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Gender: Male
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario
Home country: Canada
Current location: Toronto, Ontario
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 04:34 PM
Number of posts: 2,019

Journal Archives

Easy Breakfast Jar recipe.

So, this is my breakfast most days of the week. As anyone who has ever met me will tell you, I'm very much not a morning person. It's as much as I can manage to get my clothes on, shoes on, cell phone in my pocket, and out the door. I can't eat when I first wake up, and I sure can't even think about preparing something, so this is perfect for me, and super easy. I toss it together and toss in the fridge overnight and bring it in to work the next morning.

It is super easy to customize this recipe, as well. You can use the frozen fruit of your choice (mixed berries or cherries are my favourite), or fresh fruit when they're in season. You can also use fruit preserves, jams, or jellies. You can omit the peanut butter or replace it with the nut butter of your choice (I've been using almond butter, but I think I'll go back to peanut butter). Also, you don't have to add the chia seeds, but I sure do love them. They had a nice texture, and they're really really good for you, too.

Sauteed Chili shrimp appetizer recipe

So, another super easy and quick one this week that you can prepare in advance. We love this one for parties, because you can serve it with a nice white wine (goes great with Gewurtz or nice dry Riesling) to give your guests a tasty and spicy nibble before you get into any serious food or grilling. You can also eat these hot, and we sometimes put these over rice.

You can control the heat very easily with the type and amount of hot pepper you use. These ones came out quite spicy (and amazing) with the Thai bird chilies we used, but any of the slim peppers like serrano, tabasco, or mirasol work great, and look fantastic in this dish. If you prefer not to use butter, you can replace it with the high smoke-point oil of your choice (grapeseed or canola would likely be best here), and the garlic is entirely optional as well. You can replace it with some finely chopped shallot if you like!

Kanye West, Prager University, and the Illusion of Free Thought - SOME MORE NEWS

Hey look, far right billionaire donor class 1%er pure unfettered capitalists are buying huge swaths of the discourse in the USA to promote and boost the idea that they're being repressed.

The biggest bombshell in this Rudy Giuliani/Stormy Daniels reveal...

...is that Trump apparently did, for once, pay someone back for services provided.

From TYT's John Iadarola over on Twitter:

Everything kinda sucks right now, so I thought we could use something funny and lighthearted.

Sauteed Kale with Raisins and Walnuts Recipe

So, this week's recipe may be a bit controversial! This recipe has two ingredients that people love to hate: Kale and raisins! Hubby and I love kale, and we eat a lot of it in different ways. We eat it raw in salads, on sandwiches, or sauteéd like this as a side-dish! If you've only ever had kale raw and didn't like, or you've never really tried kale and you're worried you may not enjoy it, this recipe is a great starting point for you.

The raisins are entirely optional here, but we find they add a really lovely sweetness to the whole dish. Also, if you wanted to, you could replace them with something like dried cranberries or something similar. Also, this recipe is not only vegetarian, but if you remove the butter, is entirely vegan!

Also: We've just hit 500 subscribers on YouTube! It's still a pretty small number overall, but it's an exciting milestone for us

Black Gun Owner Will Give Birth in Prison After Trying to Protect 2-Year-Old Daughter from Assailant

Link to full article here.

Siwatu-Salama Ra is a 26-year-old black mother who watched in horror as an angry assailant—a neighbor with whom Ra had a dispute—deliberately crashed her vehicle into Ra's car while Ra's two-year-old daughter was playing inside. Ra removed her unloaded, legally purchased handgun from the glove box and brandished it, scaring the neighbor off.

The assailant, Channel Harvey, was never charged. Ra was arrested for felonious assault. She is now serving a mandatory two-year-sentence, even though Michigan is a Stand Your Ground state and Ra was clearly defending her family on her own property.

Ra is pregnant, and she is expected to give birth in prison.

The Detroit Metro Times, The Root, and Democracy Now! have all reported on the overwhelming criminal justice failures on display here. The jury in Ra's trial evidently ended deliberations early in order to wrap the case up before a major snowstorm hit—and that's not even the craziest thing about this case. The Detroit Police Department apparently treated Harvey as the victim, even though she rammed Ra's car, for the sole reason that Harvey beat Ra to the station and filed a police report first.

Ra also filed a report, but Detroit police consider the first person to file a report to be the victim in a dispute. The Detroit Police Department has not responded to Reason's request for comment, but according to the Detroit Metro Times, multiple police detectives confirmed that this policy exists, including at the trial.

