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Member since: Fri May 12, 2017, 09:00 PM
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HHS's Cruel Games against Asylum seekers makes them break the law

This is unconscionable. It's the equivalent of -- oh, what's the word. When the cops push protesters into a certain closed-in area so they can't escape? These poor people are being set up -- prevented from seeking asylum at the proper places and made to suffer to boot while waiting, then treated like criminals when they try to cross at the INappropriate places. They U.S. makes them break the law by preventing them from following the proper procedures.

- Chris Van Hollen @ChrisVanHollen
At the Hidalgo Bridge. A few weeks ago, the Trump Administration essentially stopped families seeking asylum from crossing at this legal point of entry. Left people stranded for days without food and water. So many then crossed the river, were arrested and had children taken.


Cambridge Analytica just won't die -- working w/Trump 2020 campaign

Report: Trump Reelection Campaign Working With Former Cambridge Analytica Staffers


President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has been working with a company run by former Cambridge Analytica staff members, according to an Associated Press report. Cambridge Analytica shut down last month after it was accused of harvesting the personal data of up to 87 million Facebook users. At least four former Cambridge Analytica employees, including the company’s former head of product and chief data scientist, are now associated with Data Propria, a consulting firm similar to Cambridge Analytica. Data Propria leader and former Cambridge Analytica head of product Matt Oczkowski insisted his new company is not involved with Trump’s 2020 campaign, but is doing work on the 2018 elections for the Republican National Committee.

Ominous prediction from Steve Schmidt


Avenatti's spectacular public relations win

I've been fascinated by Avenatti -- alternately dazzled by his competence and then, in turn, fearful he's about to stop just a little too far.

But one thing he's done with aplomb, and finesse, that I believe will have a lasting effect on women's rights and equality. He has mainstreamed Stormy Daniels' and her profession as one that deserves every bit the same respect as any other "career."

I've watched him from early on treat her with respect, and then demand others treat her with respect as well. We've seen him stare down her detractors, and win.

Had either Daniels or Avenatti themselves shown any less apparent integrity and credibility it would never have worked. But they have been up to the task, so it's worked tremendously well.

I can't imagine what feminists would have had to do to get even half the respectability for this woman and her profession that Avenatti has.

What?? 4 Mile Long eruption of Liquid Sand + stored CO2 @ Fracking opn in CO

I just happened on this guy a day or two ago as I continued to watch Kilauea videos. He tracks earthquakes and such and from the 2 videos I've watched so far, it sounds like he thinks something big is in the works. Well, this video says a plate is shifting (somewhat dramatically).

In any case, I certainly like his anti-fracking stance and while I'm not VOUCHING for him until I know more about him, I do think this is verrrrry interesting and I'll try to find the earlier video I watched the other day as well --

5/31/2014 -- 4 Mile Long eruption of Liquid Sand + stored CO2 @ Fracking operation in Colorado

This isn't it, but it's interesting. I'll say one thing, if I lived in California, I'd definitely be staying up to date with the guy.

6/02/2018 -- Multiple M5.0+ earthquakes strike across whole Pacific -- Hawaii update -- Be prepared
Posted by RandomAccess | Sun Jun 3, 2018, 04:23 PM (6 replies)

I'm a single issue voter --

Borrowed from Twitter:

Posted by RandomAccess | Fri Jun 1, 2018, 02:58 PM (3 replies)

The C Word. And the B word.

But first let's talk about racism and Trump. I started this thread to do a little research:

Is the U.S. really experiencing more racist and bigoted incidents?
More verbal attacks, more threats, more actual physical attacks?
If so, what's the cause? Any idea?


I have to admit I've been a little surprised by the answers but I suspect a lot of people just ignored my thread entirely (it got only 1 recommendation), and one person questioned my education level, ever so politely:
I don't mean to be rude: Are you young by any chance. Have you had world governments in school/college/grad school?

