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Yeah I don't know about that

I didn't buy any and I only received one.

Hurd doesn't represent the RGV, technically

District 23 is more what the locals call the 'Borderlands', as I understand it.


The RGV is /are the districts in south Texas, encompassing Brownsville, Harlingen, etc.: District 15 (Vicente Gonzalez), 28 (Henry Cuellar), and 34 (Filemon Vela). The TXGOP having gerrymandered the shit out of those districts, you wind up with pretty conservative Ds there.



It is not 'liberal'

nor is it 'progressive', and I would go so far as to say 'undemocratic', to summarily dismiss the views of others by claiming that they are not actual people, or that their views are based on Russian propaganda.

It is in fact garden variety ad hominem. Let's dispense with this McCarthyist nonsense, please.

She's not my cuppa tea, either

Doesn't support either M4A or the GND.

"No distractions", given what's been revealed about her staff, is laughable.

Hard pass. Bottom of my list.

Becaue Skinner says he is a Democrat

over three years ago.


Several here continue to disagree.

Your contention is refuted

by a variety of constitutional law professors in this piece.


Are you a constitutional law expert?

How's that going for her?

Because the way I read the article -- "don't pick a lane" -- it's less resisting a pigeonholing than it is weaving all over the road.

YMMV, of course.

Next time post a link

She'll win the DK straw poll this week.


Warren won last week.

I think that in a #BlackLivesMatter time, her record as an LA prosecutor and as Cali AG is -- contrary to your opinion -- not something that will serve her well upon closer scrutiny. I find her credentials a bit thin, far from impeccable. Her announcement on MLK Day seemed a bit of a pander to the African American caucus. But irrespective of our opinions, she might very well be one of the last left standing this time next year (or 13 or 14 months from now, to be more accurate).

Last week Liz Warren got all the love; this is Kamala's week. Next week? Who can tell?
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