Again, Michigan residents enjoy the legal right to use a firearm to defend themselves and their property. But since Harvey complained first, investigators didn't give proper weight to Ra's side of the story. Bafflingly, the authorities decided that Ra wasn't engaged in self-defense at all but was instead engaged in the commission of a crime. She was charged with two counts of felony assault: one against Harvey, and one against Harvey's daughter, who was in Harvey's car.

Ra was arguably denied the right to a fair trial as well:

The jury was told the trial would likely only last two days, but it didn't begin deliberations until midway through Thursday—the fourth day. The forecast called for a blizzard on Friday, and the judge told the jury that it would return to court regardless of the weather if it didn't arrive at a decision. (It's worth noting that the court did close on Friday.)

Burton-Harris adds that the jury wasn't aware that Ra would receive a two-year prison sentence were she found guilty of any of the felony firearm charges because juries aren't informed of mandatory sentences.

Edit: Also, thanks NCTraveler for this link to other activism this woman has done in the past: https://www.democraticunderground.com/10022771020

Prosciutto-wrapped scallops recipe

Well, I say recipe, but this is a super simple one. It's more of a technique, I guess! This one is actually one that I came up with years ago when I was first experimenting in the kitchen. It's basically my take on bacon-wrapped scallops, but wrapping them up in a nice little pocket of prosciutto! I love to add just a little dab of truffle oil in each package, and it really comes out nicely, but you can also apply a dash of hot sauce or citrus juice in there, too.

Please please please learn from my mistake, and do not salt your scallops before wrapping them up! First time I ever tried this, I applied a little salt and pepper to the scallops and they came out almost inedibly salty because the prosciutto has more than enough salt to season your scallops. Also, you are not limited to prosciutto, any of those wonderful cured raw hams like parmaham, German speck, or even bündnerfleisch will work just fine (and all have enough salt!).

Also, we're just shy of 500 subscribers! Another big milestone for us, considering we don't really do any real marketing. Thanks to everyone here at DU who has taken the time to watch our videos, subscribe to our channel, or share our content with foodie friends and family. I hope that if you've tried any of our recipes they've worked out for you, and I'd love to hear about it!

Classic French cheese Souffle

This week we did a recipe almost straight out of Julia Child's "The Joy of French Cooking." This is one of the classics, a cheese soufflé! This is almost completely traditional, except that we use medium cheddar instead of the more traditional Gruyère or Comté (which are both excellent cheeses, BTW). This is a recipe with a reputation of being finicky, but honestly the difficulty frequently comes from people doing too much and over-mixing the egg whites into the enriched béchamel.

Funny thing about this video: Julia Child is VERY specific in her recipe that you need 5 egg whites and 4 egg yolks... but the first egg we had was a double yolk! We used it anyway, because the difference is pretty minimal. The two yolks were much smaller than a regular yolk, so the ratio is mostly preserved in this case. Also, a quick note about this recipe: If your soufflé sits around for any time at all after it leaves the oven, it will definitely start to fall, so make sure that these are served quick after you've taken them out of the oven.

Broccoli Cheddar Soup!

Hey, we just got some new camera equipment! I think that the video quality might be slightly higher, but we still haven't figured out the white balance, yet. So, I'm sorry if three are some really orange parts of this video.

But yes, winter refuses to relinquish its icy grip on us, so here's a nice warm and hearty soup. We do the cheater's roux on top of the veggies for this one, again, and as you can see in the video, it thickens things up amazingly quickly. We just used regular ol' Black Diamond or Cracker Barrel medium cheddar for this. No need to get super fancy. Also, older cheddars tend to make things get a little greasy once they're melted.

Also, amazing, we're only 25 subscribers away from 500! That's a big milestone for a little tiny channel like ours, so we're a little excited! Thanks everyone who has supported us and has linked foodie friends and family to our videos!

Strawberry Compote Recipe

Going a little simple this week. This is the strawberry compote that we added to the pain perdu at the end of our last video! We started from frozen berries in this case, because it's Ontario and it's winter, and we can't get fresh in the winter, here.

Not a whole lot to say about this. It works with a bunch of different fruits and berries, and that squeeze of lemon at the end is absolutely necessary! You'll know when you taste it before and after adding it. You can spice this up, too. You can add a dash of vanilla or let it simmer with a cinnamon stick, if you like.

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