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Biden on Bernie's comments that Trump will eat Joe for lunch in a general election:


Joe Biden passes the mic to a baby during an adorable moment.


Bernie Sander's campaign bought his own books to inflate sales.

Bernieís own book of the month club

Bernie Sanders has become a millionaire, and he did it by selling his new book! In blunt fashion Sanders explained his get rich strategy: ďI wrote a best-selling book. If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.Ē NYTimes.com

During the 2015 primary campaign the pre-millionaire Bernie employed a book buying/selling strategy that never would have gotten him rich but might be worth a glance now as the crowded Democratic primary race heats up.

According to FEC filings, the Sanders campaign bought thousands of dollars of his books. Sanders spent almost $445,000 of his donorsí campaign funds with Verso Books, the publisher of Outsider in the White House, which was a quick re-working of his earlier Bernie book: Outsider in the House. I mentioned the purchase in a diary: Campaign dollars to donuts back then without really taking aim at it; I donít recall it making any waves in that long campaign.


Bernie Sanders on violence against the transgender community

Moral leadership for all minorities and Healthcare.

Epic fail.

I love the democratic party! Democrats are not corrupt.

In this primary season I am seeing a lot of young, mostly male but some female politicians or blue twitter check marks calling democrats corrupt. They argue that taking money from corporation, billionaires etc... means they're owned or corrupt. Democrats are not corrupt. We are no where near what republicans are, not even close. I'm sure there are a few here and there that have acted in bad faith but for the most part democrats are the party we should be proud of. Democrats have some pretty big accomplishments to be proud of. We make mistakes, some mistakes are big mistakes but if you want progress you have to fight, you have to get your hands dirty, sometimes that means bad votes but at least you're getting something done. If there are democrats who have never had a bad vote but also never enacted meaningful legislation what good is that? What good is it to keep your hands clean if you're not getting anything enacted into law?

Listen, lets look at the people who are constantly saying bad things about our party. What is the their purpose? What are their intentions? Republicans are the minority, they have to do a lot of shady things to win and that includes putting money out to people who have a platform that sow division within us. I'm not saying criticism can not be genuine and in good faith. I'm saying look at who they align themselves with. If they're bashing democrats while taking money from conservative groups or people, be skeptical. If they're bashing democrats and not rejecting outside influence in their campaign, be skeptical. Be especially skeptical if they have a history of voting in what could be viewed as friendly to nations like Russia, Turkey, China or others and not rejecting their help. View this as a wink and a nod.

We have to be vigilant in these times.

Bernie Sanders followers do not believe there is a wage gap.

I'm trying to figure out why a whole group of people does not believe that women make less than men. I am reading these comments and in shock! Does anyone know where they get their information or why they believe this? It's not from Bernie.


Talk about a fusion ticket between Sanders and Warren

Both staying in until June to merge their delegates at the convention.

If others like Biden and Buttigieg where talking like this people would be screaming of a RIGGED primary.


Where does Joe Biden stand on anti-Semitism, Israel and other issues that matter to Jewish voters

This whole article is really good!


What does he say about the movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel ó commonly referred to as BDS?

Heís firmly against the movement.

Speaking at AIPAC in 2016, Biden said, ďItís wrong. Itís wrong. I know itís not popular to say, but itís wrong, because as the Jewish people know better than any other people, any action that marginalizes one ethnic and religious group imperils us all.Ē

What is Bidenís relationship to Jewish groups?

Over his decades in politics, Biden has developed a strong relationship with AIPAC. In 2013, at AIPACís annual conference, Biden said, ďI did more fundraisers for AIPAC in the í70s and early í80s than just about anybody.Ē He is a regular at the annual policy conference, and heís spoken at the conference of J Street, the liberal group that supports a two-state solution and puts pressure on U.S. parties to achieve it.

One of Bidenís favorite stories to tell is a childhood memory of his father: It is 1948, just before Israelís founding. Biden is 6 years old and sitting at the dinner table with his family, and his dad explains that he cannot understand how there are people who didnít want to recognize Israel as a state. Thatís where he first learned the phrase ďNever again,Ē he says (even though that phrase wasnít popularized until years later). Biden goes back to this anecdote often in speeches to emphasize his lifelong pro-Israel beliefs.


CNN: Sanders endorses controversial candidate in California congressional race

The media figure's litany of controversial statements also includes a 2013 comment in which he argued bestiality should be legal in some cases.
"Here comes the controversial part, the part I shouldn't say," Uygur said during "The Young Turks" program, according to video posted online. "I believe that if I were the benevolent dictator of the world, I would legalize bestiality where you are giving ... you are pleasuring the animal."
During past episodes of his "Young Turks" program, Uygur has also made demeaning comments about the sex lives of lesbians and invited former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke for a segment about his anti-Semitic view of Judaism.
While Uygur has disavowed some of these remarks, Sanders' endorsement is not sitting well with some of the Vermont independent's supporters in California.

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