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Gender: Female
Current location: red wing mn
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 9,522

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West Virginia is all green! Bernie won every single county!!!!


Well, look at this post that got an alert and was allowed to stand:


This is outrageous.

As Rachel used to say....someone talk me down.

Some of these newbies are driving me nuts. I know, I know, just ignore them. But I have been here since 2002, I used to be a moderator, and I am so sad at what has happened to this place. No, not sad I'm PISSED.

Hillary threw Bill under the bus last night. Watch.

About that 3 AM phone call.....

I am scared out of my mind at the thought of Hillary getting those calls after seeing her tonight. She is a very angry person. She clearly feels superior, and I can't imagine her being very open to advice and counsel in a crisis. I have never really liked her although I have tried and tonight really crystallized it for me. We are up shit creek if she gets the nomination.

We have a candidate for President who is being investigated by the FBI.

And in a debate not one question is asked about it. I find that bizarre.

On CNN just now, Robbie Mook, HRC campaign manager...

They asked him wouldn't he prefer big crowds like Bernie got last night....he said it wasn't as big as Bernie campaign said. He also said Hillary prefers small crowds.

They asked him about visit to Vatican, and he said that was up to the campaign, but Hillary was concentrating on New York. Of course they allowed him to get away with that. No question about her CA fundraiser.

They mentioned the "corporate whore" statement...Mook said he was glad Bernie FINALLY apologized for it.

It was disgusting.


Got an email from Bernie about fundraising....we REALLY need to donate NOW if it's possible. I did.

Purely anecdotal WI voter info....

We have a bookstore in Red Wing MN, just across the Mississippi from WI, so we get a lot of Wisconsin people in the store. Today five customers said they had just voted....4 were Bernie, one was Hillary! Made my day!

Just saw on CNN...84% White voters in WI.

9% Black, 2% Hispanic. I thought the POC numbers would be higher.
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