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Is my wife in danger from ICE?

My wife is a naturalized U.S. citizen. She was born in Colombia. She speaks English with an accent. Most people would identify her as Hispanic.

We are planning a cross-country driving trip, going through several Southern states, including Texas on Interstate 10. We plan to carry our U.S. passports with us and her U.S. citizenship certificate.

Are we at risk of being stopped and questioned, and possibly detained by ICE or any other law enforcement?


Desperate Montana Men

Screen cap from http://www.historyinorbit.com/175-fascinating-little-known-photos-of-the-past/57/?ab=true&v=p&src=taboola

You cannot make this up!

Gavin Newsom: Youre a joke. Resign.


Roy Moore accuser describes alleged encounter: 'I thought that he was going to rape me'

Source: ABC affiliate, Birmingham, AL

Beverly Young Nelson told reporters she was working at the Old Hickory House in the late 70s, where Moore was a regular.

On what she described as a cold evening, Nelson said her boyfriend was late picking her up from a shift at the restaurant.

She said Moore offered her a ride, but instead took her behind the restaurant where he groped her.

"I was terrified," she recounted, "He was also trying to pull my shirt off. I thought that he was going to rape me."

Read more: http://abc3340.com/news/local/atty-gloria-allred-to-hold-news-conference-with-new-roy-moore-accuser

This was presented at a live news conference on November 13, 2017. Her attorney Gloria Allred called for a congressional hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee, where she said her client would testify under oath about an alleged sexual assault.

Prediction: Mueller will get fired

per Douglas Christian on the Thom Hartmann show October 31, 2017.

I agree. Trump is all about the outrageous. Congressional Republicans have all but surrendered to Trumpism. No articles of impeachment after Mueller is fired.
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