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Member since: Thu May 4, 2017, 09:59 PM
Number of posts: 1,488

Journal Archives

If Trump has been paid by the bad guys, but hasn't delivered

say hello to Mr. Bone Saw.

Why is Henderson in bad financial shape?

Anyone know how to contact American Muckraker PAC?

I have a tip they may be interested in.

How long between Trump reading names and his stupid dance?

How long after Trump read the last name at the NRA gathering was it before he did his stupid dance?

Was the big Texas NRA fest already scheduled?

Who is in charge of charging MTG with perjury?

In an emergency, would NATO stage a False Flag operation to get involved?

Say if Russia uses massive chemical weapons or nukes or starts uncontrolled genocide.

Do we know precisely where Putin is in case we want to obliterate him?

Do Democrats have anyone remotely as insane and obnoxious as the dozens of Republicans like that?

Offhand I canít think of a one.

In any conflict with Russia, right wingers will sabotage Biden and pull for Putin.

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