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Gender: Male
Current location: East Coast
Member since: Mon Oct 1, 2018, 11:21 PM
Number of posts: 363

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Damaging the Democrat with smears, combined with suppressing the vote

...is HOW Republicans have competed for office for decades now. 90% of their game is behind the scenes, off and out of sight of the playing field, where no rules apply in their version of competition for office.

They know they can no longer win elections without, and have no qualms about, lying and cheating. So smearing the Democrat and disenfranchising or creating obstacles to his or her voters getting to the polls IS their "campaign."

It was only a few months ago a young gay man reported he'd been offered money to lie and claim Pete Buttigieg sexually molested him.

I'm especially struck by Reade's recent head-spinning reversals on two world-prominent male politicians. In the same short timeframe (1) she switched from touting Biden for his qualities and his work advocating for women, to, as soon as he is about to become the Democratic nominee, suddenly attempting to bring him down with an accusation of sexual assault; and (2) she switched from also idolizing Putin, ALSO for his (supposed, in Putin's case) wonderful treatment and advancement of women in Russia, while she cooed over his "intoxicating" manliness, to suddenly she's retracted all that, tried to wipe it off the internet, and now claims she was just mistaken about Putin.

My predisposition is to believe women claiming to have been sexually assaulted unless there are serious warning signs something is amiss. I've seen a lot of serious warning signs something is amiss here. This is not someone on the basis of whose current word I am willing to make any kind of an important decision.

But she definitely is someone who our 2020 Republirussian opponents would eagerly support.
Posted by SuprstitionAintthWay | Thu Apr 30, 2020, 06:29 PM (0 replies)

I don't think it takes all that much intelligence and planning to want to harm people...

...and then to do so when you come across and recognize some ways to, however that happens.

The impulse to lash out often begins unconsciously, just a feeling of a desire to retaliate. Instinct. A stronger instinct the meaner, more narcissistic and more sociopathic you are.

A rat trapped in a corner doesn't have a high IQ and planning skills, and doesn't need them to come at you.

Trump continually stumbles across things in govt he had zero idea existed. It just happens as part of being in the Oval Office. People bring him things, he immediately sees them as hammers to hurt others with.

He'd never known Inspectors General existed until one gave the Ukraine whistleblower complaint to Congress, and another concluded the Mueller investigation was initiated legally and not politically. Now he passionately hates IGs. Someone informed them he has some power over them, so immediately he starts knocking them down left and right.

He has power over federally stockpiled ventilators and PPE? Who knew? He didn't know that! Immediately his mind goes to how can I hurt Whitmer and Inslee and Cuomo as publicly and humiliatingly as possible, make them submit to me, praise and beg me, with this power?

People want to vote by mail? You need mail service for that. And look! Someone just brought me a bill that if I don't sign, the Postal Service will probably collapse!

What Dr. Garnter describes in general terms as prospects for this fall, I really don't think requires much in the way of intelligence or ability.

Edited to add:
On the other hand I agree that Trump has not been purposely killing 10s of 1000s of Americans with his inept, self-absorbed covid "response" in Feb, March, and April. Well, a few Washington, Calif, Michigan, and NY citizens and frontline medical people's deaths, yes, those were intentional. Those deaths were to punish those electorates for having Democratic governors, to try to make their governors out to be failing, to present himself as the states' savior instead, and to try to compel the governors themselves to knuckle under to him... to bring them to heel.

But on a wider scale, so far, no. It serves Trump not at all for so many Americans to die. Just the opposite. So yes the large amount of needless death America is suffering has just been an unintended side-effect of his acting wholly in his own self-interest.

That's Trump circa January - April 2020, though. What Dr. Garnter was speaking about is Trump when he's actively being ousted from the presidency this fall.
Posted by SuprstitionAintthWay | Sat Apr 25, 2020, 03:43 PM (0 replies)

The background on these fake-religious bleach-as-a-Miracle Cure Florida hucksters

...woud definitely tick a lot of boxes for Trump.

He needs a miracle cure for his prospects in November. This Sacramental bleach promises to cure everything that's ailing him. (Extra bonus, it's a cure for cancer, too. He might get his Nobel Prize after all.)

There are 3 Republican conspiracy theory wingnuts pushing the bleach-drinking scheme.

Ar least one of them was a major birtherism blowhard when Trump was.

It's a swing state church/company selling the bleach "Sacrament."