In truth, I don't know that there's any MORE racism today than a few years ago, but I know that it's certainly more overt, and that most people -- both here at DU and analysts, activists and pundits on cable -- fully credit Trump as the main cause of the degeneration.

How does he do that? By his words and actions (or lack thereof). He SAYS things that are racist or express his own racism in equally clear but less overt ways -- lack of compassion, for example or the refusal to denounce or even comment on others' racist acts and words. He creates policies that disadvantage PoC: allows thousands to die in Puerto Rico, separates children from parents at the border, and so forth.

All these things embolden racists to feel free to overtly express their own racism.

It only makes sense: A person in a position of power expressing overt racism with impunity is going to encourage a lot of people to feel free do the same.

And let's be clear. Surely we all know that racism involves a lot more than hurtful words. It ultimately kills. It kills directly (see Black Lives Matter), and it kills indirectly with harmful or neglectful legislation and policy, and not just at the governmental level but also places like medicine, schools, police departments, etc.


Okay, so what's all this got to do with the C word? And the B word?

It's the same thing.

The words themselves are misogynist, and you can never separate the words from that reality, that context (tho I've seen people try with all their might, right here at DU).

Their use, therefore, validates, entrenches and promotes sexism and misogyny. I would say their use IS an act of overt misogyny.

When women use the word about other women? They may not mean harm, the target women may not feel harm, but that doesn't erase the harm, it just camouflages it.

Some women don't mind these words (either or both). Doesn't change or erase the harm.

Frankly, you can't tell me that when Samantha Bee used it (whether it was her word or one of her writers), that there wasn't a smidgen of woman-hating against Ivanka involved. We women are not immune from having internalized some of our culture's misogyny. I've been there myself: SO angry at some woman that I wanted to scream gender slurs at her.

So if you really consider yourself a progressive, or a liberal, or just an equality-loving centrist Democrat, lose the misogynist language and defense of it, eh?

ALL sexism, ALL racism, ALL homophobia, ALL classism, ALL ableism, ALL ageism kills. All of it. Let's not do it.

AT LAST. Some action on the Emoluments Clause

This has chapped my hide about Trump since before he was inaugurated. Senator Bluementhal to the rescue --

UNROLLED: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1002380514685140992.html

One week out from oral arguments in our case to compel the President to obey the Constitution of the United States. We’re seeking to hold President Trump accountable for violating the Foreign Emoluments Clause – the Constitution’s preeminent anti-corruption provision.

President Trump has repeatedly&flagrantly violated the Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause. He has thumbed his nose at its plain text, and in doing so, thumbed his nose at the American people as well.

What is the Foreign Emoluments Clause? Before the President receives any gifts, payments, or benefits from foreign governments he must first receive the consent of Congress. Pretty simple, right? Not for this President.

Thanks to the work of investigative journalists, we already know that President Trump has benefited from foreign governments granting him&his businesses trademarks&overseas governments paying rent to Trump properties. What don’t we know?

President Trump calls his business dealings with foreign governments “little conflicts of interest.” But they have big implications for American policy&Americans’ trust in their government.
Mr. President, we’ll see you in court.

TWITTER THREAD: https://twitter.com/SenBlumenthal/status/1002380522683879426

Is the U.S. really experiencing more racist and bigoted incidents?

More verbal attacks, more threats, more actual physical attacks?

If so, what's the cause? Any idea?

ETA: Charles Blow NYT Op: Trump is a walking, talking permission slip for the white supremacist. https://www.democraticunderground.com/100210682219

More volcanic action

I'm just fascinated by Kilauea -- here are a few more vids

Hawaii Lava Threatens To Block Remaining Roads For Evacuation | NBC Nightly News

Lava flows VS Streets in Hawaii (May 25, 2018)

Dr. Guillen: Kilauea volcano is officially a triple threat

Hawaii Volcano Eruption Update - Saturday Morning (May 26, 2018)

Volcano spews lava bombs as Hawaiian residents flee area

UPDATE: Hawaii on Pohoiki Road Massive crack in the road is getting bigger in Leilani estates

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