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Question for Missouri voters (specifically St. Louis County) who requested an absentee ballot

Specifically for those that are registered to vote in St. Louis County -- have you received your ballot through the mail yet? I am asking this because my brother resides in LA and is registered to vote in St.Louis County. He called on Wednesday and was told his ballot was in transit to him but he has still yet to receive it. He verified they had that correct address on file and they did. I am asking this because he has to leave town tomorrow for work training in NY for nearly a month and will not be back in time to mail back his ballot before the election. He was told there had been a delay in printing out and mailing ballots. He was originally told ballots were supposed to mailed out a couple weeks ago. I am trying to figure out if this issue is unique to him or a lot of St.Louis County voters have yet to receive their absentee ballots no matter where in the country they currently reside.

Teneessee Senate seat is slipping away

CBS/YouGov Senate polls

Cruz (R) 50%
O’Rourke (D) 44%

Sinema (D) 47%
McSally (R) 44%

Blackburn (R) 50%
Bredesen (D) 42%

Menendez (D) 49%
Hugin (R) 39%

No doubt the Tennessee poll is the most glaring of all these. Bredesen should not have been so timid regarding Kavanaugh. That clearly has hurt him the past couple of weeks. Will see if can recover. Doubtful in such a red state. As far as Cruz, he continues to have a close but solid lead. Seat highly unlikely to filp. The only realistic pickup opportunities are Arizona and Nevada. That however will not be enough to win the Senate with the ND seat lost. I would consider it a victory if the Senate remained 51-49 after the elections. Just a tough cycle for Democrats regarding the Senate.

For those happy with Heitkamp but unhappy with Manchin and Bredesen

Keep in mind that Heitkamp only came out as a NO because she is down digits in the polls and is likely finished. She admitted if this was a political decision (if this was a close race), she would of voted YES. Manchin did what he needed to do to insure his reelection, and his vote was meaningless anyway. He would not have been the decisive YES vote had Collins voted NO. As far as Bredesen, we have a very real chance to win this race. I know Beto is getting all the attention, but Bredesen's odds are a lot better than Beto's. Democratic super PACS should not abandon him because of his support of Kavanaugh. Manchin will be okay without them because of his lead in the polls, but Phil needs all the help he can get. The reality is we are not going to able to elect far left candidates in every state. If you truly believe in the 50 state strategy you have to embrace these candidates. Why? Because the alternative is Marsha Blackburn and Patrick Morrisey. We are already starting this election down one Senate seat. Now is not the time to get greedy when it comes to candidates that do not completely align with your views.
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