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RealityChik's Journal
RealityChik's Journal
November 6, 2020

Realtime vote count updates at this website...

In case this hasn't been mentioned, there's a github website that has tapped into the realtime voting updates a la the NYTimes election feed. Very valuable and very legit. Compliments of my daughter, the queen of web analytics. Sent to me this morning.


Have at it my friends!


March 9, 2020

Trump may be profiting from new Covid-19 test kit maker, Thermo Fisher Scientific Corp...

I was just at https://twitter.com/chrislhayes for a variety of Covid-19 virus discussions I hadn't considered and found this:


Trump claims he divested himself of those investments, but journalists, including those from Fortune Mag have not been able to find any actual proof of his having done so. https://fortune.com/2016/05/19/donald-trump-investments/

This may be in conspiracy theory territory, but deserves a deeper dive by reputable investigative organization and the House Dems. Apparently, Pro Publica has concerns as well. See a request for information about Thermo-Fisher here:


Among things that looks suspicious are:

1. Trump Admin rejected proven reliable WHO test kits when we needed them the most. Why? Because he wanted to make money with his investments in Thermo Fisher, maybe? (Not only this issue but other concerns raised on this page at Empty Wheel - will make your hair stand on end!)


2. After being in the works since last year, Thermo-Fisher suddenly acquires, 3-4 days ago, China company who is instrumental in making those test kits. Value of Thermo-Fisher suddenly surges. Coincidence? Maybe

3. In 2017, Trump goes to China and pledges a mega-billion investment of YOUR tax dollars into a number of China Biotech companies. Among them: Thermo-Fisher China subsidiary. Whose investment? His or ours?


If you google: Thermo Fisher Scientific Corp trump and follow some of the links, it certainly raises suspicion.

November 23, 2017

Net Neutrality gone in 3 weeks? Why aren't we talking about this?

Let's put all the salacious chatter to rest for a moment. Only three weeks left to push back on this corporate takeover of OUR internet. Do you really want the likes of Comcast and Verizon dictating what you can and can't access, view, do or say on the Internet?


If only Aaron Schwartz, patron saint of the anti-SOPA blackout, were still with us...

Now that we are again faced with a new flavor of SOPA, perhaps we should ask ourselves, "what would Aaron [Schwartz] do?

Be inspired:

April 18, 2017

GOP Senator Accidentally Admits Georgia Special Election Already Rigged?

So, does surging Democrat, Ossoff, really have a chance? I'm sure Georgia is not the only state to be gerrymandered for Repub success. Very discouraged to read these of many articles about this. Don't know if throwing more money at his campaign will help, but I donated a few bucks in spite of being pretty tapped out these days.

Still hopeful though. Go Ossoff!






March 28, 2017

House just voted 232-184 to take away your internet privacy

Today is a very sad day in America. Internet privacy is officially dead.


In the course of one week, the theft of your internet privacy by Congress is now complete. All it needs now is for Cheeto Jesus to sign it and it's a done deal. You no longer have the "luxury" of opting out of the collection and sale of your private life by anyone willing to pay for it. Employers, government, law enforcement, advertisers, everybody can now know and sell about your plans to look or another job, donate to Planned Parenthood, use tracking to know when your children leave and arrive to and from school, where you go on vacation and whether your home is vulnerable to robbery while you are gone, can use your email, text messages, internet browser history, internet forms you fill out, everything...to deny you healthcare, car insurance, inform your employer that you are planning to leave, falsely incriminate you for activities that are nobody's business but yours...

The only hope is that the state you live in will be as outraged as you are and will motivate state politicians to create protections for you at the state level. Most of us, (maybe all of us) don't even have the luxury of boycotting the ISPs with whom we subscribe services and switching services to another, more ethical vendor, if any really even exist outside the realm of local dial-up ISPs.

March 25, 2017

Federalregister.gov needs our partication

Lurking in some Talking Points Memo comments on the repub healthcare failure, someone commented that we could still be screwed by proposals and changes to existing laws at the agency level. Although these amendments require a 60-day public comments period before passing most of the voting public has no idea these laws are being quietly amended without our knowledge. Easy amendment to laws meant to protect us depends on our collective ignorance about this sometimes underhanded undoing of laws that keep greed-mangers from doing more harm than they already do. This is not limited to healthcare issues either!

Enter the Federal Register, which calls itself "The Journal of the US Government".


As US citizens, we have the right to audit the activity of The Peoples' Business. Out of curiosity, I went to the website and reviewed at random some of these amendments in the works and was APPALLED!

For example, there's a proposal to eliminate the requirement for vision testing of commercial drivers! So that racing semi that nearly ran you off the road on the Interstate? The driver could be legally blind and within the law, if relaxed, and there would be little if anything, short of trying to sue the trucking company, that you could do about it!

There are scarier proposals about pesticide exemptions, extending the collection of citizen info, the removal of dangerous sites from the Superfund list...

But, take heart, my fellow DUers, the website has an effective citizen email alert system that will keep us informed of public comment periods for any issues of your choosing. We owe it to our country to get involved in this, especially when our calls, emails, tweets, etc to Congress fall on deaf ears. I see this website as another opportunity to be heard and not feel powerless in the toxic environment of a do-nothing Republican Congress majority and a criminal, treasonous Administration. So, visit the website. Get mad. And get ready to push back.

As I see it, every little bit helps. Well, back to the Federal Registry website. Thanks for listening, guys.

March 25, 2017

Senate voted 50-48 to kill your broadband internet privacy...

Ok, kids...healthcare merriment aside, time to get back to work.

The repubs just gave your ISP permission to collect anything and everything on your internet interactivity and sell it to anybody willing to pay for it. And that includes browser history, email, text messages, tweets...EVERYTHING! Your medical history, job searches, forms submissions...ALL OF IT. To any third-party willing to pay for it!


The only repub to vote NO was Rand Paul. All Dems and 2 independents also voted NO.

The House votes on it next week so we only have a few days to pressure our Congressmen/women into doing the right thing. I'm skeptical but hopeful a miracle can still happen. Meanwhile, somebody needs to tar and feather that idiot new FCC Chairman!

I provided but one link to this devastating turn of events, but there are dozens more for more info and the strategy path to follow.

Hurry, the vote is next week. Thanx for listening.

February 18, 2017

URGENT IMMEDIATE ACTION needed: a chance for election do-over?

I'm new here so not very good at posting new stuff yet. Apparently, the constitution allows a nullification of an illegal election. Done through petition to th Supreme Court. This has been done. The hearing is on Feb 21st, but doesn't yet have wide public support. I found it by accident at:

@revote2017 on Twitter

"Writ of Mandamus on SCOTUS docket to NULLIFY 2016 pres election because of Russian interference." Has already been filed and updated.

And at http://revote2017.org for info and a link to the petition on change.org

Sorry for exposing my "newbieness" with this post. This is urgency at all costs, including my embarrassment for being so clueless about DU formatting. If any of you DU Masters can formulate a better call-to-action post, please have at it!

Almost forgot: Needs another 900+ petition signatures YESTERDAY (and donations if you can swing it)

January 30, 2017

Downtown Seattle Thousands protest...

Link is from TV King 5 News website


All Seattle Airport detainees have been released. However one Somali passenger was sent back to his city of departure.

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