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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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YIKES! What is going on with the latest polls?

Watching Morning Joe - Women voters - Obama had substantial lead last week - NOW TIED????? How can that be? Could a stylistic edge for Romney after the debate convert that many women voters? PLEASE someone make me feel better about this... What is going on?


edit: well...that was embarassing....poll vs pole....

Why Mitt Won’t Release His Taxes – a Theory….

Why Mitt Won’t Release His Taxes – a Theory….

If he has not tithed the requisite 10% GROSS income, he may be MORE afraid of his Mormon constituency (the bishops, council of 12….hell the prophet too!) than any other group of voters. 10% GROSS tithing is required for a “worthy Mormon”. He has boasted of his tithing generosity in the past. If his tax returns DON’T support the 10% GROSS INCOME rule – there is MUCH more hell to pay than showing a 13% tax rate which is already pretty disgusting compared to what we ‘middle income’ folks pay.

Would love the see some 'media' on this theory....could draw him out...

See the article below for some background….

“In Mitt Romney's case, church giving is not a simple matter of generosity. Unlike other churches (including Joe Biden's Catholic church) the Mormon faith denies full status to anyone who fails to donate enough of his or her annual salary. Mormonism is, in this way, a pay-to-play religion. Without paying the tithe, a believer may not enter a Mormon temple or participate fully in the activities of the faith. This is why Mormon giving is so much higher, per capita.


just a theory….
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