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Member since: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 01:55 PM
Number of posts: 1,617

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Just a suggestion:

Let every media outlet you follow hear from you:

Don't give TFG a platform tonight to continue pushing the big lie, racism, division and hate.

Also reach out to those platforms you don't follow.

Katie Porter needs some positive vibes!

It's close race right now. We need, NEED this woman in our government and at the highest level. She's a brilliant woman!

Thursday should be DAY 1 :

Of the new messaging for Democrats. Biden should make a national statement that if America wants to continue to be a Democracy we must drive away the election deniers, MAGA terrorists and those who wish to divide us.

Florida poll greeter:

A volunteer who is at polling sites to point people in the direction of the voting machines. Not someone who is advocating any candidate.

Harassed by rePUKES who think she is not ONE OF THEM...the Cult of 45!

Please all be careful but VOTE like Democracy, a woman's right to choose, Social Security, Medicare and free and fair elections are on the ballot....because the all are.

Here in Florida

Hardly any Dem TV ads calling attention to RoeVWade as a STRONG message. Oh, it's mentioned by Demings/Crist in ads but it's part of a list. We play softball to the rePUKS 120mph fastballs. They scream we whisper. Rant over.

When will we FOCUS and get talking points that click and stick?

We're incensed, not shocked, angry, not surprised. Another killing of our children, more pushing to take a woman's right to choose away, GQP refusing to vote on background checks. And I ask you: What are our hot word points? Not long speeches, talking points.

They have: "The Radical Left. They want to take your guns away. They want to defund the police. CRT is bad for our kids..."

What the F do we have? We have bla bla bla. Nothing strong, focused, repeatable and headline grabbing.

Rant over...and we will lose in 22 & 24 if we don't get our shit together.

What I know about Mega Yachts of the Rich and Infamous:

They are floating safety deposit boxes. Hidden aboard are documents, massive amounts of currencies and the secrets the owners do not want revealed.

If anyone on DU has means and methods to get this to the right investigative parties...go to it.

Question: DRONES

If drones can deliver packages for Amazon, Walmart and other retailers WHY can't drones deliver packages that go BOOM on the Russian convoy and the locations shelling the cities ?

What's the plan, anyone?

It's obvious Ukraine is going to fall . Many will die and Putin will put in a puppet President. The EU and US know/knew this would happen without military intervention. Reacting instead of acting.

Is the plan to let a sanctions be the penalty on multi billionaires? "Oh darn I've lost a billion from my 10 billion'.

Rant over.

NPR and Biden speech:

Biden explained (because the MSM will NOT) how TFG and his administration set the rules that Biden inherited. Biden EXPLAINED it and the F'ers at NPR accused Biden of "passing the buck after he said "the buck stops with me".

End of my rant.
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