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Roundupís Glyphosate found in tampons

Apparently there are a handful of people herabouts who are gung ho about having glyphosate in their wine. They will probably flock to this thread also to praise the fact, or at least to minimize, the fact that the herbicide is also found now in tampons.

But level headed people who have no interest other than good health, will regard this needless pollution of tampons with chemical poisons as a heinous corporate betrayal of their most intimate trust.

"According to a new study by the University of La Plata in Argentina,most tampons (at least 85 per cent), cotton balls and sanitary products contain glyphosate: an ingredient that has been ruled as "probably carcinogenic" by the World Health Organization, notes RT news.

"The result of this research is very serious. When you use cotton or gauze to heal wounds or [for personal hygienic uses] thinking they are sterilized products, [the result is that they are] contaminated with a carcinogenic substance," said pediatrician Vazquez Medardo Avila in the Spanish study..."



Now trending on the dark side.

URGENT: "Heat Dome over America" ad needed immediately by Dems

If I was the D party or a D PAC or Hillary - I would immediately start running ads all through the next week highlighting the MASSIVE HEAT DOME now afflicting the USA.

The ads would show Trump, Pence, and the Republican Party lying about climate change. It would expose the RAW DANGER of their official platform.

I would aim the ad not just at the Republican candidates for President and VP - but at the whole, lying pack of Republicans. Make them pay the price for their damaging lies and denial. Win back the Senate and House by making the Republicans pay for their lies.

The ad would say something like:

Who has been lying to you about climate change.
Who has been blocking any and all attempts to deal with it.

Who has acknowledged the facts and the reality of climate change?
Who has a plan to do something about it?

You have a choice between sanity and insanity.
Choose sanity. For yourself, for your children, and for your grandchildren.

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