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Member since: Sun Sep 9, 2018, 03:10 PM
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Apple doesn't fall far from the Trump tree-Part Deux

The whole family is sick and it seems Kavanaugh assault charge is all a big joke for Trump Jr. At least he's showing us his true colors now before he tries to run for any office. Say what you want about the Clintons but Chelsea has always been gracious to those who attack her parents. But that attitude is taught by the family. Unfortunately, the Trump family never taught their kids anything but the value of money. Him and his Fox News mistress are made for each other.

Please let him do a perp walk.

Below is Don Jr instagram


Apple doesn't fall far from the Trump tree

Can there be a douchier(I know that's not a word) family? And note his dogwhistle Muslim-speak. He actually thinks he's funny.


Can someone tell the GOP Twitter manager Obama isn't president and isn't running against Trump?

Every stupid tweet now is comparing the Trump economy to Obama. Seriously, they have to LET IT GO. After a disastrous press conference most people would lie low and focus on the hurricane. This GOP seems determined to ride the Trump train off the cliff. Or they were hacked by Russians.

Can I be mean and hope tomorrow #Fear by Bob Woodward is trending on Twitter?

Since we all know he prints out his Tweets and looks at Twitter.
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