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I can't?

I already did. Guess you have never been to a protest where a flag and someone talking has led to spitting and fistfights. Disorderly conduct charges stick all the time. Or, they are plea bargained because disorderly conduct is tacked on to the initial charge. Disorderly conduct is often just another term for incitement, which is the term used by a lot of other countries. Disorderly conduct is now a catch-all for a lot of things, not just what others call incitement. You might want to contact your lawyer if you don't know those definitions, cases, and practical applications.

I'm not talking about your TV examples of Singapore or the Saudis either. Dig deeper. Check France, UK, New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, etc. The United States is not some unique island, with a monopoly on so-called free speech. It might be in junior high civics class, but I am talking about the real world.

There is a town near me that requires permits to demonstrate. It's required for one person who stands on the sidewalk carrying a sign. Paying for a permit means your speech is no longer free. That is what I am talking about. Free speech is balanced with societal concerns and safety. You are not free to get in someone's face or be a hooligan. Maybe you have never been to a protest where a flag and someone talking has led to spitting and fistfights. Yes, people are successfully prosecuted for that. Society has become so in your face that I think it's not a bad a idea to nip it in the bud further. Someone waving a hateful flag and speaking of terrorist threats is a crime in my book.

I also said that shitty songs should not be banned. I am not foolish enough to think that you can stop bad music. You can curb what's hurtful to the impressionable though, with my example of limiting sales of such music to adults, where possible.

Finally, what do you know about Singapore? Have you ever lived there? Hell, have you ever lived in a country besides the US? I have and I know people who have lived in Singapore. The TV impression is some ogre society, but you are not likely to see one single cop for months and months. They are civilized, which is more than I can say for some in this country.

It's not parading?

Definition of parade: Walk or march in public in a formal procession or in an ostentatious or attention-seeking way.

Tipper Gore was right.

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