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Who here is going to DC for the parade?

Monday is Nov 11, Veterans' Day. Trump told us he had directed the Dept of Defense to stage a really, really big parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, to the White House. It's supposed to be the biggest parade in the history of the world.

So -- who here is headed for DC for Monday's parade??

There is a parade on Monday, isn't there????

Posted by Roadside Attraction | Fri Nov 9, 2018, 11:54 PM (5 replies)

Trump and "birthright citizenship"

By now we all have heard of Trump's attack on the 14th Amendment and "birthright citizenship."

To summarize:
-- Under the 14th Amendment, a child born in the US is a US citizen, regardless of the parent(s)' citizenship.
-- Trump wants to change this so those criminal brown people can't slip across the border, have a child, then the US citizen kid brings in the whole family.

As usual with things Trump, there's a problem. In fact, it's a BIG problem.

Seems that a lot of pregnant women are coming to the US to give birth. But they are mainly wealthy women and many of them are coming from Russia and China. AND -- they are especially drawn to an area of Palm Beach FL that has become known as "Little Moscow" because of the Russian women giving birth there.

So -- what does this have to do with Trump?

It seems their favorite place to stay while waiting for the kid to arrive is in TRUMP-BRANDED CONDOS!!!!!!! Trump may be making a LOT of money from "birthright citizenship" -- it's not clear how much he's making.

Read about it here:


And here:

Posted by Roadside Attraction | Sat Nov 3, 2018, 09:05 PM (3 replies)

"Look at me!! Look me in the eye!!"

Today I had an encounter with a Republican that . . that . . . well, that left me shaking. It's a long story. Here goes.

I live in a red, rural Virginia county. Last week, a deer struck my old Ford Explorer; took it to the local body shop for an estimate. My insurance company approved the work, so, today, I took the SUV to the shop to leave it for the work to be done.

When I arrived at the body shop, there was a lady in the office talking with the owner. I stood inside the door, waiting my turn.

According to what she told him, she had been all over Virginia getting out the vote for Republicans. She was raving about Democrats . . . the usual horseshit.

Last week yard signs started appearing along the roadsides in our county -- pairs of signs that read:
"Resist Socialism; Vote Republican"
"Results not Resistance; Vote Republican"

A pair of these signs was sitting in the body shop office.

She turned and handed me a Republican pamphlet. I quietly refused. Then she fired both barrels at me:

"You must be a Democrat!!"

"Yes, ma'm, I am. Lifelong."

"And you are taking advantage of everything Trump has done but you won't support him."

"Everything Trump has done? And what would that be?"

"Why, this great economy!!!"

"This great economy started in late 2009!!"

She turned to the body shop guy and shouted: "See!!! An angry Democrat!! That's all they are -- angry."

To which I responded: "Ma'm, I am not angry. Not even a little bit. But I am tired. I am tired to the bone. You see, I'm a retired United States Army infantry colonel with three combat tours in Vietnam -- as a platoon leader, a company commander, and as a Special Forces A Team commander. I was wounded four times. Of my 30 years in the Army, I spent 8 months in hospitals recovering from wounds and today, at age 74, I cannot lift my left arm above my shoulder. And yet you Republicans call me 'socialist, communist, Marxist.' Because I am a Democrat, you tell me I hate this country."

By this time, she had turned her back to me. I continued:

"Look at me. Look me in the eye and tell me I'm a communist who hates this country. Look at this scar on the side of my head -- the side of my head where half the ear is missing . . . that's where a North Vietnamese soldier hit me with a machete, trying to kill me. Look at this scar and tell me I hate this country!!"

She continued to look away.

I quietly handed to the body shop guy the key to my Explorer, told him to call me when it's finished.

As I was leaving, I said to her -- with her back still turned: "And, ma'm, you have a nice day."

As God is my witness, I hate these sonsofbitches.
Posted by Roadside Attraction | Mon Oct 15, 2018, 10:50 PM (107 replies)

Okay, time to ask this question:

Is Jeff Flake trying to set himself up to challenge Trump for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2020?
Posted by Roadside Attraction | Fri Oct 5, 2018, 06:15 PM (12 replies)

That's NOT toilet paper

By now, most of us have seen the video of Trump boarding Air Force One with what appears to be a shred of toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

Not TP. That's the last shred of The Constitution of the United States.

Posted by Roadside Attraction | Fri Oct 5, 2018, 05:44 PM (11 replies)

Sarah Palin's son, Track, Supreme Court candidate: Arrested, beating woman, fighting cops

Courtesy of KTVA:

Track Palin has been arrested on new domestic-violence charges, Alaska State Troopers said, in a case similar to one in which he was charged nearly two years ago.

Palin, an Army veteran and the 29-year-old son of former Gov. Sarah Palin, was arrested on charges of fourth-degree domestic-violence assault, interfering with the report of a domestic-violence crime, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct according to an online dispatch.

troopers responded at about 11:30 p.m. Friday to a West Angela Drive home in Wasilla for a report of a disturbance, according to an online dispatch.

“Investigation revealed [Track Palin] assaulted an acquaintance at his residence,” troopers wrote. “When the acquaintance attempted to call authorities, he prevented her by taking away her phone. While being placed under arrest, Palin physically resisted troopers.”

Update: Here is a little more courtesy of KTUU:

Palin was arrested for fourth-degree assault, interfering with a domestic violence report, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. He was transported to Mat-Su Pretrial facility, where he was held without bail.

Troopers did not provide details about the assault.

This marks three arrests for assault:
-- On the same day Sarah was introducing Trump in Vegas, Track was in Wasilla beating up his pregnant girlfriend, took her cellphone so she couldn't call the cops, brandishing an AR-15 when the cops arrived.
-- He then attempted to break into his parents' home. Father locked the door, got a pistol, threatened to shoot Track -- who threatened to "Kick your ass."
-- And now this.

Sarah no doubt will blame it on Obama who caused Track's (non-existent) PTSD.

Or maybe Track is auditioning for a seat on the Supreme Court.

Posted by Roadside Attraction | Sat Sep 29, 2018, 05:58 PM (12 replies)
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