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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 14,052

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

CEO Pay By The Numbers..How Big Were Last Years Raises: PalmBeachPost.com


Warning:...kind of obscene ...but no sexual references of any kind. this is about ...money...!!!!
The bump reflects how well stocks have done under these CEOs' watch. Boards of directors increasingly require that CEOs push their stock price higher to collect their maximum possible payout, and the Standard & Poor's 500 index returned 12 percent last year.

Over the last five years, median CEO pay in the survey has jumped by 19.6 percent, not accounting for inflation. That's nearly double the 10.9 percent rise in the typical weekly paycheck for full-time employees across the country.

Here are some other highlights from the AP's annual package of stories on CEO pay, which was published this past week. To see the full roundup, please visit apnews.com/tag/SpecialReport:CEOpay

The top-paid CEO last year was Thomas Rutledge of Charter Communications, at $98 million. The vast majority of that came from stock and option awards included as part of a new five-year employment agreement, and Charter's stock will need to more than double for Rutledge to collect the full amount.

No. 2 on the compensation list last year was Leslie Moonves of CBS, who earned $68.6 million. No. 3 was Walt Disney's Robert Iger, who made $41 million. The media business is full of big paychecks, where actors and other employees far from the executive suites can make millions of dollars, and the industry's CEOs have traditionally pulled down some of the country's biggest packages.

I recall a meeting of European leader that Bush attended in 2008..

There was a picture of Bush on stage...and nobody...that is correct..nobody..came up to shake his hand to say hello. Bush looked around and wondered why he was.."all alone on stage"...Other leaders were in small groups talking with each other..Bush Junior was all alone..And he knew it, and the other leaders did that on purpose...(my opinion only...it was in response to Bush's lie..."We do not torture"..then proof was published that we did torture)

(someone can get that one and put it up)

No one would talk, or wanted to even say hello, to the elected leader of the United States...AND...
This will happen with Trump...but...............

Look at the kind reception that Obama gets...It is about the person, not our country..Obama is still the most respected person in the entire world...He was our leader 6 months ago..Obama gets a great reception....

So, it ain't about the United States, it is about the person in charge of the United States.
..in my opinion.

A new term that I saw to describe Drump...."noxious flesh bag"

I needed to share this with you. Now it is true, that this term to describe Trump, may have been posted here before, but I saw it somewhere else for the first time..., and wanted to make sure others saw it and appreciated it. Just a note of information..The world will go on without this, but it could bring a smile to some....

Anyone Remember the Dick Cavett Show?..Betty Davis on that show?

...A computer/internet experience with the "Dick Cavett Show"

this is more about the internet, and research.. than a TV show....

So, about an hour and a half ago, I went into my TV room to watch some old TV. I don't have cable, so I kind of switch around stations to see what is on. I live in a large metro area so I got lots of stations to choose on my old TV antenna. So, I switch from this one to that one to this oen through about 35 stations. Some stuff is new some stuff somewhat old..some stuff, very old..

..Consequently, I switch around for about 15 minutes, and then, get the start of the 7pm central time shows. On one sub/station...like 2.3..(yes not on cable, but on regular antenna TV) we got 2.1 and 2.2 and 5.1 and 5.2 etc..) I see the start of the Dick Cavett Show. So, I don't remember when that was on, so I watch a few minutes of that. He has a special guest star that day, it was ..Betty Davis. I didn't watch much, for whatever reasons...and switched again, but a thought entered... I wonder when that show played. What kind of research would I have to do to find that out. There was a time I would go to the library, ask for help, go to this source and that source, check some more, and eventually get it after an hour or so of looking. And I would ask for help from the librarians to get to the correct periodical or book to find the date of the show..That is the kind of research we had to do........in the day....

..So I came up to the computer, and first, needed to get Dick Cavett spelled right cause I don't spell well. It told me how to spell it in about 15 seconds. Then, I typed in The Dick Cavett Show, it got that in another 15 seconds. Ok, I found.... "Dick Cavett Show.." and yes, there were a number of listings about that show.

Then, I typed in, " Betty Davis on the Dick Cavett Show " in the google search space..Yes, it took about 30 seconds, and there it was ...November 18, 1971..with a couple of links to watch that episode..

