threaten workers and consumers.


The deals follow Big Oil’s years-long, multi-million dollar advertising campaigns to convince the public that they were leading partners in climate solutions — even while they spent almost nothing investing in renewable energy. In 2021, three advocacy groups — EarthWorks, Global Witness, and Greenpeace — filed a complaint with the FTC accusing Chevron of misleading consumers through greenwashing.


Much more at Full Article: https://www.exxonknews.org/p/the-threat-of-bigger-oil
November 9, 2023

Live online event: How LNG exports threaten our clean energy future

Source: https://forum.canarymedia.com/canary-media1/Live-event-Bill-McKibben-on-how-LNG-exports-threaten-our-clean-energy-future

Wed Nov 15 at 4:00 PM EST | Eastern Time

Join Canary Media for a live online conversation with journalist and climate activist Bill McKibben about how the U.S. is ramping up exports of liquefied natural gas, or LNG. The Biden administration has made big strides in promoting clean energy, but it's also been enabling a massive expansion of dirty energy in the form of new LNG export terminals. What does this mean for the global climate, the clean energy transition, and the communities that live near these polluting facilities?

McKibben will dig into these issues with Canary Media contributing reporter Nicole Pollack, and the audience will have the chance to ask questions.

Registration is free — sign up today!


Bill McKibben

Contributing writer to The New Yorker

Bill McKibben is a contributing writer to The New Yorker, and a founder of Third Act, which organizes people over the age of 60 to work on climate and racial justice. He founded the first global grassroots climate campaign, 350.org, and serves as the Schumann Distinguished Professor in Residence at Middlebury College in Vermont. In 2014 he was awarded the Right Livelihood Prize, sometimes called the "alternative Nobel," in the Swedish Parliament. He's also won the Gandhi Peace Award, and honorary degrees from 19 colleges and universities. He has written more than a dozen books about the environment, including his first, The End of Nature, published in 1989. His latest book is The Flag, the Cross, and the Station Wagon: A Graying American Looks Back at his Suburban Boyhood and Wonders What the Hell Happened.

Nicole Pollack

Contributing reporter for Canary Media

Nicole Pollack is an Ohio-based environmental journalist who writes about energy, agriculture and climate change. She covers the politics and climate consequences of the U.S. LNG buildout for Canary Media. Previously, she worked as the energy and natural resources reporter for the Casper Star-Tribune, Wyoming's statewide newspaper.

When: Wednesday, November 15, 2023 · 4:00 p.m.
Duration: 1 hour
Price: Free
Language: English
Who can attend? Anyone with the event link can attend


Original Source: https://forum.canarymedia.com/canary-media1/Live-event-Bill-McKibben-on-how-LNG-exports-threaten-our-clean-energy-future

November 7, 2023

This is a huge leap in the WRONG direction; Criminalizing Dissent...

Tesnim Zekeria and Rebecca Crosby, Nov 7, 2023
Full Article: https://popular.info/p/criminalizing-dissent

This could set a very dangerous legal precedent against our 1st amendment constitutional right to protest....

"Breathtakingly broad and unprecedented"

Sixty-one activists appeared before Fulton County Court yesterday on racketeering charges related to their protest of Atlanta’s new “Public Safety Training Center,” commonly known as Cop City. The arraignment comes after the Georgia Attorney General’s Office alleged, in September, that defendants were “conspiring” to violate the state’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. If convicted, each “Stop Cop City” activist could face up to 20 years in prison — even those who are alleged to have participated in non-violent protests. Experts worry that it’s the latest tactic by Georgia officials to stifle political dissent.


The 109-page RICO indictment lumps together vague allegations of non-violent conduct with more serious charges of violence. The indictment, for example, cites numerous protesters for "trespassing" and “join[ing] an organized mob of individuals designed to overwhelm the police force in an attempt to occupy the DeKalb forest and cause property damage,” describing it as “an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.” Notably, the indictment does not allege these specific individuals caused any property damage or overwhelmed the police. But the indictment claims that was their intention. Trespassing is a crime, but not one that typically comes with a 20-year prison sentence. Other acts "in furtherance of the conspiracy" include being reimbursed for camping supplies, kitchen utensils, and glue.


"We are extremely concerned by this breathtakingly broad and unprecedented use of state terrorism, anti-racketeering, and money laundering laws against protesters,” Senior Staff Attorney for ACLU’s National Security Project Aamra Ahmad said in the statement. “Georgia law enforcement officials are disproportionately wielding these overbroad laws to stigmatize and target those who disagree with the government.”

Other groups that denounced the indictment include the National Lawyers Guild and the Center for Constitutional Rights, who both argued that the RICO charges were intended to silence protestors. The National Lawyers Guild argued that the indictment is “intended to serve a political end… to silence the protest movement, to prevent it from having access to attorneys, bail support and even legal observation,” stating that the charges were meant “to portray a popular movement as an unlawful conspiracy.” The Center for Constitutional Rights argued that, “[l]ike anti-terrorism statutes, RICO laws, in their vagueness and elasticity, are dangerous weapons in the hands of prosecutors and corporations bent on silencing dissent.”


More at Full Article: https://popular.info/p/criminalizing-dissent

October 27, 2023

Hurricane Otis; Calling this "climate change" is not enough

Full Article: https://heated.world/p/calling-this-climate-change-is-not

Journalists and meteorologists must go further, and call rapid hurricane intensification a symptom of fossil fuels.

A Weather Channel broadcast shows not just the rapid intensification, but “explosive intensification” of Hurricane Otis, which made landfall Wednesday as a Category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of nearly 167 miles per hour and gusts of up to 205 miles per hour. Source: The Weather Channel

A monster Category 5 hurricane pummeled the southern Mexican state of Guerrero on Wednesday, killing at least 27 people, knocking out power, and destroying infrastructure in the famed city of Acapulco.

If you’re surprised to hear about this, that may be because weather forecasters were, too. On Tuesday night, Hurricane Otis “experienced nearly unprecedented explosive development in hours, going from a Category 1 to a catastrophic Category 5 with nearly no warning, stunning residents and meteorologists alike,” Fox Weather reported.


That’s because greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel burning, deforestation and industrial agriculture are making the ocean much hotter—and hotter oceans make rapid intensification more likely.

But Hurricane Otis’s growth was on whole other level—so rapid and intense that some forecasters gave it another name: “explosive intensification.” In just 24 hours, the storm’s top-end windspeed increased by 115 miles per hour.


Full Article: https://heated.world/p/calling-this-climate-change-is-not

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