How perfect, how beautiful, Trump must have thought in his tiny little brain, if HE personally could be The Hero who brings a Miracle Cure to the world's attention and to the rescue of the economy... AND a Republican-owned Florida company/faux church gets to make billions of dollars at the same time!

Everything about this particular bit of insanity is like it was made for him.

He couldn't stop himself from instantly jumping on board.
Posted by SuprstitionAintthWay | Sat Apr 25, 2020, 12:32 AM (0 replies)

Spartacus has enough sword-and-sandals about it that if there had been a...

...Best Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action or Horror Picture category, it could have been squeezed in that as "Action."

Imperfectly, granted; it truly is a drama -- yes, a classic one.

But the Globes does this, plays a bit with its assignments to categories in order to spread the wealth around better in its "Best" films categories. Using even just my suggested divisions the Academy probably could have awarded both The Apartment and Spartacus "Best" picture trophies.
Posted by SuprstitionAintthWay | Wed Apr 15, 2020, 02:22 PM (0 replies)

"Best Pictures" are rarely the best pictures.

The Academy just does its own thing. The winners now usually are about some social issue (and if not a social issue, then they're about the movie industry itself). The last one of these winning Best Pic that I thought might actually have been the year's best was Spotlight, about the Boston Globe uncovering large numbers of pedophile priests. A really excellent movie.

But the notion of ONE Best Picture is absurd anyway.

I've never understood why they refuse to break it out more like the Golden Globes do. IMO there should be at least 3 "bests" beyond Documentary, Foreign Language, Short, Animated, and just "Picture." "Picture" should be at least 3:
Best Drama
Best Comedy or Musical
Best Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action or Horror film

There's always been a need for categories for movies like Planet Of The Apes (1969?), Alien (1979), Aliens (1986?), Pulp Fiction (1994?), Mulholland Drive (2000?), The Dark Knight (2008), Moon, or horror/suspense like It Follows, 10 Cloverfield Lane, The Babadook or The Witch to win a picture category, and not just costumes, set, or special effects. But they don't, because dramas dominate the Oscar's Best Picture, and it's almost unheard of for Best Picture to be within reach of films like these regardless of how good they are. Well, unless it's based on Tolkien, or by Guillermo del Toro. But even The Wizard of Oz, a musical fantasy, didn't win Best Picture.

As for Shape Of Water, I got around to it only a couple of months ago myself. I've found most of del Toro's films, which are fantastical allegories about outsiders and alienation, and often social injustices too, to be over-rated by the critics. And this, for me, was no exception.

As for this year's winner, I'm happy for a foreign film to win, and enjoyed that director's The Host some time back. But I saw Parasite, and I appreciated the themes, but wasn't blown away by that, either.
Posted by SuprstitionAintthWay | Sun Apr 12, 2020, 05:00 AM (1 replies)

In Georgia any day now they're gonna get to (hot damn!) shoot "hordes" of u-know-whats!

Republican Congressional Candidate
Touts AR-15s To Fight
'Looting Hordes From Atlanta'

Denies any racial implications

Lois Beckett @loisbeckett
Tue 7 Apr 2020 20.30 EDT The Guardian


Why do Americans need AR-15 rifles during a global pandemic? To shoot “looting hordes from Atlanta”.

That’s the campaign message from a former Republican congressman from Georgia, Paul Broun, who is now running for Congress again.

Broun’s campaign is based in Gainesville, Georgia, a city about an hour outside of Atlanta, the state capital, which is majority-black.

Gainesville is in Hall county, Georgia, which is majority white, although nearly half of the residents of the city of Gainesville itself are Latino, according to census estimates.

In a new campaign video, Broun promises to give away an AR-15 rifle “to one lucky person who signs up for email updates” from his campaign website.

"In uncertain times like these, the right to defend yourself and your property and your family could not be more important,” Broun says in a campaign video, in which the 73-year-old is filmed striding through the grass and shooting a rifle.

“Whether it’s looting hordes from Atlanta, or a tyrannical government from Washington, there are few better liberty machines than an AR-15.”

Broun was dismissive of the idea that his rhetoric might concern black Georgia residents, or that this kind of rhetoric might increase the risk of innocent black Americans getting shot while in majority-white neighborhoods.

Americans have responded to the coronavirus epidemic with a record-breaking number of gun purchases. More than 3.7m total firearm background checks were conducted through the FBI’s background check system in March, with nearly 1.2m checks conducted in the week of 16 March alone.
Posted by SuprstitionAintthWay | Wed Apr 8, 2020, 01:43 PM (6 replies)

Going public, probably purposefully, yes. But to vastly different purposes.