Think about it, no library, no books, no periodicals, no work, no talking to nobody..
..total amount of time for research..maybe 3 to 5 minutes..cause I had to get the spelling correct...What has research become? Do young people even know how to use a library? Hell, I didn't even have to get up from this chair to get all the info....That is what this one is all about...plus I had to share this with you....

SO......What has the world come to?????

Here is a link from the Internet Movie Data Base..with some info on that show..


I got this off link off of You Tube......Google search found it for me........

It the entire interview, One hour and 25 minutes..Yes..this is what I was watching about an hour and a half ago on TV in the Chicago Area...,.this is what Betty and Dick Cavett were wearing and this is the exact interview that was on TV..........SO, YOU CAN WATCH IT TOO........ November 18, 1971...

I believe that today a few republicans will come out against Trump.

The threatening tweet did it. That is against the law, but it may take a few hours for this to happen.

Will Trump get away with it?

Trump has gotten away with a whole lot: bankruptcies, divorce, groping women, not paying people, etc. He is reasonably wealthy, (?) came out of nowhere to run for president. He was elected President of the United States. All along he has lied his way through everything. Will he get away with it now?. My opinion is no, but that is a hopeful no. During the Nixon Watergate Scandal, congress was willing to investigate. I am not sure that the Senate will allow it now. But hell, I don't know. Anything can happen.

Will Tesla Succeed?

Forget what we think about Elon Musk and his history. No brand new American car manufacturer has started from scratch and succeeded in at least 75 years, maybe more.. (American Motors was a combination of a couple of other companies and did not start from scratch... Nash, Rambler, and Hudson were already established brands) Do you think this company will succeed and stay in business?..I don't know..Just asking..

Why the "tax thing" is greater than it appears...not to us,....

but to Drumpf supporters....many of which are leaving him.....

Drumpf said he would release his taxes after the election...Made sense to his supporters, "Wait till this is over"...that is ok with me....but..............................................

IT IS OVER ..FOR A WHILE......AND .........

his supporters and others are waiting for him to keep his word.....which he won't do...but..............

his supporters thought he would keep his word on this...after the election..yes..In all recent elections that is what is done...You said you would do it, well do it...many of his supporters think. They want to see it too..Just like we do..and...all recent presidents have released theirs...His supporters, are becoming ...ex supporters..because it seems Don the Con is not keeping his word...What do you know....He really is a liar..even to his own people...Also, this is an important issue..Taxes would tell a lot. The others did it.

Will federal funds be provided to states prevent future election hacking?

Ok ..It happened once...Will Congress set up funds and a system for states to make sure that it doesn't happen again?...My opinion..?..No. Why? It favored them, that is all they care about..Some may vote for such provisions..but I don't think it will ever even get to a vote. Who knows?

High School Journalists Land a Scoop, and the Principal Resigns: NYTimes


Four days after students at a high school newspaper in Kansas published an article that questioned the credentials of a recently hired principal, she resigned.

The episode, which unfolded at Pittsburg High School in Pittsburg, Kan., about 125 miles south of Kansas City, garnered news coverage and won praise from journalism organizations for investigative reporting by student journalists.

The story began to germinate on March 6, when the Pittsburg Community Schools announced it had hired Amy Robertson as the high school principal.

In a statement, it said her “diverse and extensive experience impressed district staff and leadership and repeatedly propelled her to the top” of the list of candidates. She had “decades of experience in education” and was the chief executive of a consulting firm that advised companies on education, the statement said.

Maddie Baden, a 17-year-old junior and a staff member of the student-run newspaper The Booster Redux, set out to write a profile. Emily Smith, a teacher and adviser to The Redux, said on Wednesday that she had not expected the reporting to lead to questions about Ms. Robertston’s credentials.

“We’re Midwesterners,” she said. “As soon as somebody puts something on paper, we think they’re honest about what they’re saying.”

But in multiple interviews over several days, Ms. Robertson provided details of her background that did not hold up, Ms. Smith said.

Then Ms. Robertson became increasingly evasive.

“She was asked direct questions,” Ms. Smith said. “She couldn’t give direct answers.”

This article delves into this story far greater than others. It offers background information and insight that makes this outstanding reporting. We get to know the method the students use to undress a phony principal, before that person actually became a principal Outstanding reading, and in this case, the phony crook is caught before the crime, by the least likely detectives ....the students at the school the principal was going to be principal of..
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