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Member since: Fri Aug 8, 2008, 07:50 AM
Number of posts: 1,011

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Why do I fear, 'if' the right wing continues to promote violence in the US,

that they will call on Russia to provide military assistance?

(By the way, where I work in Buffalo is only a mile from that Tops grocery store.)

Sen. Manchin voted against the Women's Health Protection Act stating that...

is too broad.

It includes too many women and does not include men?

I'm enjoying the YouTube posts about Ukraine War from Estonian soldier Artur Rehi.

So funny when he gets excited by Russian tanks being blown up by Ukrainians.
Also, his attempt to pronounce names of patrons with his Estonian background.

sorry, for some reason I can't add a link. you tube Artur Rehi.

In the vein of States Rights, but as applied to the Blue States,

the Blue States could codify Privacy Rights/ Abortion Rights ...

but then, give the reasoning that 4 Justices on the Supreme Court perjured themselves under oath concerning Roe ,
so the upcoming SCOTUS ruling on Abortion Rights is considered null and void.

Don't be surprised if the Repubs reconvene a new Constitutional Convention....

if they win the House, Senate and Presidency.

authoritarian vs. dictator?

Repubs have no problem with calling Joe Biden a dictator. What do Dems use the word 'authoritarian', other than it is a higher educated word, is precise and might not offend Repubs because it is too obtuse?

Let's just say the word DICTATOR! although I would spell it dicktator.

Dicktator DeSantis

Dicktator Abbott

Dicktator Trump

Dicktator Putin (not oligarch and not authoritarian)

For men who couldn't care less about the track of EV Christians & SCOTUS,

1) overturning Roe
2) banning birth control
3) banning gay marriage

because it does not affect them.......

wait until SCOTUS bans sale or purchase of pornography, like was in the 1950's.

Just dreaming...if the Dems had someone as gutsy as Comrade Desantis,

what legislation would he/she/they introduce in a heartbeat?

1) Eliminate the Electoral College

2) No infringement permitted on a person's healthcare decision

3) US Senate folded into the House to make it to make one body called 'Congress'

4) Expand SCOTUS to 15 Justices with one Justice retiring at the end of every session. (hence term limits)

5) Corporate taxes would be increased a substantial amount, approx to the level of most broad economic growth experienced of the US history. 85%?

6) Each state would have two Senators, one male and one female.

7-8-9-etc) name others you feel might fit this pipe dream.

Happy Dyngus Day!

Bring your pussy willows to the parade in Buffalo, NY, and to whereever there are celebrations. Chicago? Minneapolis?

I'll bet there will be plenty of Ukrainian flags flying along with Polish flags.

Notice how young are the members of the Ukrainian parliament?

They look to be about 35 years old.
Young enough to fight in the military and old enough to be wise representatives of their contemporaries.

Another good model for the US.
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