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Member since: Fri May 12, 2017, 08:00 PM
Number of posts: 2,359

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Here's the PERFECT response to "more guns in school" --

In my opinion, anyway:

Parkland student sums it up https://www.democraticunderground.com/100210269142

"If a kid in a sandbox throws a rock, you don't give rocks to everyone else to throw....it contradicts what you're trying to do."

Trump brought Cliff Notes to the Listening Session

So he knew what to ask them so he sounded interested and empathetic.

Final point: "I hear you."


Malcolm Nance: Muller is scrubbing Manafort's past - video clip

Mueller is going for every dollar which Moscow may have originally funded through Manafort from the beginning. He's not starting w 2016 election. He's scrubbing this man's past.

It's a great clip.


Why is Don, Jr. giving a Foreign Policy speech in India ? $38k ticket

For only $38k people can meet and lobby Donald Trump Jr while he is delivering a foreign policy speech on an UNOFFICIAL visit to India..
@DonaldJTrumpJr Pay for Play ??


Time to Run for Office Yourself !!

This looks like a really interesting book. Happened across it on Amazon just now.

Run for Something: A Real-Talk Guide to Fixing the System Yourself

I know some DUers either are running already or know someone who is running, and I'm also hoping others will consider it. You may not think you're qualified, but you are. You're more knowledgeable about a whole sh*tload of stuff than most of your neighbors. But it doesn't even take that, frankly. All it takes is the willingness and the perseverence.

If you don't feel up to state or federal office, run for city or county government. Or school board. Get started somewhere, anywhere. Just. Do.It.

Ryan Zinke - some things you didn't know


Video -- you'll have to click through to see it, but it's worth it.


AWESOME commentary on the gun issue

It's a video, so there's not really any text to post (other than praise for the video commentary by the poster: CAN'T. RETWEET. THIS. ENOUGH)


What fun! Have you seen the Norwegian Curlers' uniforms??

They're amazing:

Norway's curlers and their incredible Winter Olympic trousers ranked

Click through and have a look at the others!

Milania's humiliation at the hands of her philandering husband

ALMOST makes me feel a twinge of empathy for her.

And then I remember this, just days after the Access Hollywood tape came out:


HERE'S the collusion - I'd forgotten about this

If you watched Joy Reid this morning, you might have seen Malcolm Nance talking about how the Russians "hacked" our mental state. Can't remember his exact words, but he really spent a bit of time on how they'd gotten inside our heads and had clearly spent some time doing it.

I was just looking for some of my bookmarks showing 2013 activity and collusion and ran across this.

18:30 11/29/2017
Kremlin's 'chief troll' boasted last year of 'insane' plan to elect Trump

The so-called chief voice and troll for the Kremlin on Twitter laid out what appears to be a confession of Russia collusion just four days after President Donald Trumps election.

Kremlin propagandist Konstantin Rykov boasted on Facebook that he helped recruit Trump in 2012 to run for president as part of an effort to reshape the global order, reported the Washington Monthly.


What was our idea with Donald Trump? Rykov posted. For four years and two days .. it was necessary to get to everyone in the brain and grab all possible means of mass perception of reality. Ensure the victory of Donald in the election of the US President. Then create a political alliance between the United States, France, Russia (and a number of other states) and establish a new world order.


Rykov claimed Trump himself suggested using data firm Cambridge Analytica, which is under investigation in both the U.S. and Britain for its election activities, to micro-target persuadable voters on social media.


And here's a great post by Tommy Carcetti with lotsa relevant links:

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