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Member since: Sat Mar 3, 2018, 11:48 AM
Number of posts: 1,757

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Trump Should Ask Sarah Palin To Be His Chief Of Staff - The Evangelicals Love Her!

Why not?

Don't Worry Mr. Trump You Are Not Paranoid - They Really Are Coming To Get You

And there is nothing you can do about it.

Just take your medicine like a big boy, and stop trying to destroy my country.

Like that is gonna happen....

Sorry No President Pelosi - If Pence Is In Trouble He Will Resign And Be Replaced

Before Trump resigns, or gets impeached. Just like Agnew.

If Pence is in hot water after Trump resigns or gets impeached, He will appoint a vice-president before he slithers off to hell.

No way Republicans will let a non scum bag Republican go to the White House.

Sorry Nancy Pelosi Fans.

Ain't gonna happen.

National GOP Vote Rigging Conspiracy - Lock Them All Up - They Knew Laws Were Being Broken

Mark Harris used his voter purging magic to defeat Robert Pittenger in the primary. Pittenger complained to the North Carolina GOP, and the National GOP. This means the Republican Party knew of the vote rigging, and they said nothing. They most likely know about the history of vote rigging in North Carolina. This makes it conspiracy.

Lock them up.

All of the folks that knew about the vote rigging.

Of course Republican criminals never get prosecuted, but we can point this fact out.....

Hopefully with megaphones.

Will Any Democrat Go On The Record And Explain Republican George H W Bush's Policies Were Horrible

I have watched 6 days of media gushing over a bad president. Republicans can't get away with this whitewashing. They convinced "Americans" Reagan was some kind of saint. Reagan's policies hurt millions, and there was no push back at all. George H W Bush's policies sucked for most Americans, poor Americans, working Americans, and struggling Americans. He wasn't as bad as Bush 43, Nixon, or Trump, but that is a very, very, very low bar.

I hope some Democrat goes on the record and mentions the fact that Bush's Republican policies were horrible for all but oil tycoons, defense contractors, and the wealthy. They need to say this as loudly as the "media" and Bush's Republican friends have been pushing the narrative of how wonderful 41 was. Family man my ass. He taught his kid how to lie about WMD's, start illegal wars, and fool people who go to churches, and that's about it.

We can't let them (Republicans) get away with rewriting history this time.

Bush was a bad president for most Americans.


Someone has to say it now the whitewashing is coming to an end. I don't care if the Republican Pigs squeal.

Some Idiot On Tweety's Show Says Wisconsin Is A Wonderful State Errrrr... No.....

It is a severely gerrymandered state where 1/3 of the voters have 2/3 of the power. It is basically a one party rule tyranny where psychopaths have the power and the voters have no power.

Wisconsin Republicans are scum.

I Can't Stand Seeing So Much Of This Evil Family Responsible For So Many Innocent Deaths

Not one mention of WMD's, or how 41 never said anything about 43 lying to start the illegal war in Iraq.

And what happened in 2008? Am I the only one that remembers my life savings disappearing?

I feel sad for "their" loss, as we all should, but this is one truly evil family, and I am sick of watching history be whitewashed.

Even grandpa Prescott led a coup.


I can't say what I really think, but I would love to get a good picture of the worst, and second worst presidents ever.

And yes I am including Andrew Johnson.

Media Jerks Stop Saying The Economy Is Doing Well

Its only doing well for some not most of us.

No real good wage growth in 40 years.

Just because it could be worse doesnt make it good

Has One Single Member Of Congress Stated They Will Pursue The Jeffrey Epstein Miscarriage Of Justice

This guy rapes, or molests up to 60 little girls or more, and gets work release, and has to spend nights in a "special" cell.

If Jeffrey Epstein was a poor person he would be serving life in prison.

Every single piece of this case, including the violations of victim's rights laws need to be investigated with everything available.

No one is even talking about it but Rachel, and the Miami Herald. Who is these girl's members of congress?

Are there any politicians representing all them little girls who he and his rich friends molested / raped?

Is our justice system that f-ing broken?

Rich = Rape Who You Want System Of Justice = USA = Rape Rape Rape Little Girls!!!!! Party at the rich guys house!!!!

Who will fight for justice?

I will bet no one.

Any one else wanna bet?

Dear White House Lawyers - You Should Leave Now

Soon Trump will be demanding you break the law to protect him.

Don't say I didn't warn you....
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