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Rocknation's Journal
Rocknation's Journal
October 24, 2023

When Shutterfly asked to be paid to NOT include a photobook page with their logo

that COULDN'T be printed on, I kicked them to the curb.

But when I complained to Blurb about not being able to preview how their mandatory back cover graphic would look, they adjusted their user software accordingly -- and I've been printing photobooks through them (and their more budget-friendly subsidiary MagCloud) happily ever after.


October 5, 2023

But he DID have a "legal reason" to evict her

In September 2021, Elizabeth Hirschhorn rented Sascha Jovanovic’s guest home in Brentwood for a period of six months, for $105 a night...(T)he total stay amounted to $20,793...(Since) April 2022, she has continued to live there rent-free...

“She asked for more time, but I told her it wasn’t possible since I had other Airbnb reservations coming up,” Jovanovic explained...“But then I tried to be nice and give her an extra few weeks...”

(A) judge (ruled that)...Jovanovic has no legal reason to evict her (and) would have to pay (Hirschhorn)...a fee to evict her.

Hirschhorn (had)...notified the city that the shower in the unit was (not) permitted and that the property was unapproved for occupancy...(She) allegedly refused Jovanovic access to the unit to fix issues that would make it compliant. He was then fined $600...

In May 2022, Jovanovic should have limited his "niceness" to giving Hirschhorn written notice that he would resume billing her if she wasn't gone within 28 days. At the very least, he should have filed civil if not criminal charges against her for refusing to allow him to repair the violations that SHE had reported to the local authorities!

September 2, 2023

What appears to be a video of a car suddenly developing a mechanical problem

Turns out to be part of a subculture in Milwaukee:

The "Kia Boys" think it's cool to steal cars (Kias and Hyundais, mostly, because they're easiest) and speed while deliberately swerving with their associates hanging out the windows. The top video was shot by the owner of the black truck that the car ended up hitting. A child on the school bus was seriously injured; the Kia Boy who was hanging out the passenger side window eventually died.

But there is good news: the Kia Boys thought it would also be cool to allow themselves to be the subject of the second video, which was posted on Youtube and has allowed the police to make arrests. Brings a whole new meaning to the concept of having a death wish -- and no doubt they're blaming the author of the second video for being a snitch...


August 27, 2023

Why Right Wing Humor Is No Laughing Matter

DU 2012: Why Aren't There More Conservative Comedians?
Right-wing humor is restricted to mocking the vulnerable because it can't mock its own power structure without holding itself accountable. Left-wing humor is rooted in pointing out how dangerous, phony, hypocritical, immoral, or just plain illegal the inherent authoritarianism of conservatism can be. And while that may present a problem for "professional" political comedians, we "amateurs" are doing just fine!

DU 2014: Another Conservative Daily Show Launches -- and Divebombs
Flipside seems to be about mocking a strawman conservative power structure ("Don't wear jeans! Fix your hair!") -- which preserves and respects the inherent authoritarianism of its real one -- and using that as the basis on which to pass itself off as being at least as "fair and balanced" as Stewart and Colbert.

Welcome to the club, Gutfeld -- and congrats on helping score a trifecta.

August 19, 2023


Posted by Rocktivity, 2014:
"At some point, the prosecutor believed either that (Ryan) Holle wasn’t as guilty as the others; could be turned into a snitch; or that felony murder would be overcharging -- hence the 10-year plea deal offer...

"The defense might have generated sympathy from the jury if they had countered the prosecution’s 'No car, no robbery, no death' strategy with 'No underage drinking, no DECISION to supply the car, no robbery.' Instead, the defense gambled on a complete acquittal and lost, the prosecution gambled on an excessive charge and won -- and between them, Holle looks into snake eyes for rest of his life.

"...(He)...should not have been charged with felony murder -- he was an accessory at best; a co-conspirator at worst. Reduce the charge, reactivate the plea deal, and deduct the time already served.

True Crime Daily, June 2017: In the end, Ryan did not get freedom -- but he did get a compromise.

"I move to commute Ryan Holle's life sentence to 25 years' imprisonment, followed by 10 years' probation," said Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

"It's a blessing in the sense that I know I'm not going to have to spend the rest of my life in prison, but it still hurts that I'm going to have to do another seven years, and I will have spent 21 years and three months of my life incarcerated."

Unless he's granted a new hearing, Ryan Holle's family won't be welcoming him home until 2024.

July 6, 2023

I'm fully vaccinated, but I wouldn't be surprised if I were to test as immune

Three days short of the eight weeks after my first Covid booster (it takes eight weeks for vaccine antibodies to become fully operational), I went through a few hours of no appetite, fatigue, feverishness, and a slight headache, culminating in not-so-slight diarrhea. I dismissed it as the "common" flu aggravated by overpartying the night before, and ended up feeling more than well enough to go out again that very evening. At the time, I didn't know that absence of appetite and diarrhea are not uncommon with Covid.

Within the Covid 2-to-14 day incubation period prior to my feeling ill, I had attended a pair of socially UN-distanced musical events -- one indoors, one outdoors. Had either of them triggered an encounter of the Covid kind that my vaccines had squashed?


May 15, 2023

Very good (and very, VERY inevitable) news

especially since America's 70% fully vaccinated Covid rate brings herd immunity within our sights.

Epidemiology 101: Viruses survive by mutating; viruses fade into oblivion when they can no longer out-mutate either their naturally or medically made antibodies.

Thanks to epidemiology, any antibody can now eventually be medically made -- which is why polio, anthrax, smallpox, measles, more recently HIV, and most recently Ebola are pretty much the stuff that distant memories are made of.

Welcome to the beginning of the end, Covid.


May 5, 2023

Meghan was never invited. But they wanted Harry there so badly, they paid him and/or cut a deal

In exchange for Harry's attending solo (in order to publicly rub his face in what he will never have for refusing his royal duty banishment -- oops, I mean assignment -- in Africa with his "well-qualified" wife), and Meghan "babysitting" back home, their children got an upgrade to their previously withheld (but nonetheless still quite worthless) royal titles.


May 2, 2023

The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead

When the skies of November turn gloomy.

They might have split up, or they might have capsized
They may have broke deep and took water
And all the remains is the faces and names
Of the wives and the sons and the daughters.


April 9, 2023

Moved to Jersey circa 1995 -- not because NYC had gotten too expensive

but because I'd come to realize that I'd been born to be a Jersey girl...despite having been born in the Bronx.

P.S. There is no such place as Central New Jersey: with a vertical reach of barely 175 miles, New Jersey is just too plain short to have a credible central region.

North Jersey consists of the counties of Mercer, Middlesex, and the counties north of them; the rest is South Jersey (including Monmouth County, because it shares a border with the Jersey Shore's Atlantic Ocean). Thank you and good night.

P.P.S. And it's pork roll -- In 1906, the government decreed that way it was made, it doesn't qualify to be classified as ham.


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