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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:34 PM
Number of posts: 1,551

Journal Archives

Urban wildlife encounter!

I live in Toronto, and there is lots of urban wildlife around here. Commonly seen are black and grey squirrels, many many extremely fat raccoons, more rarely we'll see possums, and then last night I ran into this fellow leaving my curling club!


I was a little worried because it was lingering around the door to the club, and there were still people inside. I was worried that if someone came out and opened the door fast enough to startle the poor thing that someone would end up sprayed! Sadly, the club door was locked from the outside, so I was unable to warn anyone. Hopefully it wandered off and no one got sprayed!

Sources say California Senate leader to challenge Sen. Dianne Feinstein in Democratic primary

Source: CNN

De León has begun calling labor leaders and elected officials to inform them of his plans, the sources said, and is expected to soon announce his campaign against Feinstein, a giant of California Democratic politics who has held the office since 1992.

The 50-year-old de León, who represents Los Angeles and is seen as a leading Latino voice in Democratic politics, is likely to campaign aggressively against President Donald Trump. He began signaling he could oppose Feinstein in late August, after she said Trump could "be a good president" and that he "can learn and change." Feinstein later clarified that she is "under no illusion that it's likely to happen and will continue to oppose his policies."

He will enter the race after a state legislative session in which California lawmakers pushed legislation targeted at Trump -- making California a "sanctuary state," sought to force Trump to release his tax returns by making it a requirement to appear on the state's ballots as a presidential candidate, and passed a resolution urging Trump "to publicly apologize to all Americans for his racist and bigoted behavior."

He likely won't be the only Feinstein challenger. Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmentalist and single largest Democratic donor, is "very much looking at the Senate race," a source close to him said. Steyer, who is in Washington this week, issued a letter Wednesday challenging Democratic candidates to call for Trump's impeachment.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/12/politics/kevin-de-leon-dianne-feinstein-tom-steyer-california-democratic-primary/index.html

Make your own creme fraiche!

So, this week's recipe is a quick DIY for making your own crème fraîche at home. We use it to replace sour cream or Mexican crema in a bunch of recipes. It's great on top of tacos or fajitas, or add a dollop into your borscht or similar hearty stew! It gives the lovely sour flavour with an additional little slightly cheesy flavour as well.

Now, we use organic (and umhomogenized) heavy cream in this recipe, but you can use regular grocery store heavy (whipping) cream as well. There will be a slight difference in the final product, but they'll both work just fine. We like the organic, because we get these lovely little lumps of heavy cream that rise to the top and give a bit of texture to the final. The other ingredients usually present in regular cream (they frequently add carageenan for texture) will make the final product a little thicker, potentially, and if it's homogenized it will come out smoother, of course.

Guys, Were Mad At Harvey WEINSTEIN, Not Harvey FIERSTEIN!

Full article from Forward here

And from Page Six here.

And from his Twitter feed:

The whole Weinstein thing is gross and terrible, but here's a moment of levity from a real national treasure. And if you've never watched Torchsong Trilogy, I highly recommend it. Bring tissues.

Why We Constantly Avoid Talking About Gun Control - Some News

On of the best takeaway lines: "Historically, gun control has been enacted because of the marginalized and enforced against the marginalized."

In case you didn't think Dinesh D'Souza was a big enough twit, yet

He comes up with this turd:


The responses on Twitter have been predictably blistering. So, y'know, there's that.

Also, a good thread debunking D'Souza here:

Beef Taco recipe

Feeling a little under the weather when I made this, so please forgive if the voice over isn't quite as upbeat as usual. Anyway, another super customizable recipe, this time we're making tacos with ground beef. Works very well to use a 80/20 lean for this. You do want some fat, because, as you'll see, it's what we use to fry the diced onion and poblano pepper. There are lots of different taco recipes, of course. Beef, chicken, pork, tinga, mole, chorizo, etc... this is just one possibility, and we'll be looking at some other ones in the future for sure.

Just a reminder: The NRA is terrible even if you're a gun owner

Chile con Queso recipe!

So, this week we're doing super trashy comfort food/party food! Hubby grew up in Texas, so of course was exposed to a lot of norteño food, and lots of Tex-Mex. This recipe is super comfort food for him, as it's very close to the sort of food he grew up with. This one is a bit of a guilty pleasure, because it works best with those super processed sort of cheese singles. Easier if you can get the ones that aren't individually wrapped, and also causes less waste.

This probably has its roots in actual Mexican dishes like queso flameado, but don't be fooled. This is pure Tex-Mex. It's a great party dish (even better if you have a way to keep it warm and flowing), stores well, and comes back easily with a short zap in the microwave. Another recipe that makes it easy to customize, you can make this as hot as you like with additions like hotter peppers, or even bits of spicy chorizo or something like that. We added a tiny dollop of our super spicy fermented ghost and scorpion pepper relish (you can see it near the end, there) which gives it a real intense heat. We'll be doing a video on that fermented pepper sauce soon!

Anyway, please enjoy!

Impeach the President of Puerto Rico!

Some enterprising petitioner has decided to leverage the fact that about half of US Citizens don't know that Puerto Ricans are Americans:


And they've started a petition to impeach the President of Puerto Rico!


Clever, clever.
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