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Member since: Sun Jun 27, 2010, 10:05 PM
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'Kavanaugh will be on the U.S. Supreme Court': McConnell just erased any doubt about Republicans' in

Source: Washington Post

A big reason Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s accuser says she doesn’t want to testify in the Senate without first having her claims investigated by the FBI is she doesn’t think she’ll be treated objectively and fairly by politicians.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) just thoroughly justified Christine Blasey Ford’s concerns. In comments Friday, he laid plain his intention to put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, apparently no matter what Ford has to share.

“Here’s what I want to tell you,” McConnell said Friday morning at a summit for social conservatives. “In the very near future, Judge Kavanaugh will be on the U.S. Supreme Court. So, my friends, keep the faith. Don’t get rattled by all this. We’re going to plow right through it and do our job.”

There is no other way to read McConnell’s comment other than that the Ford allegation doesn’t matter to him, at least not when he’s so close to fulfilling his goal of firming up the Supreme Court’s 5-to-4 conservative majority weeks before an election.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/09/21/kavanaugh-will-be-us-supreme-court-mcconnell-just-erased-any-doubt-about-republicans-intentions-hear-ford-out/?utm_term=.6319a6925168

This government, of the GOP, by the GOP, and for the GOP shall not perish from the earth.

Just got done binge watching season 2 of The Good Place (again) on Netflix

Its a silly comedy that is easy to watch, funny in a non-slapstick sort of way, and stars Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. The idea this group of folks have died but, because they led exemplary lives they have gone to the "Good Place". If you haven't seen it, give it a look (and give it a couple of episodes).

For those who have watched it, the 1 hour Season 3 premier airs next Thursday (9/27). Check your local listings.

God, it is mid Sept and the political ads are already flooding our air waves.

Our local stations come out of Cincinnati, even though we live in Kentucky. Tonight, for some reason, we ended up watching the late nite comedy shows instead of watching something on the Roku.

My God! The number of political ads was incredible and the one thing I noticed and that turned my stomach was that every single ad for a Republican was a slimy attack against the Democrat running against them and was full of half-truths and outright lies. And just about every Democrat ad was a positive ad for what the candidate wanted to do for Ohio.

I guess it is time to tune out watching network and local channels until after the election. Watching the slimy GOP at work is not good for my blood pressure.

Chewy is opening a Pharmacy.

I have no connection with Chewy other than being a very satisfied customer.

If you aren't familiar with them, they are a great on-line retailer of pet food and pet products. Good prices and phenomenal Customer Service. We have an older dog in CHF. She takes Hydralazine 2x/day. I just refilled her prescription for $15.00 for 60 pills. Just for fun I checked Chewy's price - $3.60. Apoquel is at least on par with everyone else. And you get a (I think) a 5% discount if you set up your meds for recurring automatic shipment.

If you have pets on meds, it is worth a look.

Shelter in hurricane's path warns it will euthanize animals if it can't find people to adopt them


Shelter in hurricane’s path warns it will euthanize animals if it can’t find people to adopt them

Kevin Raffee had waited until nearly the last minute. His wife, Julie Lamacchia, had already left their seaside home in Wilmington, N.C.

But on Wednesday morning, the “life-threatening” force of Hurricane Florence churned closer, and it was time to leave.

So Raffee started packing the nine-foot moving van in the driveway — dubbed the “Fluffy Bus” — with what really counted: nearly two dozen cats and dogs the couple saved from possible euthanasia.

For many pets that have been left behind or abandoned after their owners fled this coastal county and surrounding communities, the final days before the storm hits could mean life or death.

Local, government-run animal shelters were filling up fast, and in many jurisdictions, such as Pender County, shelters that hit capacity must “make space,” Jewel Horton, manager of Pender County Animal Shelter, told The Washington Post on Wednesday.

This means putting down animals to reduce overcrowding.

“We are avoiding euthanasia at all costs,” Horton said. “That’s why we’re begging for assistance.”

Just to let y'all know. If you or anyone you know, or if you know any rescue organization that can get to these pets, do it now.

Diabetes in dogs.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a veterinarian. The below is based on my experience with our diabetic dogs and what I have learned. If your vet disagrees with anything I have said below, trust your vet. This is for dogs only. I don't know anything about diabetes in cats or other animals.

So, the vet just gave you the news that your dog is diabetic! Well, first of all, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams: Don't Panic. With just a little effort on your part, you furkid and you will adjust just fine. We have a 15 year old King Charles who has been a diabetic for the last 7 years and, at 15 he has slowed down a bit, he is still doing just fine.

So, here are some things to be aware of and to watch out for:

You must feed on a regular schedule! No free feeding and feed at approximately the same time each and every day. If you can't manage that, find somebody who can help or rehome your buddy. It doesn't have to be at exactly the same time, but you can't feed one morning at 6:00 am and then the next day at noon. Normally you will feed 2x a day.

Giving your guy (or gal) their shot is really no big deal. It will take a couple of days for you to get used to it and find what works for you and your dog. Give them their shot after they eat, not before, in order to be sure they actually ate their food. We have found that the best way is to pull up a fold of skin from around their hip and slide the needle in. Giving them a high-value treat at the same time they get their shot makes them actually look forward to the treat and ignore the shot.

