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Member since: Sat Sep 26, 2015, 02:46 PM
Number of posts: 3,508

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Polk County Iowa Democratic Caucus results will make you happy!

Itís official. The 2018 Caucus was the biggest midterm Caucus in the history of our Polk County Democratic Party. Since it all happened during a snowstorm, itís all the more impressive.

Polk County Dems are lead by the energetic Sean Bagniewski and publishes a weekly update that includes all Dem meetings, candidate meet-n-greets, and the agenda of the next Central Committtee meeting.

Most importantly, the Dems are organized into areas or neighborhoods which allows more participation and greater ownership of the party, such as Beaverdale Dems, Southside Dems, Eastside Dems, etc.

We expect great things in November.

Send your GI Joe dolls and toy soldiers to the Trump.

Maybe that will satisfy his need for a military parade.

Polk County Iowa Midterm Caucuses are biggest ever!

from Sean Bagniewski, Polk County Democratic Party Chair...

Well, it was a night for the history books. Despite a terrible snowstorm, it looks like it was the biggest midterm Polk County Caucuses in our history!

Thank you to the thousands of Democrats who came together to help organize our Party for the County Convention and for the general election in November. This will be one of the most, if not the most, important elections in our Democratic history as we fight to take back the General Assembly and the Governorís Office. Last night was the first step in that long battle ahead.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who volunteered to lead the 177 precincts across Polk County. From Site Leaders to Precinct Leaders to those working the check-in tables, everyone went over and above to make sure everything went smoothly. Thank you to our sisters and brothers in labor who plowed the streets so that we could all come together...

Nan Hayworth (R-Crazytown) on Stephanie Ruhl now

Talking conspiracies within FBI. She's a motor mouth and Ruhl lets her blather too long, IMHO, before the other two guests are allowed brief responses.

Did Rachel set a record tonight? 24 minute opening.

She's a good interviewer but a bad monologist. My forensic instructor could give her pointers. :
First guest at 28 minutes.

AM Joy needs to leave the preachers (Burns yesterday, non-racist Rev Forbes today) at the church

If I wanted to be preached about "God said all people are created equal" I'd go to a church. We will never be treated equal if it is left to the church. We need laws and enforcement, not prayers.

OMG! SNL has Joe and Mika down perfectly.

Why does AM Joy have that lying Trumpster Mark Burns on?

All he does is lie in defense of Trump.

Could Tweety let us enjoy this victory?

He has been obnoxious in the post-election show. Attacking Karine Jeanne-Pierre from Move On and letting that gop strategist Brabender (?) set the expectations for how Doug Jones should vote with the gop in order to be re-elected in 2020. She did her best but it is hard to make a point with two asshole talking over her.

Halperin's past sexual assaults brings a reminder that he's also a right-wing sycophant...


"Did Mark Halperin Harass Any Of His Conservative Christian Interns?"

"I keep thinking back to a moment in 2006 when Halperin, while promoting The Way to Win, a book he wrote with John Harris, appeared on Hugh Hewitt's radio show and attempted to ingratiate himself with Hewitt and his audience by denouncing mainstream journalism as infested with liberal bias and proclaiming himself unbiased. Near the end of the interview, there was this exchange:
HH: ... The media keeps hiring from the Harvard Crimson. It keeps self-perpetuating from self-elected elites.
MH: Can I introduce you to my interns from Bob Jones University?
HH: Iím glad that you have one. They must feel like a stranger in a strange world.
MH: No, because within my unit, weíre all about being fair and non-partisan. "
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