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Profile Information

Name: Annica McCarthy
Gender: Female
Hometown: Eugene, Oregon
Home country: USA
Current location: Portland, OR
Member since: Mon Sep 12, 2016, 02:33 PM
Number of posts: 161

About Me

I am an activist in Eugene and Portland Oregon who works on animal rights and forest defense. I am also involved in the grass roots battle to destroy the corrupt and dangerous Fascist based presence of Donald Trump in the U.S. Government. As an agent of Putin's corrupt government in Russia, he has no legal standing for anything but investigation and prosecution for being an agent of a foreign power.

Journal Archives

The Secret Service paid me a visit for criticising Trump while Transgender

Early this past week the wooden door to my apartment was beat like a drum. As a long time environmental activist used to dealing with weird and nasty behavior from 'Freddies' and cops dealing with protest and non-violent civil disobedience I knew right away this had to be a cop situation. I quickly got out of bed exiting into the hall closing and locking my door. Two Secret Servicemen informed me that they got a report I might be dangerous to Trump because when talking to someone using a veteran resource my anger and disgust of Trump alarmed them and made them fear for his life.

It was easy to give them enough information to check me out and confirm the sad fact that at age 62 I had failed to be arrested for anything more than non-violent protest offenses like trespassing and passive resistance. There would never be close to enough evidence to prove anything more then when making a point politically I can be bombastic, annoying and in your face. I am not violent, nor am I a criminal.

The only violence I have been involved with when protesting was when I was attacked by a young inexperienced security guard who caused me to fall forty three feet while climbing a tree in a city tree cutting protest at a Nike Store construction site breaking my arms, skull and right leg. I was in a coma several days and suffered permanent impairment to my memory and range of motion and nerves in my arms. I could of hurt or killed the young man by fighting back, but that would have been damaging to the message of the protest and reputation of me and future protesters dealing with environmental issues.

So I was highly annoyed but not worried about their presence. Historically I already had been charged with disrespecting the flag by having my fingers out of alignment while saluting the flag while in the 82nd Airborne Division and presented with non-judicial punishment options in the 1970s. In this sanction my commanding officer in my troop in 1/17th Airborne (Air) Cav would be the judge jury and executioner as he obviously would find me guilty. I would no doubt have been giver a couple more and kicked from the Army as a suspected gay man as was the norm back then.

I took it to Special Court Martial, won acquittaland went on to make Sergeant E-5 and become a helicopter crewchief. I was then the victim of reputation assassination by homophobes back then, so to find that a VA human asset had used verbiage criticising and expressing revulsion for Trump to punish an uppity transgender woman didn't actually surprise me much.

I later found out when I got to work I was now unemployed as no doubt they had gone to my work place and been the kiss of death to my job. I had said that I hope Trump does us all a favor and dies in the immediate aftermath of the election, but that was merely an expressed hope, not a threat. Being bombastic is not a crime. Neither is being transgender.... At least not yet.

My only crime obviously was pissing off a Trump supporter who hates people like me. I have never threatened to kill anyone or committed violence that could send me to jail or prison. My criminal record only reveals that I wantonly commit non-violent civil disobedience with impunity. Being a pain in the butt politically is just not much of a crime.

I am not going to start pulling my rhetorical punches and let a hater trying to bait the SS into action against me shut me up I should say. If anything, I am much more disposed to notching up my political activity and becoming more involved in fighting to remove the lying, pussygrabbing piece of shit from office than I have been planning to.

I don't need to get even, I just need to increase my political activity and efficacy. I also think people should be proactive and talk about it if the Feds or other authorities contact them to suppress political activity. We can't fight it if we don't know about it when it happens.
Posted by Portland_Anni | Sat Feb 11, 2017, 09:40 AM (22 replies)
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