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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 12:48 PM
Number of posts: 1,249

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Michael Bromwich Would Not Join Dr. Ford's Legal Team If He Thought Kavanaugh Was Falsely Accused

I wold bet my bottom dollar.

Sorry Brett.

Soon The Courts Will Be The Only Thing The Republicans Control And They Know It

There's not enough ignorant white men, or KKKristian cults to keep them in power.

That's why it is so important for them to stack the SCOTUS to stop all change FOR THE BETTER FOR MOST AMERICANS.

Republicans want to keep the oligarchs in power at all costs.

It's up to us to stop them.

Daily Nugget Term: Abortion Obsessed Cults (Running America)

I will try to bring you all my daily nugget of the absurd but true terms I find striking as I watch the MSM all day long.

Think about it. It is true.

An "abortion obsessed cult" is in charge of the Republican Party, and they control all 3 branches of government.

"Values Voters". Makes me want to hurl......

Until tomorrow....

Where Are The Brett Kavanaugh Is A Piece Of Republican Fascist Corporate Slime Commercials?

I see Koch funded Kavanaugh is a great guy commercials all day long.

Where are the commercials describing what he did for Ken Starr (illegal leaking). Attacking the Vince Foster family to the point of harassment after Vince F-ing Died. All the other Republican Plumbing garbage he has done.

What Kavanaugh stands for is what is wrong with America. 100% corporate / billionaire control.

Where are the commercials?

Paid for by who?

I am sick of the Koch garbage commercials.

Carrie Severino On Anderson Cooper Said Judiciary Committee Conducting Investigation - Bull!!!

Really? An investigation? A real investigation? A really really real investigation? With who, The Pink Panther? The Keystone Cops?

It is a whitewash stupid people who want Corporate Owned Fascists on the Supreme Court will buy.

Investigation my ass.


Fire her not Rosenstein.

She is a traitor.

He is a hero.

Nuff said.

You Would Have To Be An Idiot Not To Record Trump - He Lies Constantly

Sorry, but it's the truth.

Just ask anyone.

"Values Voters" The Only Values They Have Is Untaxed Billionaires And Serving Satan

Today's "Values Voters".

They don't give a damn what Christ taught.

Heal the sick, sure buddy.
Feed the hungry, yeah right.
Take care of the least among us, what?

And the world is only 6,000 years old!!!!!!

They don't even know they will all burn in hell FOREVER.

Maybe someone should tell them.

They can't go to church every Sunday, do/support evil their whole life, and enter the pearly gates....

I don't care how brainwashed they are by their "preacher" who only wants POWER.

Kavanaugh Use Your Brain - Step Down Now - It's All Going To Come Out If You Don't

Think about it.

If your nomination is smashed through by the Republicans they will pay a huuuuge price, and so will you. We have these things called regular order, and history. Even though for this moment your Republican friends have "power" their time is almost up. The only demographic that says they will vote Republican is white men who never heard of college.

Everyone knows the only thing that keeps Republicans from going away completely is billionaire funded campaign ads (I am sick of seeing them in Seattle attacking Dr. Shrier) gerrymandering, and voter suppression. Soon the millions of people who understand how scummy Republicans truly are will overwhelm all your firewalls. Even Putin won't be able to help the GOP.

Who will be there to protect your "position" on the court. There will be a real investigation, and if you are as big of pile of slime as you appear, you will be driven from the court, tarred and feathered. Your smell will stink up the already Fascist Corporate SCOTUS until they can't stand the stench any more.

Don't be stupid.

Get out now. Pray they don't come after you.....

Flee for your life.

Was Kavanaugh's Debt He Lied About Go To Paying Off His Victims?

He racked up hundreds of thousands in debt, and said (I heard) it was for home improvements, but there were no permits pulled (I heard).

Who was the money paid to?


No way.

He's the Kochs Boy, and they are spending millions to shove him down our throats. They need pro corporate tools to rule the corporations always win.

My money is on Kavanaugh paid off a rape victim.

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