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My 23 year old son wants to work for the Pete for America campaign.

He's in the process of doing the application. Does anyone have any in there? I'd love for him to be able to speak with someone.

Where is the $750/day going?

From FB. Surprised this hasn't already made it's way to DU. Searched but couldn't find it.
I'm so disgusted.
From Emily Price:

I decided to do a little research into the $750/day figure I’d heard a private company was charging the US government per each detained migrant child. I wanted to, with my own eyes and brain, 1. verify this figure was accurate; 2. verify it was indeed a private company instead of a non-profit charging this, if true, as both have managed these detention centers (not that it really matters, ultimately, but stay with me); 3. try to figure out where this per diem sum — more than my monthly mortgage — was going, if not to even buy these tortured children toothbrushes and soap, which are about the cheapest basic necessities on the market, and which no individual has to replace every day.

$750/person A DAY should cover a lot of necessities, right? Right. So where the hell is all this money going? This can’t be true...

Well here’s what I found:

1. Yes, it’s a private company called Comprehensive Health Services (a subsidiary of Caliburn International). CHS operates the largest child migrant detention center, which is in FL and was already getting horrible press — especially from local FL papers — last year. But that didn’t matter, because CHS recently opened up a few more child prisons in TX, as it snagged a new government contract, despite many documented concerns about conditions there.

2. $750/day per child is an accurate sum of CHS’s CLAIMED operating costs, and what our federal tax dollars are paying for. A sum that was agreed to upon award of the contract. In fact, it was actually on the record as $775 last summer.

3. So where is this money going, you wonder, if not to soap and toothbrushes? Yeah, I did too, and it was quite easy to dig up. CHS, via Caliburn, is controlled by the private equity firm DC Capital Partners. For those of you who don’t know how private equity firms work, look it up, or ask me in the comments.

4. While I would not be able to find out vested shareholders in the DCCP portfolio, we do not have to assume they’re making some nice returns on these CHS operations and government contracts that line their pockets instead of covering even basic human needs for children. That’s clear, because why would a private company keep their costs down so low that they completely disregard humanity, even though they say they’re experts in “healthcare?”


5. While I can’t name for you the private investors getting rich off of this humanitarian crisis, I can name for you members of the advisory board of DCCP, which approves everything in the portfolio.

First up: Trump’s former Chief of Staff, John Kelly, who was named to the board LAST MONTH, and photographed riding a golf cart into a CHS child prison. So with his own eyes, he saw the conditions there. And he was cool with it all, because hey, there’s money to be made for his rich investor friends, and maybe even himself! Who knows! Can’t say for sure, so feel free to reasonably assume what you wish. I’m just stating facts here.

Coincidentally, prior to joining Trump in the WH, he was also a paid lobbyist for DCCP. Hmmmm...

6. So next up on the DCCP board: Richard L. Armitage, former U.S. deputy secretary of state; Michael Corbin; former ambassador to the United Arab Emirates; Michael V. Hayden, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency and of the National Security Agency; Donald M. Kerr Jr., former deputy director of science and technology at the CIA; Anthony C. Zinni, former commander-in-chief of the U.S. Central Command and former U.S. Envoy to the Middle East; and Stephen F. Loftus, former director of the Office of the Budget for the United States Navy.

Are y’all seeing any patterns here?

7. Michael Hayden, last June, said on the record he sees “commonality” between Nazi Germany’s separation of children at concentration camps and the Trump administration policy that is forcing children to be separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.

"I know we’re not Nazi Germany, alright. But there is a commonality there, and a fear on my part ... We have standards we have to live up to,” Hayden told CNN’s “New Day.”

It appears he left those standards at the boardroom door, along with many other individuals that dance with greed and corruption on the line of the private and public sectors COMPLETELY UNCHECKED.

8. Last month, the same month Kelly got his new gig, the government awarded CHS a brand new, hush-hush contract worth $341 million, even though there had been tons of pressure to close it due to its conditions.


9. Just two months before this, in March, CHS/Caliburn cancelled its IPO after registering with the SEC to sell $100m public shares. The CEO cited “market forces,” yet made it clear the company was thriving and growing.


I’ll leave you to come to your own conclusions about all of this, or do more research. And I’ll post a ton of sources in the comments for those who actually think this administration is “draining the swamp,” or who want to debate the semantics of whether these ”centers” can reasonably be called child concentration camps or not without offending some non-brown people.

And for those of you who think children don’t deserve the most basic human rights because they’re not American: There’s a special place in hell for you, and I imagine hell to be a whole lot like this situation.

