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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 06:36 PM
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Rupert Murdoch has been around for a while....

....and until 1975, Australia had a "White Australia" immigration policy.

Any chance that Rupert is still a while supremacist and that's why he doesn't curtail the Replacement Theory nonsense on Fox????


About the White Australia policy

At the end of the 19th century, Australian colonies had concerns about who was migrating to Australia. With a rise in the number of migrants from China and the Pacific, many colonies passed tough immigration legislation.
The Immigration Restriction Act and dictation test ended in 1958. Other parts of the White Australia policy, such as the registration of non-British migrants as ‘aliens’, continued into the early 1970s.

My niece and her SO were on the JumboTron

At the Phoenix/Dallas game last night.

Someone took a picture of them, and they just texted it to me….


If you thought inflation was bad now....'Everything is halted'

The picture with this article says it all.... (If the picture comes through, it's thanks to mahatmakanejeeves....)


'Everything is halted': Shanghai shutdowns are worsening shortages

Abha Bhattarai, (c) 2022, The Washington Post
Tue, April 26, 2022, 5:38 AM·6 min read
Thousands of air fryers are stuck in factories, warehouses and ports in central China, where shutdowns have stalled millions of dollars worth of inventory for Yedi Houseware, a family-run business in Los Angeles.

How quickly those backlogged appliances make it to the United States could have wide-ranging implications across the U.S. economy, as domestic manufacturers and retailers brace for another round of disruptions from recent covid-related shutdowns in Shanghai, China's largest city. White House officials are paying close attention to the disruptions to monitor the potential impact on the U.S. economy.

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"Things are getting crazy again," said Bobby Djavaheri, the company's president. "Everything is halted. There are closures this very minute that are adding to the supply chain nightmare we've been experiencing for two years."

Other executives are dealing with similar scrambles as the situation in China appears to change every day, sweeping up many different sectors.

Widespread covid outbreaks in China have bought entire cities to a standstill and hobbled manufacturing and shipping hubs throughout the country. An estimated 373 million people - or about one-quarter of China's population - have been in covid-related lockdowns in recent weeks because of what is known as the country's zero covid policy, according to economists at Nomura Holdings. There are also fears that new lockdowns could soon take hold in the capital city, Beijing, escalating the threat to the global economic recovery.

Anxiety over new disruptions has already caused the Chinese stock market to fall sharply, weighing on U.S. stock indexes as well.




Bottom line: Bring manufacturing back to this country!

At the KBJ hearings, was it former AL Senator Doug Jones

sitting close behind and to the side of her?

I was wondering why....Does anyone know what their association is?

I never thought there would be a female vocal talent

who could rival Barbara Streisand.

But IMO, Lady Gaga may even surpass Streisand.

I must admit to not having paid much attention to her in her early career, however. I just couldn’t buy into all her cray cray. I figured she must not have much talent if she had to do so many stunts for attention (the meat dress comes to mind). But ever since her work began with Tony Bennett, which really showcased her voice, I’ve become a fan!

She had a great performance at the Grammy Awards tonight….

I felt uncomfortable seeing Pres. Biden meeting and greeting at NATO with no mask on....

I just hope for his safety and good health soooo much!

No one is softer on crime in this country

than Republicans.

NO ONE!!!!

No other words.

China is locking down whole cities again.

I heard this from a friend who gets her business products from China.

Supply chain disruption, big time....


China locks down more than 30 million people as COVID-19 flares, threatening global supply chains

Beijing — Chinese authorities on Tuesday tightened anti-virus controls at ports, raising the risk of trade disruptions after some auto and electronics factories shut down as the government fights the country's worst COVID-19 outbreak since the start of the pandemic two years ago.

China this week banned most people from leaving a coronavirus-hit northeastern province and mobilized military reservists Monday as the fast-spreading "stealth Omicron" variant BA.2 fueled a surge in infections.

Stock prices in China and Hong Kong sank for a second day following the shutdown on Monday of Shenzhen, a tech and finance hub adjacent to Hong Kong in the south, and Changchun, an auto center in the northeast. Bus service to Shanghai, China's business capital and biggest city, was suspended.

If you own a photography drone, here's how you could help Ukraine:

This is a post from a friend on FB (who I know IRL):

I use Photoshop and Lightroom for easily 90% or more of my photo processing. There's a third piece of software that's very innovative that I use once in awhile. The email me constantly and because I only use it once in awhile, I mostly ignore their emails. The software is called Luminar and the company that puts it out is called Skylum. Earlier this week I decided to catch up on emails and I found out something I didn't know. Skylum is based in Kyviv, Ukraine. That actually managed to put out an update yesterday even though they are working in basements and other similar places. Skylum has put out a request for donations of drones that the Ukraine military might use for surveillance. I was planning to upgrade to a new drone soon. So instead of getting credit for my old drone, I'm sending mine over there in hopes it will get there and do a little to help. If you have a drone, maybe, like mine, it's on the list of drones they can use. Here's the list.
DJI Mavic Zoom 2
DJI DRON Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
DJI Air 2S
DJI Mavic Air 2
DJI Mavic 2 Mavic 2 Pro
DJI Mini
Autel Evo 2

If you are interested in donating one of these drones, I can put you in touch with my friend who posted this on a photography page on FB....

Yesterday, the Senate voted UNANIMOUSLY to condemn Putin as a "war criminal," and the response

from Vlad was crickets.

But today he gets all bent out of shape when Biden called him a "war criminal."

What's the difference?

And can we anticipate a big dump of kompromat about the GQP Senators who dared show such disloyalty?

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