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Profile Information

Name: Rob Rowles
Gender: Male
Hometown: Vancouver, Washington
Home country: United States
Current location: Vancouver, Washington
Member since: Thu Apr 9, 2020, 10:17 PM
Number of posts: 32

About Me

Old dude, drummer, moderate, reasonably bitter but mildly hopeful. The PACNW is my home.

Journal Archives

Breaking News: People don't want to die!

If you try to kill people it turns out they wonít come out to vote for you. Wild! Who knew? In a stunning development people want to actually live? This is a game changer. Seniors arenít willing to be sacrificed on the Alter Of Capitalism. We learn something new everyday.

From the link -

Morning Consult tracked surveys showing that people older than 65 strongly believe ó by a 6-to-1 margin ó that the government should focus more on addressing the spread of coronavirus than on restarting the economy.


Huge HUGE thanks to the Georgian pioneers! (New dude, 1st thread)

And here we thought your 39th place in healthcare and perch in the coveted 30 spot for education here in the good ole' US of A were just cold statistics. Ha! It was the perfect combination of ignorance and lack of preparedness to show the rest of America how it's done. Now I'm sure no matter what happens someone somewhere will be hollerin' - see? Told ya! In fact, I guran-motherfucking-tee it. But the sweet thing here is that also no matter what, if you get a bunch of people sick or worse, the rest of us will get to cheer your sacrifice to the economy, community and Trump's re-election strategy from afar. And frankly at this point, I think that'd be for the best. Good luck, thoughts, prayers and a perfectly timed shipment of hydroxychloroquine to you!

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