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Get any swing vote relatives to vote for Obama?

My parents are both strong republicans who gladly voted for Bush both times, and had 3 sons, me, and my older and younger brothers. I had thought I was the only liberal in the family, and studies show 2 out of 3 kids vote just like their parents do. But still, my younger brother always been much more of a moderate, and doesn't really like either party, so I figured I had at least a 1 in 3 chance of getting him to vote for Obama. In the last local election I know he split his ticket equally for school board and local council, saying "let them fight each other".

Today I finally learned that all my hard work over the last year paid off, and my younger brother, who was able to vote for president for the first time this year, voted for Obama by absentee ballot a few days ago. We live in PA, and that's where he voted. I think the things that may have gotten his vote are 1) he's always had a bad opinion of Romney (and most of the other republicans running for president this year, except for Ron Paul who he voted for in the primary), & 2) he fears what would happen long term to the Supreme Court if Romney got to replace a liberal judge like Ginsburg with a conservative one.

I'm pretty sure he probably voted against Casey for the senate though (he's hated him ever since his SOPA support, especially since he works in the software development career), but hey, the presidency is more important, so I'm happy about this victory.

Better yet, earlier tonight I heard that my older brother, who's somewhat of a moderate but still definitely leans republican, and that I'm 90% sure voted for McCain, says he's undecided about who to vote for for president. Never expected to hear that, maybe I can convince him to vote for Obama to over the next few days.

So, anyone else have any success stories at getting their undecided or even republican/conservative relatives to vote for Obama or all democrats this year?
Posted by ShadowLiberal | Thu Nov 1, 2012, 10:24 PM (0 replies)
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