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The most popular politician in the country

75% approval rating. Appeals to disenfranchised voters AND millennials.


Why wouldn't he run?

At the end of the piece

Meanwhile, output has soared from the two OPEC members exempted from the cuts ... Libyan production this month will probably exceed 1 million barrels a day, almost twice April's level. Nigeria is making slower progress, but output there is rising too. Neither will accept a cut, though both might come under pressure to accept a cap slightly above current production levels -- similar to Iran's compromise last year.

The takeaway is as you suggest: the House of Saud is in deep shit.

Rising oil prices will be welcomed by US producers

Who will in turn increase drilling activity, particularly in shale.

Parts of the economy will be hurt (consumers by rising inflation; gas prices, food prices, everything with a cost of shipping that is significant), parts will see gains in employment. It's no longer "the economy" affected by rising or falling oil, but specific segments of it.

So far there are 11 replies in this thread

All from people I already have on 'ignore'.

I hate to have to point this out

But Harold Cook is a prime example of how much money a Democratic consultant can make without being responsible for winning a single statewide election in a quarter of a century.

He's wrong about the political climate Wendy Davis had in 2014 (it was national and it was engaged and enthused). None of the people he names who "would be good" to run for governor are interested at all in running. He ought to know this.

He's not even a respectable comedian on Twitter, which essentially is all he does publicly, besides these one-offs when lazy Capitol bureau reporters can't think of anybody else to call for a comment. He' been surfing on his friendship with Molly Ivins for a long, long time and those days are as over as she is (rest her poor soul).

Voted in the 2016 GOP primary.

Scrubbed her FB page of several Libertarian Party references (Ayn Rand, etc.). Self-professed Second Amendment supporter. Williamson County Dem chair says they've never seen her nor heard of her prior. I read all of this in the comments under the TexTrib article posted to Facebook.

Some people believe this is the only kind of Democrat with a shot (no pun intended) in districts like TX-31.

Chares Pierce finds himself in violation

of DU's TOS and must be banned.

In before the Alert/Hide/Lock


Taylor is the same kind of flake as Mensch, different Kellogg's box.

I find it alarmingly sad that so many here buy into their 'conspiracy o'day'.


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