You don't really need to check their blood sugar yourself. Humans do because they can be looking a decades of living with diabetes. When you first discover your dog has diabetes you will probably need to go in for a blood test fairly often until the vet figures out the correct dose of insulin for your dog. After that, 1x a month or so will be fine. About every 6 months you will want to have a Fructosamine test done. (This is the equivalent of an A1C check in humans.)

Find a brand of insulin that works for you and don't change brands without consulting with your vet. (OK now, don't yell at me.) We buy ours at Walmart it is called 'Novolin N'. The reason we buy it at Walmart is because it is about $25 a vial. Everywhere else it is $75 and up.

Now, here is probably the single most important thing I can tell you about. Insulin is measured in 'Units'. You will be told to give 'X' number of units twice a day. Now, you would assume that just as we have ounces, cups, gallons, Milliliters, and so on, a 'unit' would be a 'unit'. IT IS NOT! Units come in different sizes. There are U-100 units which means there are 100 units to the Ml and there are U-40 units which means there are 40 units to the Ml. Your insulin will always be marked as U-100. Needles come in both U-100 and U-40. U-100 needles come with orange caps and U-40 needles come with red caps. Do not trust your vet or your pharmacy. ALWAYS verify you are getting U-100 needles before walking away from the counter. If you buy your needles 100 at a time (this is the standard size of a 'box of needles') make sure it says U-100. We found this out the hard way when we accidently ended up with a box of U-40. We were giving 10 units. Well if you pull 10 units into U-40 you are actually giving 25 units of U-100. Give your dog 2.5 times the amount of insulin he needs and you will kill him in about 2 days! We almost lost ours. After a desperately rushed trip to the vet (and we seriously didn't think he was going to live till we got there), an IV drip of glucose to get his sugar back up, and several follow up visits, we saved him. When the vet figured out what had happened (we had gotten the needles from them) it was the one and only time I have ever seen a medical professional totally lose his cool. He was furious because he knew it was their fault for giving us the wrong needles. Since then, I have always checked the box to make sure it says U-100.

Follow these simple steps and your diabetic dog will lead a normal healthy life.

Drug use is driving me CRAZY!! (Yes, I am in the right Forum)

We love dogs. We started out with one about 14 years ago. We are now up to five, the oldest being 15 yo and the youngest being 7 mos. The 7 month pup is the only one who is not on some sort of meds. One on oral meds for CHF, one on oral meds for allergies, and 2 who are diabetic.
(I'll be writing an OP about canine diabetes shortley).

The two diabetics each need two shots of insulin a day. So, the math is simple. 2 dogs x 2 shots/day = 4 hypos a day. If you buy a box of 100 syringes it should last 25 days.

Enter the opioid crisis. If you have a prescription for insulin and you buy your syringes at the same place you buy your insulin, you don't need a prescription for them. However, you can't just walk into a pharmacy and buy syringes, because, my God, you might take that box of 100 needles and shoot up in the parking lot! We used to buy our insulin and our needles at Walmart (please don't lecture me on Walmart. Their insulin costs $25, everywhere else it is $75 and up.) But then Walmart quit selling the size needle we use. So I shopped around and found that Kroger sold the needles we wanted for about the same price as Walmart. So, I asked my Vet to send over a prescription to Kroger and we have been happily buying our needles from Kroger for about 8 months now.

Last week I noted that we were running low on needles so went online to renew our 'prescription' for needles. But I was told that the prescription wasn't available for another 75 days! Seems that the last prescription the vet sent in was marked 'as directed' instead of specifically saying '25-day supply' or 'use 4x daily' so (at least according to Kroger) they are required to assume 1x daily and assume that a box of 100 will last 100 days.

Thankfully my vet is very understanding and will be sending in a new prescription today with the appropriate instructions. Note: one of our dogs is 15 yo and has been a diabetic for 7 years and I have never had this problem before. But Heaven help us if we accidently allow a clean needle fall into the hands of an illegal drug user. Sigh.

Trump shifted $10,000,000 from FEMA to ICE budgets

Source: MSNBC Rachael Maddow

Sen. Merkley just showed the documents showing that and that Homeland Security has verified. Live on RMS just now.

Read more: Link to source

Just at the beginning of hurricane season, evidently to fund more 'internment camps'.

Best response to tRump's tweet of: "TREASON:"

Roses are red
Spring is a season
Colluding with Russia

Posted by Stonepounder | Thu Sep 6, 2018, 07:29 PM (2 replies)

Rudy Giuliani On White House Blocking Release Of Full Mueller Report: 'I'm Sure We Will'

Source: Huffington Post

Rudy Giuliani says the White House would likely attempt to block a full public release of Robert Mueller’s anticipated final report about the Russia investigation ― bolstering long-held fears that the special counsel’s ultimate findings may never see the light of day.

Giuliani’s startling admission was tucked inside an expansive New Yorker profile of the former New York City mayor and Trump attorney, published online Monday.

Giuliani, who like the president has repeatedly described the Russia probe as a “witch hunt,” told journalist Jeffrey Toobin that Trump’s original legal team had struck a deal with Mueller about his expected final report that would allow the White House to “object to the public disclosure of information that might be covered by executive privilege.”

“I asked Giuliani if he thought the White House would raise objections,” wrote Toobin in the profile.
“I’m sure we will,” Giuliana responded, noting that it would be the president who “would make the final call.”

Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/giuliani-mueller-report-new-yorker_us_5b8d393be4b0511db3dac87d
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