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Member since: Fri Aug 19, 2016, 02:14 PM
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Yasmin Vossoughian...

What's on her nose?

Why is it okay

for a company to donate $750,000 worth of fireworks for Trump's ego but individuals can not donate basic personal hygiene items for the asylum seekers and children locked in cages?


Sounds like he already thinks he's King. Every day in this Trumpian Twilight Zone just gets worse and worse.

Obama's legacy

IMO by Trump and the Republicans undoing all of Obama's accomplishments its only going to strengthen his legacy by showing all the good that he did for the country and the environment. Trump and the Republicans will look like the villans they are when people look back on it.

I am sorry I watched last night.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I am more worried about our future now than before. I just can't understand how anyone can approve of this man let alone cheer, clap and praise him. I truly feel like we have slipped into an alternate universe. Why can people not see what is so obviously happening to this country? I just can't fathom why people think he is being honest and that he can make America great again. I just don't know...

Who all will be watching tonight's dog & pony show?

I'm not watching it. I get angry just seeing him let alone listening to him.

He's not lying...

He's just giving alternative facts. Sounds reasonable since we living in an alternative reality since he has been elected. Omg we are so fucked!

Why is no one in the msm talking about

Trump's comment @ CIA "We should have kept the oil. Maybe we'll have another chance."

Crisis 1950 movie with Cary Grant

I recorded several movies earlier this week so I would have something to watch on Inauguration Day. Last night I watched Crisis with Cary Grant and Jose Ferrer. It's about an American doctor and his wife vacationing in Latin America who get detained by the military in the country they are in. The tyrannical military dictator of the country has a brain tumor and will die without it being removed. He can't leave the country for the operation due to extreme civil unrest so he wants Cary Grant to perform the surgery. One conversation between the doctor and the dictator really struck me.

Raoul Farrago: [In a state of acute agitation] It is never military to retreat. Do you suppose I won these decorations by retreating?

Dr. Eugene Norland Ferguson: [to Farrago, sternly] Sit down, please.

Raoul Farrago: He says that my soldiers rebel against me. Our supply lines are cut. Students riot. People rise up against me. People! People do as *guns* tell them!

Dr. Eugene Norland Ferguson: [to Farrago] Lie here. You need rest.

Raoul Farrago: Rest? We're in a civil war, you understand. This is worse - far worse - than any other kind of war. Nothing destroys so much as civil war. Now, what is the answer to civil war? What stops it? Compromise? No! Truce? No! To give in? Never! The only answer is war. *Real* war, against an outside country. *Any* country. Everybody must come to the defense of his own country. Patriotism is a great weapon. Brother stops fighting brother when a stranger attacks. With one masterstroke we end this stupid civil war, we become valiant, courageous, defenders of our soil... patriots!

I'm not a conspiracy type person but I can see Donald Trump and his team stage some type of attack for this very purpose, take the focus off of all of the controversies around him and make him look like the great powerful leader he thinks he is.

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