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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 12:48 PM
Number of posts: 878

Journal Archives

All Non Traitors Have Already Left The Republican Party

What is left is truly evil cruel power mad psychopaths.

Did They Put Brownie In Charge Of Reuniting Kidnapped Children With Their Parents?

They must have.

Anti-Environment Anti-Family Pro-Corporation Pro-Theocracy Only Requirements For Trump's SCOTUS

Trump will pick the right wing nut job who is "the most" of all of the above.

As long as the "judge" will choose to protect The Donald when his day of reckoning is upon him.

One thing is for sure.

Corporations, and their billionaire owners will own the seat.


I Will Celebrate The Day Trump Is Arrested

Till then the 4th of July is just a day off.

Never even felt like this with Bush.


Manchurian Trump

Becomes more obvious evary day. Russia not China though.

How Many Nuclear Tipped ICBM's Has Rocket Man

Built since meeting with Trump?

Anyone know?

Columbus Ohio 107 Degrees Expected


In Ohio.

What's wrong...

Oh yeah. That fake climate change hoax.

Opponents Calls To Abolish The SS Will Help Us Nazis In The Next Election Says Adolf Hitler

Millions of Germans want someone to be super duper mean to people and have no accountability to anyone but the Fuhrer himself.

Anything sound familiar anyone?

Anyone Else Here Being Ripped Off By SSL Required Ransom?

In order for google to rank your site "good" you need to purchase a $75 per year (or less) SSL certificate. For what?

Corporate Rape.

I have lots of websites.

I'm so screwed.

Anyone else?

It't not like they can't find the bad actors and prosecute them......

I'm just a businessman.

Trump Wants To Double The National Debt

Run the country like a Trump casino!
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