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Gender: Female
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 09:28 PM
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I find the following trends worrisome in American politics:

Problem: Making politics about the politician, and not about their ideals.

How many Trump supporters actually know where he stands on issues? Honestly, half the time, I’m not even sure Donald Trump knows where Donald Trump stands on the issues. They don’t seem to care. It’s all about The Donald.

I’m more worried about the potential future candidates our “new normal” is breeding, vs. the one we’re stuck with now. Trump has shown us that style wins over substance now, and telling people what they want to hear is extremely effective. Also effective is creating groups of “others” to rail against and declare as “the enemy.” The genie is out of the bottle, and the bell is rung. Trump may not last the full 4 years, but the terrifying aftermath he is going to leave in his wake will not go away overnight. Trump’s election created an open wound in the American psyche and culture.

History shows us the devastating effects of following cults of personality. Peoples’ minds can be warped to justify anything. We see it happening now - just to less of a degree. Like a cult leader, a President treated in such a way has a monopoly on the truth amongst his followers. This is more terrifying than any weapon - you have millions of acolytes willing to do your bidding, no matter how vile the task is.

Problem: Facebook as a news source

People are foolishly turning to Facebook as a real news source these days. This leads to some pretty ridiculous ideas making the rounds. Furthermore, readers refuse to do the extra step of verifying the news that they read. They simply take it at face value. This can easily be exploited.

Russia noticed this broken element in American society and swarmed it, much like a virus attacking its host. Russia did not make us this way - we were like that before, and they saw an opportunity. We have not improved at all - we are still open for attack. Don’t kid yourselves and think that this is a solely right wing phenomenon either. That leaves your mind open to be preyed upon, and chips away at your intellectual autonomy. EVERY source deserves scrutiny. If a source cannot be scrutinized, then what good is it?

Problem: Childish in-fighting and tribalism

Everyone here has heard the phrase, “divide and conquer.” The problem is, the rifts in our society continue to grow. Democrat vs. Republican, Rich vs. Poor, White vs. Non-White, Male vs. Female - Every rift in America is an open wound subject to festering. When we go to such extremes as wanting to actually fight each other, we become weakened. This gifts unsavory characters like Putin the opportunity he has waited decades for. They’re constantly testing our weaknesses, and are waiting to strike. We cannot take our safety and prominence for granted.

Tribalism also produces perpetual gridlock in our government. When the possibility of the slightest compromise becomes an impossibility, governing becomes impossible. The fact that any form of compromise is viewed as capitulation is a slow poison tearing away at the fabric of American government.

What can we do about it?

You’re never going to stop Russian interference in our elections. Anyone who says otherwise is either a fool or a liar. The problem is not with Russia - espionage and disinformation campaigns are millennia old tactics of soft warfare.

The strength of America comes from its booming middle class and unified spirit. “Unity” does not mean agreement - it is simply the idea that we are all Americans, and that we must not give into nativist rhetoric and outside interference. We must get along, no matter how much we disagree. We must shun racist, sexist, bigoted ideology, and the smooth-talking con artists who constantly think of ways to capture our minds. We must recognize that our society is only as good as its poorist citizens - History shows us that societies cannot survive when wealth is in the hands of a few. The middle class is our nation’s most vital organ.

That is why we are open to attack. Through unity and progressivism, we will become hardened to attacks from the outside. Knowledge is literally power.

Thanks for reading.

Any other aspies here?

I was diagnosed with Aspergers at 10 years old. I’ve lived a relatively normal life, and most people don’t know. They just think something is “different” about me. I also have very intense, narrow interests, making it hard to focus sometimes at work (unless if I’m doing computer programming, in which case I’m intensely focused and into it).

I’ve pretty much “grown out of” some of the more glaring deficiencies I’ve had (especially social problems). I was unable to look people in the eyes or hold a conversation for more than a minute previously. I was also overly timid well into my twenties, and would struggle to speak to people. My difficulties also gave me social anxiety, which made my problems worse. I didn’t know (and sometimes still don’t) the minute social intricacies that people take for granted.

