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Member since: Sun Jul 24, 2016, 03:17 PM
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Chestnut wins Nathans Hot Dog contest...EATS 72 dogs !!!

the mans a machine.

Opinion NYT: Im Glad the Dyke March Banned Jewish Stars

This weekend, at a lesbian march in Chicago, three women carrying Jewish pride flags — rainbow flags embossed with a Star of David — were kicked out of the celebration on the grounds that their flags were a “trigger.” An organizer of the Dyke March told the Windy City Times that the fabric “made people feel unsafe” and that she and the other members of the Dyke March collective didn’t want anything “that can inadvertently or advertently express Zionism” at the event.

Laurel Grauer, one of the women who was ejected, said she’d been carrying that Jewish pride flag in the march, held on the Saturday before the city’s official Pride Parade, for more than a decade. It “celebrates my queer, Jewish identity,” she explained. This year, however, she lost track of the number of people who harassed her for carrying it.


That kind of choice would have been familiar to previous generations of left-wing Jews, particularly those in Europe, who felt the tug between their ethnic heritage and their “internationalist” ideological sympathies. But this is the United States. Here, progressives are supposed to be comfortable with the idea of hyphenated identities and overlapping ethnic, sexual and political affinities. Since when did a politics that celebrates choice — and choices — devolve into a requirement of being forced to choose?

Jews on the left, particularly in recent years, have attempted to square this growing discomfort by becoming more anti-Israel. But if history has taught the Jews anything it’s that this kind of contortion never ends well. It may be wrong to read too much into an ugly incident at a single march, but Jews should take what happened in Chicago as a lesson that they might not be as welcome among progressives as they might imagine. That’s a warning for which to be grateful, even as it is a reminder that anti-Semitism remains as much a problem on the far-left as it is on the alt-right.



Well, I heard it all...ISIS says Taliban betraying Islam, declares war

The Islamic State has declared war on Taliban militants in Afghanistan as it called the latter "hypocrites and stooges of the unbelievers".

An ISIS commander, in a statement, said Taliban militants are betraying Islam and that they should be killed everywhere and their properties should be seized, reports Tasnim news agency.

Last year in August, Afghan Taliban Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said that the group is resolved to target ISIS members.

Afghanistan has long been facing instability due to continued fighting between the government forces and the Taliban, which seized vast territories in the Afghan rural areas. Also, recently the presence of ISIS forces in Afghanistan even though limited to a small area has further added to its problems. (ANI)


Man saw screaming women stabbed more than 15 times

Man describes watching helplessly as three terrorists stab woman 15 times shouting 'this is for allah' as she cried "help me, help me"



“They were stood over a woman on the ground. There was a bike next to her, so I don’t know if they pushed her off or not.They were stabbing her and stabbing her, repeatedly. She was saying, ‘Help me, help me’ but I couldn’t do anything.

“The men shouted, ‘This is for Allah’. I’m 100% that’s what they said. It was hard to tell what accent they had.

“Then the men ran towards the market, where all the boozers are. I ran after them, shouting at people to warn them. I was screaming, ‘They’re terrorists, run’ but it was busy and most people couldn’t hear me.

“I grabbed a pint glass and lobbed it one of them. He turned and came at me so I ran. I tried to pick up one of those Boris bikes and then threw a chair. I grabbed some beer bottles and lobbed them.

“The three terrorists all stuck closely together, it was like they were trained. Each of them had a big knife. It was dark so I’m not 100% but they looked Middle Eastern. They were just stabbing anyone they came across."


That poor woman. beyond sickening

Ive seen the light...Maher is obviously a KLANSMAN.

Don't let his 1 million dollar support of Obama fool you.

Don't let his support of HRC fool you.

Don't let his disgust of 45 fool you.

Yes, lets rip him to shred because.... OMG !!!! OMG !!!!, he said the..... N-word while trying to be funny.

Lets have him thrown off the air because he only apologized and didn't grovel anymore.

(end of sarcasm)

Btw... my favorite rapper is Mystical

Trump and Obama Visited Europe. One Got a Warm Welcome.

The contrast could not have been more stark.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany started Thursday in Berlin with the 44th president — the one she has called “dear Barack.” She spent the afternoon in Brussels with the 45th, Donald J. Trump, whose election she greeted with a stern reminder to respect shared values like equality and freedom.

Mr. Obama was in Berlin to help celebrate 500 years since Martin Luther’s Reformation, and received a rock-star welcome from tens of thousands at the Brandenburg Gate. It was all bonhomie, waves and warm words, as the former president praised Ms. Merkel’s “outstanding work, not just here but around the world,” particularly with refugees.

Barely two hours later, Ms. Merkel was among the European leaders who greeted Mr. Trump coolly at NATO headquarters in Brussels, where few casual words, let alone warm ones, were exchanged, as the new American president once again castigated allies for not paying their fair share of bills.


Free Tiger Woods


There are people who don't want him railroaded by the so-called justice system.

Flame away...I don't want 45 impeached..not yet

It may be out of our hands with Mueller but I would love to keep this evil moron around until the midterms when there is an excellent chance of taking back the House.

It's risky keeping this monster around but it may be worth it.

So...I'm ready...Flame away.

Sooner or later , this has to end.


Just impeach the slug already.

He lies.
he threatens.
He obstructs justice .

Yes high crime and endless misdemeanors.
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