For those of you who are cool lining the pockets of private citizens in DC with YOUR tax dollars while dirty, hungry, sick children live imprisoned and stacked in cages without even a dime of your money going to pay for soap and toothbrushes for these kids like it was supposed to: I’m ashamed to share this country with you as legal citizens, and I think you’re disgustingly dumb. We failed you, too, but at least you got to go to school when you were a kid, and didn’t spend childhood dying in a cage.




1. As mentioned upon writing this, I originally posted my sources at the beginning of the comments thread at time of publishing -- before it became a large discussion. For your convenience and further reading, I am now moving my sources here + some extra homework for everyone to do (no particular order):


The people have spoken, so hope that helps you all wrap your minds around this in a more complete and credible way. Thank you to all who have participated in civil dialogue and shared this post. Let's keep it constructive, as we do not need to be even more destructive than the current situation.

2. THE POST IS ALREADY PUBLIC + SHAREABLE. Please do not ask me if you can share it -- I made it public, which is why you can see it. You should be able to share the original version. If you can't, refresh your app, run your updates or make sure you aren't still viewing a friend's protected share of the original itself. There is no possible way I can instruct all individuals on how to share it -- but I appreciate all of you who are moved by these words, and want to raise awareness about this distressing situation.

3. Your concern has given me hope. Do your homework. Look into your group investment portfolios, pensions, etc. Know where your money is invested. Call your legislators. Do anything but freak out to the point of being unproductive and histrionic. DO ANYTHING BUT BE AWFUL TO EACH OTHER.

Thank you. We are in this together.

NYT-more redaction in Russian interference section than Obstruction. This means...

I believe we will find out MUCH more about the ways in which team 45 worked with Russia.
Remember, Flynn was chastised by the judge and has not been sentenced yet. Nor Gates. And much about which we know nothing.

Sorry, but I believe there's a paywall.

"I'm fucked"

direct quote of DJT when told of appointment of special counsel.
Read from Mueller Report on TV.

Do we need to know more?

Have AOC and Mayor Pete met?

Two wonderfully articulate, whip smart people from a younger generation.
They give me hope. Can you imagine what they could do together, complementing each other's strengths?

Does anyone else feel this way?

Pete Buttigieg -- a remarkable guy, destined to go places

I highly recommend listening to the podcast on Preet's Stay Tuned series of Preet interviewing Buttigieg. I was really impressed with him on many levels. He's super intelligent in an accessible way, speaks clearly, thoughtfully, from the heart. He's steeped in political philosophy, which I studied. Definitely a progressive, a liberal in all the best ways.

I don't think I'd support him this go round, but the guy is 37 and so accomplished. I hope he's teeing up for Indiana governor and then a presidential run.

Serious question: is there a story in the bible about using the devil to achieve god's kingdom?

After SHS's statement that the almighty wanted 45 to be president, my tin hat is growing, weighing down my head. They do recognize that he's not a Christian and they don't care. Are they following script in which the ends justifies the means?

For all our Christianity knowledgeable DUers out there, please!

The death of personal responsibility

In addition to destroying norms and civil discourse (what little was left), 45 is killing off "the buck stops here."
I've never known of someone quicker to blame another, at least not an adult.

What is one of the first things that most people -- especially conservatives -- want their children to absorb, practice and preach? Personal responsibility!

I don't get very much about how they can support that ignoramus in the White House, but I REALLY don't get how they accept his constant blaming. I think it needs to be pointed out that he takes no personal responsibility for ANYTHING.

I'd love to see news media add this idea to every report they do about his activities and attitudes.


A Republican

If nothing else, his clearly articulated partisan views disqualify him.

The Supreme Court MUST be above partisanship. It is a fundamental principle of the court.

We all knew he's a political operative. Yesterday he blasted it across the "airwaves."

This disqualifies him. We can stop debating, at least for now, his guilt or innocence, his judicial temperament, or lack thereof, his veracity.

I don't think anyone can challenge the idea this he is an ideologue and has no place serving on our highest court.
We can debate the rest later.

I have been hurt directly by Chinese tarrifs

My little tiny company, trying to gain traction in the market, closed a deal to ship some product (a raw material) to China for use by a company there to manufacture a final product to be shipped back to the US for sale. This sale was a really big deal for us, right when we need it most.

Chinese customs would not clear it. They made all kinds of weak excuses that had no standing in the rules and regs. It was clear to all that they were simply being obstructionist as a show of power against the US.

It's not worth shipping the product back so today I authorized its destruction. Typing that is hard. We're trying to raise capital and this could have put us over the top. Now, I don't know.

DAMN the orange idiot! For my pain and suffering and for all that he causes to so many. And for the unfathomable damage he's doing to our country.
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