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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 18,775

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

"The Media is the enemy of the people." is a lie. We know it.. But why does Trump repeat that lie..

.......over and over again. ...........????

Joseph Goebbels said, "If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth." And who was Joseph Goebbels? He was Hitler's propaganda expert. Therefore, Trump is using an idea that Hitler used in ruling Germany. And, Trump is indeed saying that over and over, and he will continue to say it over and over...And that is why..... He got the "over and over" idea from Hitler....pass it on....

"The Worst Case Scenario Has Been Obvious For A While" Josh Marshal, Talking Points Memo:


last two sentences very important....

Yes, this is the entire article: ______________________________________________________________________________________

The video clips below speak for themselves. Thereís little to add to them. Iím watching big think types on TV right now expressing outrage, surprise, bewilderment, anger that President Trump didnít ďhold Putin accountable.Ē Sometimes when youíre surprised again and again and again, itís time to consider your assumptions.

If youíre a regular reader, you know that Iím pretty cautious in my arguments, cautious on a lot of fronts. I can be aggressive in how I frame those arguments. I sometimes speak in hyperbole. But in basic judgments Iím quite cautious. Something is fundamentally wrong here. There is no reasonable explanation for the simple facts we see other than that Russia has some kind of hold over President Trump.

I know that sounds wild and I have a very hard time sometimes quite believing it myself. But itís so overwhelmingly obvious that we need to get real with ourselves and recognize what is happening. I donít know what the specific details are. I donít know whether Russia has some compromising information on the President, whether they have enticed him with personal enrichment. I truly donít know. But none of the standard explanations Ė truculence, trolling, anger over questioning the legitimacy of his election Ė none of them remotely add up as an explanation. In the future, when we know more details, we will have a difficult time explaining how any serious people continued to think there could be an innocent explanation.

Astronomers donít see black holes directly. They see other celestial objects being affected by them. They infer the presence of a black hole by its gravitational pull. It is a deduction but a basically certain one because objects do not bend the course of their trajectory without a massive gravitational pull. As I wrote eighteen months ago, as the Russia story was erupting, you can infer the scope and depth of a scandal by its gravitational pull, often long before you know the particular details. President Trumpís actions make perfect sense if your assumptions are correct. Either by fear or avarice or some other species of control that exceeds the capacity of my imagination Russia exerts a control over President Trump. So the US is in grave danger.

This event with Trump, and the Republicans Party's failure to strongly condem him could

hurt the Republican Party greatly. come November. Trumps follow up today further strengthens that view that Trump is more pro Russia, than pro USA.

This November could be truly great for our side. Lots and lots of people are pissed at Trump. Even Comey has urged people to vote Democratic. While I hate Comey, I do not think he will be the last republican to take this view. There will be others. I sure hope we take back the senate, I would love to see that asshole McConnell become minority leader.

His follow ups this morning, prove he is really stupid.

This morning's tweets prove Trump cannot shut up when he needs to "shut up." There are times that we all know, that it is best to say nothing. You make a mistake, say you are sorry for the mistake, and then "shut up." The idea of always getting the "last word" is wrong. Trying to follow up on stupid remarks like Trump has done this morning, is even more stupid. But Trump doesn't even know that.

Favorite TV show or shows..absolute favs. (as many as you wish)

Star Trek (original series)
Sky King
got to add this one......I Love Lucy..

Why this lie, will always be known as a "lie." Trump did not misspeak

Let's say that you have a friend that you care a whole lot about. A great friend and that friend has a wonderful family. While talking to the friend, you say something very bad. But you got things mixed up. Too much booze. Ok, you have some people you work with who are with you, they catch the mistake you made to your friend, and tell you right away....What do you do?..But you care about this friend, very much because he is a great guy and has a great family........

You call your friend, immediately and tell him you made a mistake, and apologize profusely ....You do not wait, because you want the truth...to come out now, not tomorrow. Not after someone else (McConnell) makes a statement of truth.

You want to correct the error NOW!!! This was a terrible mistake, and you don't wait to apologize. You take care of the matter as soon as possible. So, if it was an honest mistake, (if that is possible) I and most of us would have dealt with it...last night..as soon as the plane landed. Clarify, and apologize to your friend.....IMMEDIATELY..!!!! Now, yes. late at night, but now, to immediately set thing right, because you care.

....It wasn't a mistake, it was a screw up of the highest order, and the tone of voice of that immediate apology would stand for itself. That is what I would do, and anyone who cared about that friend. It is that simple..

But no, Trump waited. McConnell spoke first, then Trump. Ok, so Trump was very tired from the trip. First thing in the morning with the tweets, .."I am sorry I made an awful mistake. I was wrong."...Not hours later, well ......."I misspoke." It won't stand the test of the truth, by lying again, so much later, he delivered himself to the garbage dump, and pushed himself in where he belongs.

It looks like Trump destroyed himself today.

But this will take time to sink in. Trump went with Putin, and against the CIA, FBI our allies and the U.S.A. When the country fully understands what happened today, Trump will be gone, one way or another. There is no walking back, and Trump never apologizes for anything. No explanation will work, because there is none. This will be talked about for months. If Republicans defend Trump, it will help Democrats in November. November could see a "blue wave" beyond anything imagined.

Trumps meeting with Putin clearly was enough to indict Trump with "treason"

That indictment will never come. But Trump's words and actions today make it clear to the world. Trump does not care about the USA. He cares about Putin. He did not defend us, he says he will work with Putin to solve the problem. Our own intelligence agencies were ignored, and Putin was elevated above them. In one day, Trump has totally lost the trust of most Americans and our allies. Where there was smoke before, a mild smoke like coming from a very small camp fire, there is now a raging totally destructive forest fire. Trump has no clue, but come November, he will see the proof. And..Trump never apologizes for anything, and he won't apologize for today
Democrats already know and will tell the truth. I wonder how many Republicans will tell it like it is. Trump sold us out today. That is who he is, and that is who he will always be.

Donald Trump defined himself in a way only he could do. And there is no coming back from this definition.

Nixon vs Trump? Smarter? More adapt at evading? More seasoned? Better Liar?

Nixon had a much better sense of politics and lots more experience. Nixon was better at dealing with the press. But Trump seems to have a following that is more loyal and will believe anything he says. (although Nixon's supporters strongly believed him too, but they were not the "cult" that I see with Trump) Also, Nixon had a somewhat long period without him being involved with a scandal, although his vice president was forced to resign. Nixon lied a lot, as does Trump. (secret plan to get us out of Viet Nam). Nixon had nothing like the immigrant problem and locking up children like Trump has. I hated Nixon and I hate Trump. Nixon had some years without controversy, Trump has had almost no time without controversy. ..What else? Your opinion especially those that lived through the Nixon times and Watergate.

I'm guessing in 30 days Papa John's Pizza will be sold to someone & name changed.

That name and that company will be gone forever. New buyer may even change the pizza. If I recall the one time I had it, it was not good...
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