Capt. Crozier's selfless purpose:
To try to save his crew from the covid-19 outbreak spreading fast on his cramped ship of 4,500.

Something, btw, Teddy Roosevelt himself did, the same way but much more insubordinately, in 1898 when his troops in Cuba were needlessly dying of yellow fever and malaria and the Secretary of War turned a deaf ear to his plea for their evacuation back home.

The deets on the fascinating historical 1898 -> 2020 parallels:

The saying in this case is very true. History doesn't repeat, but it sure does rhyme. ]

Acting SecNav Modly's craven, self-interested purposes:

To try to get some of the nation's heat off himself;

To try to maybe get a tiny bit of his ruined reputation back;

To excoriate the free press and to try to intimidate anybody else on the USS TR who might believe in the First Amendment;

To make a big show for Donald Trump, to score some more of the kind of brown-nose points he knows work so well with the petty, stupid Manchild-in-Chief and hopefully extend his own toadying career.
Posted by SuprstitionAintthWay | Mon Apr 6, 2020, 05:02 PM (0 replies)

Capt. Crozier was inspired by TR saving his men from yellow fever in 1898 Cuba.

Wednesday Trump said about the captain of the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt, I want him fired.

Thursday the forgettable flunkie of the moment Trump has installed as Acting Secretary of the Navy fired the Roosevelt's Captain Crozier.

We now have fascinating additional historical background. In case you haven't seen Tweed Roosevelt's NYT column yet, please read it.

Captain Crozier
Is a Hero.
Theodore Roosevelt,
My Great-Grandfather,
Would Agree.

April 3, 2020 by Tweed Roosevelt. Roosevelt is a great-grandson of Theodore Roosevelt and the chairman of the Theodore Roosevelt Institute at Long Island University.


[my extreme condensation of key parts:]

...I often wonder, in situations like this, what Theodore Roosevelt would have done. In this case, though, I know exactly what he would have done. In 1898, he found himself in almost the exact same position.

Before his rise to national politics, Roosevelt commanded the Rough Riders volunteer cavalry regiment in the invasion of Cuba during the Spanish-American War. The Battle of San Juan Hill had been fought and won, and the war was basically over.

However, the soldiers, still deployed in Cuba, faced a far worse enemy: yellow fever and malaria. ...Before modern medicine far more soldiers died of disease than of enemy action. The battlefield commanders in Cuba, including Roosevelt, wanted to bring the soldiers home. But the leadership in Washington -- in particular Russell Alger, the secretary of war — refused.

With the tacit approval of his fellow commanders, TR wrote a fiery open letter and released it to the press. Alger relented and the troops were sent to quarantine on the far end of Long Island.

Though hundreds of American soldiers died from yellow fever and malaria contracted in Cuba, the evacuation off of the island doubtless saved the lives of many others

[end of my condensed version. please read the whole column!]


(This being DU,) First, a couple of caveats: 1. The Spanish-American War was a big, bloody land grab on the United State's part, conducted on trumped-up pretenses. It was brazen colonialism. Spain's colonial empire was disintegrating and we went out and got pieces of it while such overt western colonialsm was still a thing. (My own father served in our Navy in Cuba in 1938-39. And, coincidentally, in WWII with MacArthur in New Guinea, was stricken with malaria and evacuated home. An evacuation needless to say I am extremely grateful for. I was born a dozen years later.) Caveat 2. Teddy Roosevelt was a complicated man, a roaring fireball of much of both the best and worst about America. On steroids -- his great aspects were among our greatest, his worst (which thankfully were fewer) were among our worst. Little of this is disputed anymore.

None of that is what this post is about. It's about a leader's responsibility to the personnel under his or her command.

On to this weekend's insight:

I've realized from TR's great-grandson's column in the Times, that before he acted this week Capt. Crozier WOULD HAVE KNOWN that yellow fever & malaria part of Teddy Roosevelt's history in Cuba.

Captain Crozier drew inspiration and additional strength to act FROM THE SHIP'S NAMESAKE HIMSELF.

This has to be the case. There are only... 11(?) large aircraft carriers in our fleet. A single carrier task force of ships costs very many billions of dollars. The handful of officers the Navy chooses to command those carriers are brilliant and exceptional individuals. Some of our nation's best. Most are not mere warriors, but warrior-scholars, experts not just in naval warfare, but having wide knowledge of America and the world and the histories of both.