Meeting new people is still intensely hard for me, but I’ve improved by miles. I find social interaction much easier now. I still get “drained” very quickly in crowds, and need to retreat to the safety of a quiet area. I’m the type that frequently takes breaks to find the animals at a house party and give them a good belly rub.

Nobody knows, as I don’t want to be treated any differently. I have a fully functioning brain, but people tend to have no idea what autism really is. Message boards are a great medium for me, because I’ve always been terrible with talking, but am perfectly fine with writing. Thanks for reading!

Why is There Even a Green Party?

This is something I’ve never understood - What is the point of having a party that:

A - Never wins elections
B - Actually hurts their agenda by stealing votes away from Democratic candidates, giving anti-environmentalists a greater chance of winning?

Wouldn’t they have more success running as Democrats instead? I don’t get it.

Mass. Trooper sues after being told to alter arrest report of judges daughter


Massachusetts Trial Court officials and state police are defending their actions after a trooper filed suit alleging that top police commanders disciplined him and forced him to revise an arrest report for a judge's daughter.

Trooper Sceviour's lawsuit alleges that after he arrested Bibaud for driving under the influence near Worcester last month, he was told to revise the arrest report

Two days after Bibaud's arrest, the lawsuit alleges that a trooper came to Sceviour's house and took him to meet with top police officials. There, Sceviour says, he was told to falsify records and remove the references to sex and Bibaud's father so as not to embarrass the judge.

Sceviour says he was told that the changes were "ordered by the colonel" — which he presumes meant State Police Colonel Richard McKeon, who supervises the state police. The suit goes on to say that a state police major told Sceviour that he was being “ordered” to make the changes in the arrest report — an order that came from the state Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.

OP comment - For every time that you hear about something like this happening, there are probably 100 times that you don’t...

Complete assclowns try to open carry into a police station.


Really? How could someone possible think this was a good idea? The police showed heavy restraint.

I am a recovering bulimic.

"Recovering" might not even be the right word - the bulimic part of my brain is still broken. It's just that now (thank goodness) I refuse to listen to those evil urges. Every day is a struggle. It's hard to tell yourself that you're normal when you see a fat person in your reflection (my BMI is great - it's all in my head). I have to tell my brain that it's wrong constantly, and that it is ok to enjoy food / not compulsively binge on crap food.

Not sure if anybody is reading this (this seems to be a sleepy DU group), but I got help and so can you. It's not a platitude - it's true.

Not really sure why I'm even posting this, but w/e. I guess I just hope it helps someone somehow. Maybe a random Googler? Go talk to a therapist like I did.

I may regret posting this, but not more than I regret my disorder.

Can we agree that Trump is 2016's Fred Thompson?

Remember how well Fred Thompson did with Conservatives initially? Remember the deer-in-headlights looks his supporters had when he actually opened his mouth in the debates? Yup.

I'm starting to wonder if Trump would have had more of a shot going dark until Election Day, and just riding his reality show persona? He has the charisma of a drunk goat.

Saying dumb shit for attention and profit.

Since this is a thing now, I wish the Internet would stop playing into the hands of the latest horde of scammers, attention-seekers, and general idiots. The latest trend seems to be to wait until the conditions are right, say something so vile and stupid that it pisses most normal people off, and then sick like-minded morons on any resistance.

Another trend is to be an asshole and then mysteriously have a GoFundMe page set up in your name. How convenient. It's almost like people are being scammed or something...

Can the Internet stop falling for such obvious trolling? Of course not. It never will. Not when every idiot with extra cash falls for the same textbook idiocy over and over again.

Is there a bigger scam than "Prosperity Gospel?"

"Prosperity Gospel" states that ones wealth is a sign of how much God has blessed them. If someone is poor, then they are probably going to Hell. If someone is rich, then God loves them. Of course, you can make God happier by donating to the church, but Prosperity Gospel dictates that people who donate to charities are idiots who should have just kept their money instead. Yes, people actually believe this. I'm serious.

Especially egregious is that "prosperity gospel" is usually taught in Mega-Churches where the preacher jumps into a $100,000 sports car after mass and drives to one of his mansions. What's ironic is that most followers of it are poor themselves.

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