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Hometown: Silicon Valley
Home country: USA
Current location: Sierra Nevada, California
Member since: Tue Jan 26, 2021, 10:27 PM
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Journal Archives

Gov. Newsom will NOT appoint a temp Sen. who is a current 2024 candidate. Not Porter, Schiff or Lee.

Newsom, to his credit, refuses so far to be bullied, sticking with his commitments both to appoint a caretaker and a Black female.

He essentially ignored Lee’s fury and her implicit threat and stuck with both promises he’s now made, all the while insisting he hopes Feinstein serves out her term.

One thing that’s clear from all this is that Newsom reads the polls. They show Schiff, Porter and Lee all running well ahead of several potential and declared Republican candidates, making a Democrat-on-Democrat runoff election next fall very likely.

Newsom, hoping to remain a major figure in his party long after his second statehouse term expires in 2026, plainly does not want to alienate backers of Schiff and Porter by awarding the seat to Lee during the leadup to the March primary election.

He knows that any incumbent, even one who’s served only a month or two, gains credibility and an automatic advantage over electoral rivals.[link:https://www.chicoer.com/2023/09/27/newsom-gets-it-right-on-caretaker-appointment-california-focus/|

Your choice for CA U.S. Senate?

A saltwater wedge climbing the Mississippi River threatens drinking water

Officials are scrambling in an effort to hold back the encroaching sea and prevent the saltwater wedge from heading toward New Orleans.


For six generations, Ricky Becnel’s family has run the massive tree nursery on the banks of the Mississippi River near Belle Chasse, La. Its 20 acres and half a million trees, most of them citrus, require pumping about 100,000 gallons a day of fresh water from the river during the warm season.

But in recent days, as salt water from the Gulf of Mexico has crept steadily up the drought-stricken river and within a mile of Saxon Becnel and Sons, he has scrambled to prepare for the very real possibility that the farm’s lifeblood might soon be unusable.

“It’s been consuming me. … I never thought I’d have to worry about this,” said Becnel, whose business supplies trees to large retailers around the country.

For the second year in a row, drought has severely weakened the flow of the Mississippi River, allowing a mass of saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico to force its way dozens of miles inland.

The steady creep of that saltwater wedge — which could threaten drinking water supplies in multiple Louisiana communities, undermine agriculture and prove corrosive to infrastructure — has left officials to scramble in an effort to slow down the encroaching sea.

Trey Lance traded to Cowboys for a 4th round draft pick!



A rapist, a con man and a tax cheat walk into a bar. The bartender says "Hi Donald".


Rudy G. & Roger Stone


Simon Bar Sinister from UnderDog

Perhaps Trump will finally learn some useful skills in prison.

Instead of just grifting, lying and throwing food.


‘Blaze podcaster Allie Beth Stuckey suggested Japanese people may have benefitted from internment camps.’

I don’t care what kinds of skills they learned. How many died before they saw freedom? What kind of abuse did they endure? What kind of trauma did they have? No amount of skills learned were worth that, in my opinion. Besides, couldn’t a free person learn such skills in the real world anyway?

What a whitesplaining racist bunch these people are.

Slavery was not good. Internment was not good. Let’s say they did ‘benefit’ by learning something, it certainly didn’t outweigh the aforementioned.

If Mitch McConnell is "fine", then I've got a

graduate program at Trump University to cell yoo.

Michigan attorney general charges fake Trump electors over alleged 2020 election crimes


How to keep your dog safe in the heat, according to an emergency vet


How hot is too hot for a walk?

It depends a lot on if your dog is acclimated to the heat or not. What I mean by that is if you’ve newly moved to a really hot, humid place and it’s their first time out, I would err on the side of caution — walking at dawn and dusk because they’re going to need time to get used to the climate. Making sure that they’re acclimated is very important. If you can’t leave your hand on the pavement for five seconds without feeling too hot, then it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.

How can you help your dog cool down when you return from a walk?

Provide water. You can provide ice chips or ice cubes. You can use low-sodium chicken broth to make ice cubes. You can wet your pet down to help with evaporative cooling. And providing a nice tile floor for them to lay on is helpful. Fans are wonderful — but you want to have a cover on your fans so your dog doesn’t stick his face in it and create more injury.

How can dog owners mitigate paw burns?

An easy thing you can do to mitigate paw burns is just to get a little booty to put over your dog’s paws. The ones I like are those silicone, rubberized booties. Some people use them in the cold so that ice doesn’t get between their toes, but they’re also very useful in the hot to prevent burns. I particularly like the ones that have Velcro that go around the ankle so that they don’t slip off. It will take your dog just a little bit of time to get used to them. The first time, they will prance like a weird reindeer.
How do you know if your dog has paw burns?

The first thing you’ll see is them shifting weight away from the affected paw. They’ll often be licking the paws as well. Once you turn over the paw, you will see almost peeling skin on the little paw pads. If that happens, certainly it’s quite painful, so I’d recommend seeing your vet.

With the heat, owners may want to take their dogs swimming or let them play in water. What are the dangers of that?

We can’t just assume that dogs know how to swim. We need to watch them carefully, first and foremost. I would always recommend having a life vest for your dog, especially if they’re being taken on a boat.

Secondly, things like spray hoses or sprinklers are really, really fun to bite at. It’s super good entertainment. But the problem is if they have no off-switch and they can’t stop drinking the water, that can lead to acute water intoxication. This is basically when you dilute your sodium to the point that you have swelling on the brain. So, just observing your dog around water, especially the first couple of times that they’re around it, is really important.

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