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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 12:48 PM
Number of posts: 384

Journal Archives

All Doctors Show Up For Work Drunk

Just ask Trumps doctor....

Hannity Is A Coward - A True Journalist Would Absolutely Interview Avanatti

Since Sean is a political hack, that would not be possible.

Hannity has told so many lies over the years Avenatti would have to hire an accounting firm to note them all for comment. No way Hannity would ever get near Avenatti without being ordered to by the court.

Buuk buuuuuk buuuuuk buuk buk buuuuuuuk.


Trump's Oath Of Office Means As Much To Him As His Marriage Vows - Zilch

Watching "them lawyers" on MSNBC today talk about Trump "violating" his oath of office and throw around pardons to all the folks who will be testifying against him made me realize something. His oath of office means nothing to him. His word means nothing. He lies like a snake, and his imbecile followers eat them lies up.

Trump's Oath Of Office Means As Much To Him As His Marriage Vows

Welcome to the Banana Republic folks.

Get Well Soon President Bush - I Am So Sorry For Your Loss

This drop dead red white and blue liberal wishes you well, and I am sorry for your loss.

If Bill Clinton can be your close friend, I can wish you well.

Nuff said.

Who Was Trump Sleeping With While Melania Was In Texas?

Any guesses?

I Want The Names Of The New York Office FBI Leakers Who Forced Comey To Attack Hillary Twice

And deliver the election to Trump.

What are the god damned names you fuck*ng traitors?

They can't get away with this sh*t.

The FBI Took Down Hillary - She Didn't Have A Chance

I just heard on CNN the FBI knew the Weiner emails were duplicates, and they still "reopened" the investigation, right before the election, and they then announced it. This after not mentioning the Trump investigation, and of course his obvious crimes.

Treason in my book.

The FBI is now choosing our leaders for us.

This is beyond sick.

Hillary never had a chance, and no one is talking about it.

So Andrew McCabe Is Being Recommended For Prosecution For Doing What Jeff Sessions Did Right?

Lying to congress.

Anyone see a problem here?

How Many Psychopaths Will Be Buying Assault Weapons Today With The Help Of The NRA And GOP?

Any guesses?

How many students, or movie or concert goers will be shot at the next mass shooting?

Let's have a poll!

I Want Names Of FBI Who Leaked To Rudi To Attack Hillary - I Want Their Names Now

Justice must be served.

Of course any crime committed to help any Republican get elected will of course never be prosecuted. This is Amerikkka.

Its time for 200 million Americans to demand the names. Especially since TRAITOR Rudi came out of his hole.
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