Roosevelt himself was a hyper-intellectual, a lifelong voracious reader, and authored books himself. I guarantee that after Capt. Crozier was picked to command the U.S.S. Teddy Roosevelt, by the time he was piped aboard it was after already having read multiple TR biographies as well as TR's own books.

Naval officers are taught about about TR to begin with. I was a naval officer, and I was. TR, for all his faults, was one of our great Secretaries of the Navy*. (Quite the irony, that -- see our miserable, craven Acting SecNav last week.) [* MAJOR CORRECTION: My how much I've forgotten. TR only made it to ASSISTANT Secretary of the Navy. As such though, and being TR, he had more influence on the service than most actual SecNavs.] And later as President he built the Great White Fleet, America's first truly global navy and its largest since the Civil War.

Last week Capt. Crozier had to have been struck by the parallels of the situation he was in, with Roosevelt's own in 1898, his troops needlessly dying around him. Both of them facing the outbreak of deadly disease among the men - and today, women - each was responsible for. Struck by the irony as well, for this disaster to be happening first -- well, we hope it was the first -- on this particular aircraft carrier. (All told, this has been an event just full of irony.)

What would Roosevelt himself have done?

Crozier didn't even have to research that. He already knew. His bold and selfless action this past week was a direct echo, although a LESS insubordinate one, of the ship's namesake himself!

Carpe Diem. Seize the Day.

It frankly would have been a disgrace to the great American, the ship's namesake, to do anything else short of saving his crew, be damned with any costs to himself. Capt. Crozier last week understood that, too.

As Tweed Roosevelt writes in his column, TR had been in line to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor after Cuba. But Secretary of War Alger was furious at him over his yellow fever/malaria public actions, and took revenge by derailing the medal. Alger was the Trump of 1899.
Posted by SuprstitionAintthWay | Sun Apr 5, 2020, 01:10 PM (6 replies)

+1. My fondest wish is he goes to prison for some of his many crimes.

But my worry is that during his final week his last official state visit abroad will be to see The Puppetmaster. That he'll send his entourage and SS detail back on Air Force One without him, and live out his days in a dacha somewhere outside Moscow.

Putin probably will let him appear in front of Russia Today cameras regularly... for however long he can stay on-script, anyway. A little home away from home, on the Fox "News" of Russia! But he'll screw that kind of gig up. And even as long as it lasts, it will be very weak tea for him compared to his frequent heroin highs he gets here - his hate rallies and and his lie-filled, boast-fest "pressers."

If that happens and Trump escapes justice here, I'll at least take some solace from the certainty that, like all Americans who betrayed their country and then bugged out for the USSR or Russia, Trump will quickly come to realize (a) he's not going to live as fat as Putin promised him, and (b) the Russians will have only poorly disguised contempt for him, too.

(I was in a Navy intell unit in which it turned out we had a fucked-up guy like that, a Navy petty officer. Narcissistic, nursing grievances of perceived slights and unfairnesses, and almost as delusional about his own greatness as Trump is. He eventually got bugged out by the KGB to the Soviet Union... yeah, like something out of The Americans (great show btw). His disillusionment once there, and his realization the Russians, too, disdained him as just a vile traitor, was so complete that he killed himself after a few years. Which has been not uncommon for American spies who wind up there.)
Posted by SuprstitionAintthWay | Fri Apr 3, 2020, 11:51 AM (0 replies)


He's going to do his very best to extract personal political advantage with of every one of those 3 trillion or more freshly minted dollars that his comic book rogues gallery of corrupt cabinet secretaries will be handing out/"administering."

"First, I need you to do me a favor...."

This is a certainty. There is no bottom to how low he will go. Look at what he was just doing personally controlling where medical PPE and ventilators go, and what he required in return. "Appreciativeness" is just his euphemism. The White House horror show with the critically needed medical supplies was just him warming up, and realizing the power over people that's just fallen into his obese lap.

He absolutely sees all of this new money as a gigantic slush fund, on a scale nobody's ever seen before. One superlative he'll finally actually have correct.

This emergency federal spending is one more way the pandemic could not possibly have happened under worse so-called national "leadership." And in his 4th year, to boot. When he's more desperate, reckless, and unhinged than ever, when all the adults in his original administration long ago left the room; and right after Senate Republicans unleashed him even from the worry of impeachment.
Posted by SuprstitionAintthWay | Thu Apr 2, 2020, 04:28 PM (1 replies)
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